Hidden in the Icy Steppes...(Mod.)

this might be the farthest i get onthis

This might be the farthest i get on this story, cause im goin on vacation. I'll try to finish it before next thurs., but im not guaranteeing anything. anyways go ahead and read it, iv made some modifications, and added quite a bit. My recommendation is to read it when ur bored and its the middle of the hot summer day. anyways...here it is


On a small icy planet, the howl of wild ice lizards and the occassional rumble of a ship passing into the atmosphere is all that many will see when they land on Vrenna. With just one space port, many pass it by. The only ones hardy enough to stay on it are the nomadic hunters who hunt the giant ice lizards. The space port's dockmaster maintains a low tax on the pelts of the lizards, but overall, people are free to do as they choose.
Only a fool would go past the spaceport. The tundra extends for thousands of miles, and ice lizards prowl it looking for food. There, battles often occur between the mighty hunters and lizards. Indeed, the ice goes all the way to the planet's oceans, which are always on the brink of freezing over. Locked beneath the seas, ancient glaciers refuse to unclapse themselves from the bottomless depths.
Going down into the ocean, one will see absolutely nothing, for as one goes beneath the chilling waves, it turns dark, and with clouds covering the whole of the planet, no light goes down to those places. For all we know palaces of ancient civilizations, or ancient colonies from the Colonial Council's days rest underneath the frozen current, but we will never see their likes.
Complete darkness overwhelms you and everything around it. That is what it is like to go into those places. You would freeze instantaniously from insanity, not the slow moving molecules of air. There, anything at all is hidden, even from the lights of the ship you would be on.
Suddenly, a bluish purple fade light glows not far away. Something echoes. More reply it, and a group of bluish purple fading lights speeds up to the surface of the planet. They are the Krythi...

<lyrrel what is it>
<im not sure fyllaren i suddenly remember them>
<i sense it to>
<could it be>
<it could>....

"Master Arando?"
The old man looked up, "Sorry. I was just in a trance."
"What worries you? I can sense it in your weaves."
"I don't know. Suddenly, there are strange weaves flowing all around me. They are powerful."
"How powerful?"
"More powerful than me."
"More powerful than the Vell-os?"

"There, do you sense it?"
"No, Kar-laeker."
"It sensed my weaves, nobody can sense my weaves. My weaves are unreadable!!!"

"Mr. Flannigan?"
"Wha?" The captain of the mercenery group sat up.
"I just beat you."
"No, I was just shocked by something, I can sense something is different, something is old, very old."

"What was that?"
"I don't know commander. Do you want me to check it out?"
"No. It probably wasn't anything, lets get back to Rebel II, I'm ready for some decent food."
"Aye, Aye, sir."

Krane looked desperately over the phones, they were all ringing. She picked up one, where one of the bureau agents immediately told her that a Vell-os had sensed something. She nodded and put it down, picked up another, only to get another report almost exactly the same.

<the krythi> one of the adult wraiths said in their meeting place.
<they are back>
<yes how do we deal with them>
<we cant they are more powerful than us>
The eldest quietly silenced them all. <some of the strong ones will protect the south while our young ones flee to the north>
"Mu'Randa?" Eamon said. She was walking down a space ramp from the leading Polaris ship of the procession in her flowing black robes.
"Eamon. I have bad news."
"So do I, look at this." he handed her a portable holovid.
An oriental woman was talking, "They are not Polaris, but they are just as deadly. Behind me is the Auroran planet of Tekel. The smoke rising above it is from an attack directed from Polaris space. Mundokiir, Elaizer Kii, says '...these are not Polaris ships, despite the invasion's direction.' However, they have already captured much of western front of the Empire, and Tekel, once one of the most heavily populated planets in Auroran space is being demolished as we spe-" (static)
Eamon looked at her, "That was three hours ago. They attacked about three this morning. Mu'Randa, I've helped you with every problem you've brought to me. Now, tell me, what the Hell is going on?"
She sighed, "I don't know; the Krythi are hard to understand."
"They are hard to explain. We received a transmission from the wraith, giving us all they knew about it, they thought maybe we could use it to defeat them."
"Why are they attacking, and what is their object then?"
"I would guess they are aiming for the ringworld of Kont."
"Our ringworlds were what they seemed to be aiming for when they invaded our nation. That and the Wraith referred to them, as the 'ring-builders'."
"Alright, let me turn to your needs." he said taking it all in, "These are the most important leaders of your people?"
"Yes. In this small fleet of ships are the heads of the castes, and a couple hundred from each beside. They were all that we were able to save. Most the Nil'Kemorya were able to escape, protecting Bis Andreya, they are on the border stations right now."
"The Polaris are....destroyed?"
"We were able to hold are some of the eastern battle stations, Nil'a Mjolnir, Nil'a He, Nil'a Ro, and the Nil'Kol system."
"Come with me Mu'Randa. We have a couple of important calls to make..."

On Kania all citizens had been evacuated, and literally overnight, the station had become a joint military post. The Nil'Kemorya were successful in stemming any incursions in the direction of earth, but had suggested a backup outpost. Kania was the prime candidate. So, most of the Vell-os had been sent there, thousands of Aurorans had been posted there, Rebel reserve corps, usually only used in the liberation of planets, were now stationed there. Plus, the Federation troops, and the mixture could destroy anything anyone threw at them, they hoped. Tension was high strung, but what they were doing was for the good of humanity.
The station was also the spot for the newly formed Assembly of Peoples, as it was called. There, six people from each of the central nations, Auroran, Federation, and Polaris people would meet to decide the terms for this military alliance. Also in the council was Cade Smart, Eamon Flannigan, McGowan, and Llyrell.

"Alright, alright." said Eamon Flannigan, who had been elected President of the meeting, "Quiet down now. Let's get this underway."
Krane nodded and stood, "Now is the time, we must take our hands from eachother's throats, and unite!" she shouted, and Bureau agents and Vell-osians filed into the room at the cue, prepared to capture the leaders of the other nations. However, before they could make their move, many grey robed Nil'Kemorya warriors burst into the room, and soon there were bodies, unconscious and dead, lying everywhere, the Nil'Kemorya standing guard. The President of the Federation nodded, then pressed a button, calling in a couple of janitors to clean up the mess. Eamon shook his head, "Perhaps we should have a small recess, while they get this cleaned up." there was general consent, and the galactic leaders filed out of the room.

"Alright, now, let us actually begin. This is the mission statement for the Assembly. This is to be a temporary military alliance against the people known as the "Krythi" because of their hostile nature towards all other elements of the universe. In this alliance, we agree to let eachother use each other's technology, planets, stations, ships, etc." Eamon said, "You all have a copy."
Krane stood, "I agree."
Kar-Hallarn stood up, "The Aurorans will only join if you set free the Vell-os!"
Iuso stood up as well, "The Polaris second that decision."
Krane, somewhat flabbergasted began to stutter, "That's out-outrageous!"
The President of the Federation stood and looked at the Auroran and Polaris representatives, "Agreed. Krane, why don't you leave for now, seeing as how you have a lot of Vell-os to free?"
She began to stutter, but Iuso looked at her coldly, "I'll send two Nil'Kemorya to escort you, I would hate to see you be lonely." She looked at all of the people in the room with contempt, and stormed out. McGowan gulped, he knew he was finished next. He decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the meeting.
Llyrell stood, "Once the Vell-os are freed, we will continue to fight this war with you, for the kindness you have shown us."
There was clapping, and Eamon smiled, this was going smoother than expected. "Alright, we have a motion on the floor for the approval of the mission statement of the Assembly."
Mu'Randa stood, "I second it."
"All in favor, say "Aye"."
McGowan gulped again, if he allowed that to happen, they would discover the criminals he had in his Organization. "Nay." he said, but he was easily outvoted.

Mu'Randa approached Eamon Flannigan. "I believe you are Ory'hara."
"No, I am not Ory'hara."
"You must be, you were the one who ended the period of disunity between the Polaris and the the rest of the nations."
"This is only temporary. I am not Ory'hara. When this is all over, you must look for the one who keeps it together. My time is coming to an end, Mu'Randa."
"I see." she looked at the papers in his hand, "What are those."
"It is the schedule for the next meeting. We have to elect a Military Council. These are possible candidates."
She looked at them, "Iuso, KarHallarn, Admiral Razak, you, Michaelean, Fyllaren, Llyrrel, Cade Smart," she kept on reading. "All fine choices, except this Am'Rasso fellow."
"I had to put in all of the possible people."
"How many are to be in it?"
"Five. But others are allowed to watch, and if called on give their concern."
"I see. How about the new home for the Assembly. It's current position is too risky."
"I've been thinking of that. Somewhere with a hypergate."
She spent a moment in concentration, "How about Spacedock VI in Kerella?"
He looked at her and nodded, "Good idea. I will present it before the Assembly tomorrow."

"Calm down everyone."
"Mr. Flannigan! How can we be calm!" McGowan said, "They've just attacked Nielha Memorial Station. And of course they've taken it. There was almost nobody stationed there. They had been almost inactive for two weeks."
Iuso stood, "Be quiet." he turned to Eamon, "With all do respect, sir. We do have to find a way to stop them."
Eamon nodded. "I know, old friend. I know."
KarHallarn stepped forward, "Give me one of your ships, Iuso."
"Give me one of your ships. I will lead a raid on one of their planets. Teach them to mess with us."
McGowan scoffed, "One person isn't going to defeat them."
Llyrell stepped forward, "I will go. As well." He could finally speak what he wanted to, free from the Bureau.
Michaelean stood up, "Thurokiir of the House Heraan, I will also fly under your banner."
Iuso nodded, "You three will be a good team." He looked at KarHallarn, "Honor," he looked at Michaelean, "Bravery," and then at Llyrrel, "Wisdom. You will now scour the ranks for your best men. Then you will strike like the fury of the storm."

KarHallarn looked at his beautiful Thunderforge. He knew that he could not take it with him, this mission required stealth and speed. He turned to look at the Manta they were outfitting for him. He sighed.
"Why do you sigh proud Thurokiir?" He wheeled around to see his wife, Savard, leading their two year old son by the hand.
"I fly in an hour or two. It will likely be the last battle I ever fight." He kissed her on the forehead.
"Stay here. Don't go out and fight anymore. I'm tired of fighting, I want peace."
"We all do. But this is my duty."
She looked at him, "Let me come then."
"Savard, I cannot bring you with me, you must stay and lead the Pack in my absence."
"No. You know your mission, if I fail you will be the one who must pick up the torch." He lowered his level, "Do not mourn for me, I am going to meet my destiny proudly."
He kissed her on the forehead again.
"Dada!" said their son.
Savard picked him up, "Say bye bye to daddy. He's going to war again."
He looked at his son in pain and agony, "Give dada a hug. When I get back Techerakh, I'll finish helping you build your fort. Okay?"
"Ka." he hugged his wife and child. A gray robed Nil'Kemorya stepped up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Sir, it is time to go." he nodded, kissed his wife again, and left his white cloaked wife and brown cloaked son standing in the middle of the spaceport...

"Alright, KarHallarn, where are we striking." Llyrrel asked.
"Arabus in the Caryo system." They were standing in a war room looking at a galactic map.
"Why? There's nothing there." asked Michalean.
KarHallarn looked at him, "Because it was a supply depot in the old days, and I'm curious to see what they've done with the inhabatants."
"Isn't that where your old-"
Llyrrel interrupted, "Sounds logical Master Wolf."
He looked around the room. Men of all nations and strengths were standing around him. He sensed their weaves, they read bravery. "I see you've all chosen your men."
"Yes." Michaelean said.
He looked at them all, "Most of you, I have fought beside and against. I can sense it in all of you, you are all capable and brave. Some are Aurorans like myself, others, Federationers, Vell-os, Wild Geese, or Polaris. But, from now on, we fight in unison, we fight no longer like little children, for an adversary far deadlier than any in this universe has emerged. It is likely that we will never return, but I don't have to ask any of you if you want to leave. I can sense you want to do this. We will use the hypergates, and land on Dani before striking Arabus." He turned to leave.
Llyrrel looked at KarHallarn, "You have been practicing with the Nil'Kemorya, correct?"
He nodded.
"You are more powerful."
He nodded, "Well, let's get going. We will be staying with the Thurokiir of Dani tonight."
The others all filed out of the room after him with a strong sense of destiny.

KarHallarn didn't know what they were, but he knew that they were dangerous beings. Their ships were unlike anything they had ever seen; he desperately hoped that the cloaking organs would hide them well enough. It was a miracle that the Ver'Ash and Paed't had been able to build smaller versions of the cloaking and long jump organs, that would hook onto Vell-os arms and have the same affect on them as they had had on Polaris ships in so little time. Then again, the Polaris were incredible people.
He signaled to the others, "Now." All of the ships uncloaked and suddenly they struck one of the strange ex-shaped Krythi vessels. The others turned, but it ßwas too late, they had lost their ship. They turned, but soon enough they had picked off the last of the ships.
He radioed the others, and they landed on the planet, all of them working with the weaves powerfully. It blew away the strange beings and ships on the deck, and quickly, they began to blow up cargo depots one by one. KarHallarn felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned around to see Kar-Laekaar. "I thought you were dead."
"No, I was hiding underground, until I sensed you coming this way. I never anticipated this for you as your destiny, KarHallarn."
"What have they done with their prisoners?"
"They have.....killed them. From what I have picked up from their weaves, I have discovered that their leaders were frozen on an icy planet. probably Vrenna. Apparently, they own the ring worlds. Where the others came from, I don't know. You have destroyed all of them in this system though."
He nodded, "Let's get out of here men." With Arabus disabled, the fleet packed up and got into ships, knowing that they had to make a good escape.
Out of nowhere, a fleet of five of them jumped into the system, and immediately headed towards the group. It took them by surprise, and destroyed a Vell-osian arrow, who reformed inside the cargo deck of one of the other ships.
All of them turned and blasted the first one, cloaking and un cloaking. Suddenly, it shot some kind of ray at the Manta KarHallarn was in. The ship was in immense pain, and it was showing it. The poor ship was in agony, and it howled. KarHallarn knew what he had to do. He pushed the self-destruct button. The three souls in the ship packed into the escape pod as they hurled away...

KarHallarn awoke to a hospital bed in on Port Kane. "Wha...What happened?"
Llyrrel was looking over him, "The ship you self-destructed triggered a chain reaction in the Krythi ship, who was beating our fleet pretty badly if you remember correctly. I'll spare you the details, but the ship was the leader, so when it exploded, the others couldn't use their superior technology correctly. There were no survivors."
Savard ran into the room, "You're okay!" she said. She accidentally touched a bruise on his shoulder, and he groaned in pain.
Llyrrel grinned, "You were hurt from the blast, Kar-Laekaar said it was pretty hard to stop your bleeding. A Ver'Ash would like to speak with you as soon as possible."
"Why?" he asked.
"To make sure you're okay." he shrugged...

KarHallarn limped across the spaceport carefully. Hidden under his brown cloak, many simply ignored him. He grinned, maybe he wouldn't have to answer any questions. People were always asking him questions. He felt guilty being so highly regarded. He knew he was not worth it, and he looked at the black dot on his arm. That had been so long ago.
He remembered the tragedy of getting it, but he knew most warriors get it themselves some day. That was still no excuse, he thought with biting rage. He huddled himself across the docking area carefully. He bumped into someone, instinctively, he cleared his mind and put his hand onto his sword. He then turned around, tightly controlling his weaves. "Yes?"
It was a Nil'Kemorya. He looked at KarHallarn for a moment, then laughed. "I am glad to see you have recovered, little wolf. But, I doubt that you could defeat me in any kind of combat."
KarHallarn grinned, "I have heard the Nil'Kemorya are capable warriors, I would like to face one of you in unarmed combat."
"Are you sure, you could be in that hospital bed for a couple more weeks."
"I'm sure." He threw his cloak to his side, so he was only in his loin cloth.
The other looked at him and smiled, then threw off his over garments as well.

Throwing increasingly complex patterns at the man in gray, KarHallarn circled him carefully. The Nil'Kemorya increased his series of complex patterns as well, but to little avail. Suddenly, as if naturally, KarHallarn slipped between the weaves, and grabbed the man's arm. Turning around, he jammed the arm over his shoulder, which acted like a lever, throwing the man flat on his back.
KarHallarn helped the man up. "You have......defeated me." He said, in sullen realization. He did a quick bow to honor KarHallarn, then limped away from the Heraani warrior.

"He seems to be fine sir, why did you want me to check him out."
KarHallarn glared at Llyrrel. There was something going on. Llyrrel shrugged at the doctor, who said to let him go.
The two walked out of the office, "Okay Llyrrel, tell me now."
He sighed, "Alright. Concentrate all your energy at that." he pointed at a piece of metal. KarHallarn concentrated, and immediately a beam of pure physical energy weaved itself into existence and collided with the piece of metal, exploding it. "That's why I wanted you to go to the doctor."
KarHallarn looked at the hands that had just performed the task. "What's happened to me?"
Llyrrel sighed again, "I'm guessing that when the ship exploded, all of the mental energy it had were emparted to you. It's very hard to explain, but, in affect, it gave you all of its mental powers. Most men would have died from that. Hmmm....I wonder...It will have to wait. The Assembly is relocating itself to Spacedock VI in Kerella."

Am'Rasso scoffed as KarHallarn walked into the room, accompanied by his wife and child. All of the others were standing and clapping, but Am'Rasso only stood in sullen silence. Eamon Flannigan, at the head of the Council, stood. "KarHallarn, Little Wolf of the House Heraan, it is my pleasure to endow upon you the Order of the Red Branch."
More respected clapping, Am'Rasso only frowns more. His father, Am'Rasso the first had died to KarHallarn in a duel defending Moashi honor, and he had immediately taken his father's place. He would have vengeance. There were some hollers from the back of the room, where Michaelean and some of the others who knew the signifigance of the award were standing. He looked back and scowled at them.
"Kneel. I dub thee Sir KarHallarn, Little Wolf of the House Heraan, Keeper of the Blood of Cuchalain." He said, touching one sword and then the other with a sword of highly polished metal. KarHallarn nodded, then sat back in his chair, next to his wife and child. Eamon stood, "It appears the Krythi were somewhat taken aback at KarHallarn's attack." There was a little bit of albeit chuckling. It was common knowledge that the Krythi had lost the battle in Neilha, when Iuso had led a covert simultaneous operation in the system a couple of hours after KarHallarn's attack. It had resulted in the capture of the system.

KarHallarn got up in the middle of the night. Savard groaned, "What's wrong honey?"
"My comm unit."
"Go to sleep!"
"No, this is urgent."
She waved him away, and he went out of the room. "Hello?"
"This is Eamon, Get up here right now?"
"Kania's been attacked. Emergency session at Spacedock VI."
"Fine. I'll be there in an hour or two." he half growled, and put on his cloak. He walked back into the bedroom, "Savard. I have to go, there's an emergency session of the Assembly." He kissed her on the forehead.
"Take care of yourself." she said, still mostly asleep. He grinned, and walked out of the room, calling his crewmates and telling them they were leaving Heraan in approximately an hour.

It was three in the morning, even in Kerella. Tired and aroused voices of the representatives around the room were echoing as he walked in. They all hushed as Eamon banged on the table. Am'Rasso stood, "Let the mighty KarHallarn go save us all again!" he sneered.
Despite his sarcasm, the members of the Assembly murmured their agreement. Iuso grit his teeth, as did Llyrrel and Michaelean. Eamon shook his head, "Do not speak such things coward."
KarHallarn blood was boiling, "I will go Eamon." he turned and walked out of the room.

The lone thunderforge entered the system through the hypergate. But it was too late, Port Kane was a massive burning wreck. There were faint traces of ships leaving the systems, but it looked like most of them had been destroyed. Luckily, most of the troops on the station had been reassigned elsewhere. Bodies lay scattered around the spaceport, both alien, and human.
The life support systems on the station had been destroyed almost completely, so KarHallarn had to go in his space suit. He looked across the vastly desolated station, and he grit his teeth. There was so much destruction. He kneeled upon seeing an Auroran warrior. "He put up a worthy fight." There were three alien beings lieing around him. KarHallarn took out his portable tattoo gun, and tattooed the last three kills on his arm. He thought about what the tattoos should look like, but he decided to make it a star. Three stars lay on the forehead of the warrior, and stepped up.
His first mate broke the silence, "Sir. There is no life in this area." KarHallarn nodded, and they solemnly turned around and walked back to the ship.
Flying out of the system, he vowed that he would avenge the lives of the soldiers.

He arrived back in Kerella amidst the crisis, bearing ill news. The Council was full of argument, mostly instigated by Am'Rasso, McGowan, and Krane. KarHallarn tried to quiet it down, but to little avail. Eamon called several times for silence, but that didn't even work. In anger, the representatives for each sect of humanity stormed out.
"Yes, Archinadar."
"I need you to lead a decisive strike again, that will calm them down enough for us to reorganize this assembly. Old wounds cannot be closed so clumsily."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, we need a finer needle and thread."
Llyrrel, leaning on a desk nodded, "This 'temporary' attempt at unity will fail. We need something much more sophisticated."
Michaleen spoke, "The Federation folk are too sophisticated, the Aurorans too tall, the Polaris too strong, the Vell-os too wise, and the Wild Geese too confident. We have to balance it out."
"How?" KarHallarn asked.
"Reforming the Assembly is the only way." Eamon said.
Llyrrel stood up straight, "You must do it soon. It appears they are gearing up their forces for a clash."
Eamon grabbed his comm unit, "You three do something, I will do everything I can to stall the attack." they nodded as he rushed out of the room.

The three warships landed in the system. Michaleen captaining a Scarab, Llyrrel a Javelin, and KarHallarn his trusty thunderforge. The system they had landed in was Kontik, and they knew that they were in for a true battle. "Alright, remember, the object of the attack is to collapse the ring Llyrrel, while Michaleen and I hold them off."
The Javelin sped off at impossible speeds towards the planet below. KarHallarn fired a shot into a group of Alien ships, and suddenly, the whole fleet attacked the two ships. Explosion after explosion blew up as one after another succumbed to the two warriors and their master crews.
Llyrrel, meanwhile had destroyed three of the eight pillars connecting the ring and the planet. Apparently, in the couple of weeks since Kontik had been captured, they had built enormous cities across the surface of the city. The ring was being used for something signifigant, but Llyrrel had no clue. All he knew is that this was where approximately one third of the aliens lived. Spread out about the enormous amounts of space they had captured were the outposts they used and farmlands and such. However, destroying the ring would hopefully destroy the planet's atmosphere, bringing down a large portion of their capabilities.
What they were hoping for more though, was that it would unify humanity enough for them to fight off the menace.

Eamon stood in the spaceport, yelling to try to keep himself heard above the buzz of space ships. Factions of different warriors were forming, and it was looking like conflict was inevitable. "Quiet!" he yelled, but to little avail.
One of his body guards handed him a comm unit, which was for him. The galaxy was in shambles. He looked up, hoping KarHallarn and the others had been successful.

The two mighty warships blew up attacker after attacker. They were taking great damage. It was a dangerous time. The powerful weavings of the aliens could only be withstood by the most powerful of warriors.
KarHallarn stood on the bridge of his ship, directing the weaves of combat, and every now and then triggering an explosion with his useful beam. He was a dervish of destruction, and his weaves stormed throughout the system of Kontik. He could feel the awe of the aliens, but he knew that he must take them by surprise. They were more powerful than him, but he knew that they were too surprised, and if they did not fight hard, the Krythi would shake off their amazement and destroy the trio of captains.
Suddenly the battle stopped as a huge explosion occurred on the planet below. KarHallarn and Michaleen immediately set courses for Tekel, where the hypergate was still in action, and left the system, with a Vell-osian Javelin on their trail...

The three ships messaged the system amongst celebrations of the people on it. They had gotten the message of Kont's destruction not long before, and were more than happy about it. Eamon greeted the three warriors as they met after the battle. "There's no time for you three to celebrate. McGowan is assemblying his pirates in the north, I believe he's striking for Rebel II. Am'Rasso is leading the Moashi against the house Heraan as we speak. They are assemblying in Moash. That, and Krane has gathered the whole Federation fleet and is headed towards here to wipe out the Vell-os, Nil'Kemorya, and Wild Geese stationed here. We cannot withstand their blows.
KarHallarn looked down long and hard, while his friends waited for his verdict, "I will defeat the Moashi as they could use the hypergates to enter Heraan at any time."
Eamon stood a second, "I wish you well. Meanwhile, Michaleen will fly north to warn the Rebels. I will try to rally enough of the Wild Geese, and they will come as fast as they can."
Llyrrel nodded at the logic, "I will do what I can to hold off Krane until you return."
The four friends shook hands and each departed to their ships, except for Eamon who rushed off, making frantic calls with his comm unit.

Savard stood alone in the spaceport. It was well past two o'clock in the morning, but she stood there, rocking her son to sleep. She knew that if he did not return soon, it would be to her to destroy the Moashi. But she also knew deep in her heart that KarHallarn would return to lead his people to victory. He had defeated the Krythi in Kontik, now he would defeat the Moash.
The Thunderforge suddenly came up and landed on the platform of the spaceport, and the weary crew of the Thunderforge filed out, ready to enter the ship and fight again. Last KarHallarn walked out. Savard was stunned, he had grown in the weaves immensely. His powers were growing. He looked older as well, but only more honorable. He gripped her wordlessly. "Now is the time we fight together, Savard." She nodded, and the crew walked back onto the ship.
The Thunderforge's engines lit up, and blasted off, soon followed by the best Heraani warriors. He would smash the Moash dogs, then he would go north and destroy Krane and McGowan.

Am'Rasso stood on the deck of his flagship. The Moashi fleet was mighty, mighty enough still to defeat the Heraani. He grinned, and pressed a button opening channels with his main admirals. As he was conferencing with them, his communicator suddenly put his head up, "Captain! The Heraani have come into the system through the hypergate. They've already begun attacking our chief ships!"
"What?" he said just as a triphammer began pounding the Moashi flagship. "What is that?"
"KarHallarn's ship has attacked ours, we're losing shields at a rapid rate!"
"Launch the Firebirds!"
"Aye aye..." the three Firebirds launched from the bay of the Auroran Carrier, but they were shot down by the Storm Chain Guns.
"Do something!" the lights went out, and emergency power flipped on.
"I ca-the ship's disabled, sir."
He pounded his hand on the chair. Suddenly an alarm went off, "We're being boarded!"
The men grabbed their hand-to-hand weapons just as Heraani warriors entered the bridge, led by KarHallarn. Immediately, they launched into a bloody battle, but the Heraani were superior because of the Heron martial arts training they had received. KarHallarn had the look of Fjargen on his face as he rushed towards the fleeing Am'Rasso.
"You won't escape this easily, coward." He concentrated a blast at the ground, and Am'Rasso turned, anger in his eyes.
Am'Rasso had mastered the Heron martial arts style, so he launched himself at KarHallarn, who slipped inbetween his weaves, and in a matter of seconds, Am'Rasso was laying on the ground, in a puddle of blood.
The rest of the ship was looted and then destroyed. After that, the Moashi fleet was nothing more than a twig in the torrent of Heraani warships. KarHallarn looked about the devastation that the Moash had so rightly deserved, starting with the treachery before they killed Techerakh. He nodded his head as Arbiter of the Heraan house, and gave the order to turn around. The First Family had been defeated.

Michaleen was received with good grace by the Rebellion leaders. Cade Smart frowned though, "You mean, McGowan is foregoing the cease fire?"
Michaleen nodded.
Dr. Pentecost shook his head, "We're in trouble. We sent all of our troops to Ni'la Mjolnir to help fight the Krythi."
Michaleen sat up, "How many do you have in defense of the station?"
"Maybe twenty to forty ships. I don't know how many are out on patrol."
Michaleen pounded the table of the bar. "We need to think of a way to hold them off.....How many at Rebel I?"
"I'm not sure."
"Throughout Federation space?"
"A couple more, but not many."
Dr. Pentecost spoke up, "Any suggestions, Mr. Michaleen?"
"Send a message to Flannigan, ask him for help. Call in all your ships. From Flannigan guesses that McGowan will be striking sometime within the next twenty four hours."
"Yes." Dr. Pentecost nodded.
Cade turned to him, "So, till then, we'll just have to hold out?"
He nodded. Smart nodded, and the meeting was over.

McGowan smiled aboard his flagship, the Marqui, those pesky rebels were finished. "Attack the shipping." he said, emotionless. His communicator nodded and typed dozens of messages, sending them to various ships. McGowan leaned back. Am'Rasso might have failed, but Krane and he would complete their missions successfully. It would be a night to remember.