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How do I become a Polaris?

I'll put this in a format where you don't have to learn more than you want to...

It's really a case of flying around space and visiting bars. If you want to know more, look down...

It's actually a case of flying around Auroran space and checking bars. If you want to know even more, look down...

It's a case of having Average combat ability (200 or more kills), having a tonne of cargo space. If you have these two things, it shouldn't take you very long. If you want to know the exact mission to accept, look down...

A woman called Mu'Randa will approach you and ask you to take her to New Ireland in the Tuatha system. This mission has a 40% chance of popping up every time you enter a system, so I advise just flying around Auroran space visiting every bar around. If you need to know any more, visit here and click on Polaris. This will also help you with any other string, but it contains all the spoilers for the entire game, so don't read more than you have to.

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