Splinter Group trilogy

at last... sorry for the delay

Thanks for the kind messages of support, which persuaded me to finish the Splinter Group trilogy. I'd done a bit of a 'George Lucas'... and got out of synch., completing part 3 before part 2.

Some of you will already have read part 3 as a result... but now you can read part 2, if you like. It turned out to be the longest part of the trilogy, which is why it remained 'pending' for so many years.

Anyway, linky: http://wormhole.se/index.php/Fiction


Richard / VoinianAmbassador

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W00T W00t!

btw: are you artoo?

@lnsu, on Sep 28 2006, 01:05 AM, said in Splinter Group trilogy:

are you artoo?

Yeah; my other outlet for literary urges is to write areas for a MUD. On the Wormhole, I'm known as Artoo.

Your three stories were a very fun read. 🙂

@ragashingo, on Mar 6 2007, 11:11 PM, said in Splinter Group trilogy:

Your three stories were a very fun read. 🙂

Thanks Ragashingo. Er... nice hippo 🙂

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