Rebellion 10


The prisoners opened the mines main gate. The truck, with the fake guards inside, exited the place, heading for the prison. Ivanova and another convict were in the cockpit. Komak, skinny and all the other Aurorans that came with them, were in the back part of the big vehicle. "Motherfoucker, what’s the plan?" – Skinny asked to Komak.
"Well as you can see, we are all disguised as guards. We gon’na try to get a few more trucks, to get the rest of the guys out the mines." – Komak said – "We tell Uja that we have found a big deposit of ores and crystals and we need more trucks to pick’em up, because we need to deliver’em fast. Did you listened, Ivanova?" – he asked.
"Yeah." – he replied, while driving trough the snow dunes.
"What if it don’t work and they spot us?" – asked Skinny, a bit scared.
"Then it was a pleasure to meet you." – Komak laughed. Skinny was still scared.

The truck crossed the Auroran army, going right to the prison. It was still snowing out there. Luckily, the marines didn’t noticed any difference. The plan was working. Finally, they reached the prison. The guards opened the door and Ivanova led the truck inside the warehouse. Some guards and the warehouse workers were waiting for them. The warehouse was a bit old, with brown crates spread around on the ground. In the left corner of the building, there was a deactivated asteroid miner. Ivanova exited the cockpit, while the other prisoner, that was right next to him, stayed inside the truck, very nervous. The warehouse workers started approaching the back part of the vehicle, thinking that there were ores inside. "GET AWAY FROM THE TRUCK!" –s creamed Ivanova, trying to look as a guard. The workers stayed a bit confused, looking at each other. "I must speak with commander Uja, urgently!" - Ivanova said, to cover his friends, inside the truck. The warehouse workers returned to their formal position, near the guards. "This way, please." – said a guard, looking at to the transportation vehicle – "but what about the "
"Forget about the truck! I’ll take care of it later. I must speak with the commander now!" – interrupted Ivanona. The guard escorted Ivanova trough the door, while being followed by other 3 officers. 4 workers approached the asteroid miner and started repairing it. The last workers started transporting crates from one place to another. 2 guards stayed there, controlling the situation. Komak ordered the men to wait inside and exited the truck. He walked to one of the crates and began checking out the big and old warehouse. He saw some men, working, and guards on patrolling. The workers clothes were a brown coat, brown pants and dark blue boots. "If some of us disguise as workers, we will have more connections. It will be great." – thought Komak. 3 men approached the boxes were the rebel convict was hidden. He turned to the prisoners and whispered, calling a few of them. 4 Aurorans exited the truck. "Stay low." – whispered Komak again – "Now!" – he ordered. The 5 men jumped on the workers, strangling them. Nobody saw what they did. The guards kept on patrolling. Komak couldn’t let go a victorious smile. The death men clothes were removed and the 3 convicts dressed with them. When they were ready, they started unloading some ores, which were on the truck. The Auroran that was on the cockpit, exited it and approached the 3 fake workers. " What’s your problem?" – he yelled.
"It’s us." – one of them replied, while blinking his eye.
"Oh download the stuff and then wait for Ivanova." – he said. The guards looked at’em for a while. When they saw that there was no problem, they kept patrolling. Ivanova entered the warehouse again. There was no one with him. "Commander Uja granted a permission to take more trucks back to the mines. We need a lot of vehicles to transport our newest crystals." – Ivanova ordered, while walking to the truck. He saw the fake workers and said : "These workers will lead the other trucks. You! Take’em to the other transportation vehicles." – Ivanova said, while pointing at a guard. The disguised men were escorted to other building section. Finally the 4 trucks were ready. All of them exited the prison, heading to the mines. There weren’t any true guards with them. Only Komak’s men, the convicts. They crossed the snow, passing trough the army again. Ivanova opened the main gate, with the device he stolen before. They entered the mines. Kotrackh and the prisoners were ready. They entered all trucks. The prisoners’ elite was ready. 4 heavy transportation vehicles, each of them holding a lot of armed and dangerous men. They waited 2 hours. (It was the time that they should load the ores onto the trucks) Finally, Komak said : "LISTEN! This is the plan, when we reach the warehouses, Skinny, disguised as a guard, will reach the communication centre and disable it. We all wait. When the communications get disabled, it will sound a big horn trough the entire prison. When the horn sounds, all of you exit the trucks and start killing all enemies. We need to reach the other prison section and release the convicts there. They will ally us and we will be stronger then ever. We need to take control of the prison. Do you understand?" – he asked, very confidante. He didn’t get any answer.
"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" – he yelled.
"YES, SIR!" – the crowd replied
"FOR FREEDOM!" – Komak screamed. The convicts entered the trucks, ready to rock.

Part 11 soon.

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