Red Dawn III

Sorry for the delay,a summer job at dunkin' donuts sucks. "POOKIE, let's burn this mother down!!" Anyway, this piece and the next will be sort of transitional. Might be a bit dry and short, but nessc. (Edit: Not my best work, look for more action in V)

Red Dawn III

"Good Morning, James"
What? Is it morning? I can't see anything?
"Yes, that's an aftereffect"
Wait, everything is dark...what happened? Who am I talking to?
"Well, let's take those one by one, James. Everything is dark because you're in a coma. You're in an induced coma to facilitate the recovery of your injuries"
Wha? Injur-
"Yes, you were severely injured while in pursuit of an a frigate smuggling drugs off New Babylon. Do you remember that?"
I remember flying towards the spaceport. I..I hit my head while trying to get dressed
"Perhaps you did. I can fill you in on what happened at a later point. It is important not to tax yourself right now"
Is it?
"Yes. My name is Doctor Fredrickson, and you'll be in my care until you recover. Now, if you'll relax, we will perform some basics tests of your cognitive abilities..."

Admiral DeGraw sat behind his malachite-topped desk, at one end of a large translucent bubble atop Spacedock. Above him, New Babylon was passing in front of Georgia. Behind the planets, the full and intricate weave of the Universe is visible through his office window. On a raised dais in the center of the room, the holovid emitters silently raised up. A query concerning whether or not the good general wanted to view the news appeared, hovering in mid-air. With a remote in hand, DeGraw pressed a button, and reclined in his well-appointed chair. The query cut away, and a female at a news desk, already in mid-sentence as the General made a mental note to have the holovid reprogrammed.
"And topping the system news tonight is a breaking story concerning renegade smugglers who attempted to flee from customs forces. Preliminary reports indicate that a customs patrol boat was able to disable the Frigate, which was carrying illegal drugs and processing equipment, but not without sustaining heavy damage. With assistance, the customs forces were able to make it back to Spacedock, and we are awaiting a statement from the Federation Navy. Now, the search is on for why the smugglers stopped over on New Babylon, and what can be done to stop further-" The holovid flashed off, and the emitters retracted back into the floor.
Running a hand through his wispy gray hair, DeGraw brought up a cargo manifest and damage report for the Red Dawn. Smiling to himself, he withdrew a small blue and silver disc from his side pocket. Shutting down the displays, he clicked on the communicator. A young woman's voice came through.
"Yes, sir?"
"I'm ready to make a statement. Send up my escort."
Walking towards the far end of the room, two soldiers dressed in the white and black of the Special Guard were raised through the floor on an elevator. Snapping to attention at the sight of the General, they moved aside to allow him onto the round platform. Entering a location on a raised panel, the display glowing blue, DeGraw ordered them at ease as they eased downwards.

Spy Drones, past eight hours.

Enter system:
Enter Criteria:
"Red Dawn","Rendevouzs","Goods","Warrick","Devon","Medicine","Hospital"
(1) Match, 10:45 Warwick Time
(Unregistered00)10:45:35-Warp in
(Unregistered01)10:45:40-Warp in
(Unregistered02)10:45:49-Warp in
(Unregistered00)10:46:09- Warrick, come out, we're taking you home.
(Unregistered00)10:47:15- Red Dawn, please respond.
(Unregistered00)11:10:00-Warp out
(Unregistered02)11:10:03-Warp out
(Unregistered01)11:10:04-Warp out
Save log?

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Transitional indeed. What's the log about?


Partly foreshadowing, partly for making people ask themselves "What's that log about?"

Then it's working well. 🙂