Rebellion 11


All the trucks were ready. 2 fake guards stayed in the cockpit while the other convicts (dressed with their prisoner clothes) stayed in the back part of the big vehicle, armed with shotguns and matrix steel pickaxes. Komak and Skinny were in a truck, Kotrackh was in another one and Ivanova was in other, The forth truck didn’t had any of our heroes. "Open the gate!" – Komak ordered. The gate was open and they exited the mines. "Skinny, are you ready?" – Komak asked, a bit worried.
"I’m fine, motherfoucker " – replied Skinny, a bit sad. One convict looked at him and said. "Komak, it’s a suicide mission." – while turning his face to the rebel leader.
Komak raised his head. " If he even reach the communications centre, how will he get out’ta there alive?" – continue the prisoner. Skinny was a bit confused, looking at both of them, almost at the same time. All men in the truck were watching this conversation. "Man " – said Skinny –" but some one’s got’ta do it."
"I will." – Komak said, without thinking. All the men in that truck started speaking between them. " SILENCE!"- Interrupted the rebel – I SAID I WILL DO IT, AND I WILL!" The trucks kept crossing the snow, in a few moments, each vehicle entered a different warehouse, all of them inside the prison.

Komak exited the vehicle disguised as a guard and headed to the communications centre. All his men stayed in their trucks. "Don’t touch the ores and don’t approach the truck! We think that they have toxic bio-micro organisms on them so stay far. I will come back." – said Komak, to the guard patrol. He crossed the corridors and reached an elevator. He entered it. Commander Uja and 2 guards were inside the elevator. The rebel stayed very nervous. Uja was busy smoking a cigarette and he almost didn’t noticed Komak’s presence. "Where you going?" – Uja asked, while lighting up another cigarette. "Communications centre, please." – the rebel hero replied. Uja pressed a bottom and the elevator started moving up. "Those things will kill you one day, you know?" – Komak said to the prison leader. He was still attempting to light that damn thing but when he heard that comment, he stopped trying lightning it and started laughing. "HAHAHA! He’s a funny one, isn’t he?" – Uja asked to the guards.
"Yes, sir." – they replied, without moving. Finally the elevator stopped and the door opened. "Is he testing me to see if I know the floor?" – Komak thought, trembling. Uja smiled. "Well?" – he said?
"You first, commander." Said the rebel, with a polite tone on his voice.
"Funny and smart one I can see," – the prison leader said. He exited the elevator, leaving Komak inside, alone. Where is the goddamn floor? Suddenly, an Auroran officer entered the elevator. It started moving up. When it reached the floor, the door opened and Komak saw big flash words, saying "Communications Centre". He couldn’t let go a smile. He exited the lift and crossed the corridors to the desired place. 2 officers were inside and the rebel picked up his blaster, killing ‘em in seconds. He approached the main computer and shot it too.

"Where the hell is that motherfoucker?" – Skinny asked. A convict said, " He’ll do it, just wait." Nobody was speaking. They were all grabbing their weapons, ready to roll.


A female voice echoed trough the prison. All men exited their trucks and without pity, they killed everyone in warehouses such as workers and guards. They didn’t lose any men in this part. The warehouse was clean. Skinny ordered 3 convicts to follow him and left the others being leaded by Kotrackh. The big prisoners’ army, headed to the prison itself, while the little group, headed to the communications centre, to meet and rescue the rebel hero. Komak didn’t know what to do. He opened the door and saw a lot of movement. Officers running from one place to another, guards grabbing shotguns and electric grenades, there were a lot of things going on the corridor. Finally, a small patrol entered the room where Komak was. It was 5 guards, armed with blinded armour and with shotguns, loaded to shoot. "FREEEEZE!"- One of them said. Komak turned at them and left his blaster fall on the ground. One of the guards, when saw that the convict was arrested by the other 4 men, started trying to repair the computer. Skinny and his boys entered the room, in that moment. They shot at the guards, killing them. The last one was able to shoot back, killing one of the convicts. Skinny gave one weapon to Komak and they all were going to help the big prisoner’s army. They met’em on the main hall. Kotrackh already released the other convicts, making the army grow bigger. In like 1 hour, they had the prison controlled, holding a few guards on the nearby cells. Ivanova told Komak that they had their normal clothes back and the rebel hero dressed with his formal stuff. Ivanova said too, that Uja was inside his room and didn’t open the door. The 4 heroes blasted the gate and entered it. Uja was sitting on his big black chair. When he saw Komak, he got very surprised, then smiled and finally said, "I told’em you were a smart one "
"Leave the room" – the rebel said to his friends. They left the place without words. When they left, he approached Uja. He lighted a cigarette. Komak retrieved the cigar from his hand and throw it to the ground. "You are going to be arrested by us." – That was the only thing that Komak remember to said. Uja lighted another cigar. Komak didn’t do anything this time, then he remembered Jackson. "Where is Jackson?" – he asked, still looking at the ex-prison leader.
"Who? Oh him He paid us a lot to kept you here." Uja laughed. He looked a crazy person.
"Where is he!" Komak ordered this time.
"He’s on Earth, passing all information he know about the rebels to the Bureau officers." He replied, while smoking his cigar. "Wan’na know how to get to Earth very fast?" – he asked.
"Hmpf " Komak answered.
"Well, head to Kipa. Bribe the guards to land, head to the bar and ask for Murray. He will COIF COIF COIF!!!" Uja was in trouble he was coifing like hell. Komak looked at him, like he was seeing a thing that no one seen before. The ex-commander fall on the ground, still holding his cigar. "I told you those things will kill you one day " said Komak, to the death corpse. He and all his convict army left the prison and headed to the docks, to get some ships to head to Kipa

Part 12 coming soon

Suicide, eh?

Fun way to go. Your stories have shaped up beaufifully. Now it's still spelling and grammar that are your problem.


I'm using a program to correct my mistakes. It's better 😉

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