Rebellion 13

Final Part. You got'ta read this

This is the last rebellion story part but let me tell you that Komak’s adventures don’t finished now. They will come, later. My computer is really screwd. I won’t play Evnova ever again. Yeah it soucks a lot but I’ll keep writing my stories.

“Ganuk” – said Arnaut, while looking with a distrustful face at Red Carnage computer monitor – “One of the phoenixes haven’t been released. It’s still in the hangar. I’ll send an or ”
“Good. Take control of the ship, I’ll pilot that phoenix.” – interrupted Komak. The rebel walked trough the corridors and reached the elevator. When the door opened, he was in the hangar. He could see the phoenix in front of him. Right next to it, there was the pilot. He was dressed with dark red and brown clothes. The man was with some tools, repairing something on the front part of the little craft. “Excuse me, I’ll take this ship.” – Komak said to the pilot. The pilot threw the tools to the ground and turn at our hero. It wasn’t a he it was a she. The most beautiful girl that Komak ever saw. She had long brown hair and beautiful light dark eyes too. “You what?” – she asked. Her voice was soft and warm.
“I’m tak takin king I mean taking your phoenix.” – the rebel replied, a bit confused with the woman charm.
“No you aren’t.” – she said, looking into Komak’s eyes.
“No, I’m not. I mean yes I am. I’m the Ganuk.”- He tried to get rid of that situation. It was some sort embarrassing, the captain being beaten by one of the crew members. “I need to make revenge. I’m a good pilot, I’ll make a good job.”
“Why are you nervous? Oh, never mind. We are in war.” – she laughed. All that thing was like a game to her. “I’m Larna.”
“Pleasure to meet you.” – Komak smiled, while entering the phoenix cockpit – “I’m Komak. What do you think about going to a bar later, huh?”
“If you wan’na pull the ship up, you most make it softly.” – Larna said, while trying to make an end on Komak’s invitation. He smiled but kept listening to her – “Most pilots do it in a hurry. It will block on my phoenix so make it soft. Be the ship.”
“Ok, is there anything more I need to know?” – the rebel asked, while closing the cockpit hatch.
“Nope. I’ll see at the bar.” – said Larna, while blinking her left eye at him. She left the hangar. There was no one there but him.
“Arnaut, open the main hangar door.” – ordered the rebel, trough the communicator. The big door was open and Komak flew the ship to the outer space. There was a hell of a war. The first thing he saw was a Renegade Lightning passing in front of him, following a Federation Anaconda. Then he saw a Federation destroyer shooting hellhounds at the nearest crafts. “BIP BIP BIP!” – the phoenix alarm was bipping. Komak looked at the Radar and saw 15 incoming raven rockets. The first thing he tried to do was pulling the ship but it didn’t worked. He did it again but this time faster. The ship stayed in the same position. “Be the ship.”- the rebel remembered. Komak grabbed the ship’s joystick and softly pulled it up. Right in time because a few seconds later the incoming rockets passed right under him. There was a viper in front of him. He started shooting chaingun bullets at the enemy. They hit it and destroyed it. After that, he tried to fly into the deeps of battle. Komak saw 1 rebel thunderhead trying to avoid some raven rockets. Then he turned his face to the other side of the field and saw some phoenixes assisting Taraell on destroying a few group of gunboats.
“Yee-haw!” – the rebel hero screamed, while following a patrol boat and destroying it with the radar missiles. Thanks to Red Carnage and its occupants, the rebellion forces were winning the battle. Finally, there was only a gunboat alive. It was running away, trying to enter hyperspace. Komak’s phoenix was the closest ship to the running enemy but he ignored it. “GET THAT CRAFT. IT’S THE FEDERATION ARMY LEADER. IF YOU KILL HIM, THE WAR MAY END!” – Taraell screamed into Komak’s head. If the leader escape, they will come back with reinforcements but if he was killed, the rebellion will invade the federal systems and with some luck, they might take control of the Bureau. The rebel hero turned his engines on and start following the gunboat. He shot his only 8 radar missiles but the fed leader turned his afterburner on and escaped the incoming missiles. Komak saw that they had a solar panel and they were receiving energy, for the afterburner and to enter hyperspace. All the rebellion had destroyed/captured the other federation ships and they were all seeing the pursuit. The rebel shot the railguns, trying to hit the solar panel. He was lucky. After the panel was destroyed, the gunboat start flying at normal speed. “Eat this.” – Komak said to the gunboat, while shooting railguns and chainguns. BBBOOOMMM! The enemy leader was destroyed

Komak, Taraell, Malakreth, Arnaut, Skinny, Kotrackh, Larna, the convicts, some renegades and a few more rebels were celebrating at the bar. It was a good party. On the next morning, General Ceena ordered the remaining forces to invade federal systems. They have sent a message to the Heraan house, which helped them on the final battle for freedom. Some powerful T0 have killed commander Krane and the last federal and bureau officers were scattered all over the systems. After the rebels conquest, General Ceena toke control of the new federation. Rebels and the last feds alive joined this new cause. Peace with Moash house was broken and a new alliance with Heraan House was opened. Peace ruled, for now.

Komak stayed as captain in the Red Carnage. Arnaut, Skinny, Larna, Kotrackh and the ex-prisoners become his new crew. Komak was the new Federation Freelancer Inspector. Taraell joined his Vell-osian friends, in exploration trough Krypt space. Malakreth become a merchant and the captain of a Pegasus. There weren’t any more information about Jackson


What do you think about my Rebellion/Komak story? I'll continue with more Komak stories, he became the hero but im out'ta ideas. If you have some for other story write it here.