EV: MD (pARt #1)

Getting sick of McDonalds? take a look!

Escape Velocity: MD, McDonalds TM CONSPIRACY (TM, Trade Mark)

This is what will happen if we continue to eat at McDonalds™ too much.

Bob woke up in his parents house. He is in grade 10 and he works at McDonalds‘. It is the summer vacation. Half an hour untill work he thought. Same old repetetive McDonals ™. Flip that hamburger, make that Mcflurry ™. Bob got on his bike and rode to McDonalds ™. He ate their McGriddle ™ brekfast burger and then he started working. His first custemer came and said they would like a McSomething ™ with cheese,so he started preparing it when.....He hit his head on the McFrier ™ and slipped onto the McFloor ™. He slid across the McFloor ™ and into the McBassement ™ where he slid into the McFridge ™ and he was frozen solid in seconds.

EV: Nova, 18:00 hours 1000 years after he fell into the McFridge ™. The McFridge ™ broke and he was thawed. He climbed back up the stairs and was in the same McDonalds ™ and it looked the exact same as it always did. He looked at the McClock ™ and it said his McShift ™ was over and it was time for him to go home. Good he thought. He stepped outside and knoticed that all the buildings were Mcdonalds ™. Suddenly a giant Golden “M” flew overhead (ALL GOLDEN ARCHES AND THE GOLDEN “M” ARE (TM, Trademarks) of the Mcdonalds ™ corporation.) It was chasing a Rebel Hamburgler ™ ship with its McBlasters ™ firing McFrenchFries ™ at the Rebel ship. Bob started walking along the McStreet ™. He walks into a small McAntique ™ dealer and looks at all the McItems ™ the store has. He took out his McWallet ™ and wanted to buy a cool looking scooter in the McWindow ™ when he pulled out his money, the clerk saw it and told him it was worth alot in McCredits ™. Bob asked what are McCredits ™? You don’t know what McCredits ™ are? Your joking here I will give you Five-Million McCredits™ for your 10 dollar bill plus I will add that cool scooter you wanted. He exchanged his 10 dollars for a McCreditStick ™ worth Five million McCredits™. He left the store with his scooter and started it up. To his surprise the scooter was hovering about 3 inches off the ground. He said cool so he got on and rode off, he still wishes he could have his bike. He drives past a McGarbageCan™ and looks at the McNewsPaper™ and the date says 3005. Wow he said where the Mc######™ am I? He stopped at a McHotel™ and rented a room for 5 McCredits™. In the room he tried to use the McTelephone™ but his parents phone number dident work. He switched on the McTv™ And there was a comercial for the new McfrenchFrie™ space ship for only 5000 McCredits™ and the shipyard isent far away he thought. Suddenly a Loud McMegaPhone™ rang throughout the city. Saying Employies time to get to work, tha bass was so loud the buildings started to rumble. Everone started to act like zombies and walking to their McDonalds™ resturants. But bob did not follow he went to the ship yard, he asked what was the best ship he could buy for 1 000 000 McCredits™ the dealer suggested the New McPepperShaker™ It has plenty of room for all those McFrenchFries™ that you will need and it has a McFiveStar-ketchup safty rating. It is one of the safest ships.

The first part of the story has nothing to do with ev nova but in the end it does

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Are you one of those anti-Capitalist types? :blink:

no lol, i went to mcdonalds 3 days ago with my little brother, and he asked how long will mcdonalds be around. so i made a joke story about mcdonals if it continued to grow in wealth.

HOW DARE YOU! This may be coincidental,but that story is suspiciously similar to the first episode of Futurama...

Hmm.. You have 3 posts in a row.. Couldn't you just simply edit the first post?
Btw.. You have very interesting picture there...

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Thanks for the complement on the picture

Needs polish, but the premise is good. 😉