Battle for Earth

I think I suck at making up names.

It was to be a glorious day for the rebellion, with the most massive attack ever planned against the Confederation of Earth.
That was what Jauch Seville had believed anyway, as he strapped into his manta fighter and headed for Earth with the armadas. But it wasn't to be...

Confederate Gunboats had surrounded them, attacking rebel cruisers, and would not allow retreat. Confederate cruisers opened fire with energy beams, wreaking havoc all around them. Manta fighters could not get more than a few shots before they were taken down.

Patrol Boats had been responsible for many deaths, and had take up various formations that spread rebel fire amongst them, and they were always able to take down at least a destroyer each time.

Morale easily dropped in the lines, and the destruction of the Admiral of the fleet shattered it. Jauch Seville kept fighting in his manta fighter, hoping to find a weak spot, before he nearly died to neutron blasts..

"It had been a horrible day for everyone. But we.. failed."

And with that statement, Jauch Seville whipped his bruised eyes towards the dead landscape of Palshife, silently musing if he could have done something better to save his loved ones.


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VERY nice work, Z! It's been a while since we last saw anything EV:C-related, never mind from the Rebels' standpoint.

Can't wait to see more, sir! 🆒

Glad you liked it. Me is going to write more in the future.
This also proves I'm more omnipotent than before. (I used to be 0% omnipotent. But now, its gone UP!)

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