Rebellion part 9

A convict renvenge

The guards oppened the cell door and throwed Komak inside. He was very hurt. He was bleeding. The 2 Auroran prisioners picked up the hurted rebel and puted him in one of the metalic beds. Kotrackh, picked his magazine and started cleaning Komak's blood with it. The other Auroran was giving some water, from a small plate, to the rebel. "What happened?" - the convict asked. Komak didn't answered and after a while he started sleeping.

A conversation woke up Komak. It was the 2 Aurorans. The poor rebel gathered some streght and heared. "i think it's tomorrow." - said one of the prisioners.
"It is tomorrow!-" corrected the other -"a guard told me yesterday."
"So we gon'na have uniforms..." - the first one said. Komak stoped hearing their conversation. He was thinking of uniforms. After a few moments, he fall 'a sleep again.

He oppened his eyes slowly. The aurorans were sleeping. Komal decide to see how the cell was. It had a high ceiling. The walls were grey. The mechanical door had a little window. In one of the walls was a small lamp, that was turned on day 'n night. He saw that the other 2 convicts had simple clothes. Kotracks was bald. He didn't had shirt but had dark red pants and brown boots. The other had a white t-shirt, black pants and black boots. His air was long and black. They were still sleeping. After a few minutes, a guard oppened his cell door. "Out!"-he screamed. Komak woke up the other 2 prisioners. Finally, the 3 men, escorted by the guard were taken to the corridor. The other cells were oppened and the other convicts where out too. He didn't saw any females, only males. There were a lot of Auroran guards controling te situation. Komak checked that the other prisioners had simple clothes too and then he remembered the uniforms. The guards had a black jacket armors, dark red pants and black boots. They were armed with shotguns. All the convicts were puted in a line and were escorted by the guards. They were taken into a big shower room. One of the guards ordered: "Remove your clothes and give'em to the guards!" All the prisioners started taking off their clothes. Komak did the same. When he was naked, he gave his clothes to a guard, that puted'em on a brown box. The guards brought more boxes. All the convicts clothes were puted on the boxes. "Now go take a bath, smelly ones!" - said the same guard. Komak saw that most part of the naked convicts had tatoos. He headed to a shower and oppened it. The water was cold. He didn't even noticed that. He was thinking of Jackson and how the money turned him into a bad man. He tried to forgot a thought that didn't left his head. It was the Feds, attacking the rebels, slaughtering them. Suddenly, a voice interupted: "Showers off!" - the guard said. The showers stoped working and the prisioners headed to the place were they toke off their stuff. The boxes weren't there. "Where are our clothes?"- said a skinny prisioner.
"Yes, where are they?" - supported the Auroran that gave water to Komak. The guard turned to him and said. "Your clothes aren't your clothes anymore, Ivanova." Komak passed to know his cell convicts name. Kotrackh and Ivanova. "You dirty stuff went to our beloved warriors, that are fighting in the front, for our beloved Empire." said another guard.
"We gon'na walk naked?" - said the skinny prisioner.
"No, you're gon'na walked with uniforms!" - the guard replied. The naked crowed started talking beetwen theirselves. The guards puted the convicts in a line again and were taken to another big room. This room was extremely big. It had a very high ceiling with yellow lights on the top. On the beautifull red walls, there were big windows. showing the outside and there were some paintings of Auroran wars. In front of them, there was Auroran marines, armed with machineguns and dressed with combat jackets. In the midle of them there was a well dressed man. It was a small, fatty old man. He had white hair and a scar on his left side of the face. He had a microfone on his hand. The guards started putting the convicts in formation, forming a big square. "Who's that?" - Komak whispered to Ivanova, that was right next to him. Ivanova, kept looking to the front and said :"That's Ujabullion. We call him Uja. He's the prison leader." Komak stoped looking to his convict friend and turned to chief Uja. "Greetings, my sons." - Uja said to the micro -" Your clothes have been delivered to our auroran warriors. They need them more then you do, since you are going to use uniforms." - when he finished saying this, Auroran officers entered the room, holding big black crates. "The uniforms have a number. That number, is going to become your name inside here. You must know that number and never forget it." - spoke Uja, while the offciers started giving the uniforms to the naked convicts. When Komak grabed his uniform, he saw that it was dark blue pants, dark blue shirt and black boots. The number was writen right in front of the shirt, with a flashy yellow colour. Komak's number was 4993. After 5 minutes of dressing, the officers toke the crates out. All prisioners were dressed. "I must tell you that the mines are going to be able for mining again. That stupid pirate raid delayed our work but now we gon'na mine those ores and diamonds like we never did before, RIGHT?" - Uja screamed.
"YES, SIR!" - the crowd replied.

On the next day, the convicts were taken to the mines. It was snowing and it was damn cold. They reached the mine gate and Komak saw it was being protected by Auroran marines and Auroran anti-air tanks. One of the guards puted a small device on the key locker. The big door oppened and the prisioners, leaded by the guards, entered it. It was full of rocks. Full of ores and diamonds. The guards started patroling and guarding the place, while one Auroran engineer toke the convicts to a place were the mining equipment was. The enginner had the same clothes that the guards had. The men started cheking the stuff. Komak saw some pickaxes and other advanced mining devices. He saw some little small hovercrafts that were used to transport the ores inside'em. The engineer said to some prisioners, including Komak, to pick up pickaxes and start mining. The rebel picked one and headed to the ores place. He started mining. The ores and the diamonds he minned, were being putted on the ground. After a while, Ivanova arrived, leading one of the small hovercrafts. He and Komak, started putting the ores inside. When the cart was full, he started mining again and the Auroran toke the hovercraft to other miner.

2 days have passed and it was Komak's turn to lead the small cart. And there he was, transporting the ores from the miners to a big truck. He was preparing a rebellion. The rebel was studying the guards and all the moments he could. "The best moment to hit'em is here, on the mines."-Komak thought-"Ok, i've spoken with the other prisioners. They agree. I just need to find the right moment. If we could manage to steal the transportation truck, will be great. I know!". He was very happy, he headed to a pace were Kotrackh and the black skinny prisioner, that he met on the baths were mining. "Ok, i have a plan." - Komak said, very excited.
"What's your plan, motherfoucker?" - said the skinny.
"Skinny, you're small. You're perfect for this job. I know how to get the truck." - Komak replied.
"Speak up, dude." - skinny distrustful said.
"Look, you enter my transport hovercraft. When i puted the ores, inside the truck, you will enter it too. You just need to enter the cockpit and kill the pilot. You must do this if the truck is inside the mines. Remember, it must be inside! If you do it out there, the Auroran army will kill you and the mission fails." - ordered Komak and then he asked -"Kotrackh, what were you before a convict?"
"I was an Auroran warrior, but i ran from battle so here am i."- said Kotrackh, sadly. The guards started looking at these 3.
"Ok, i must get back to work. Kotrackh, try to gather some men. Let's make a small group, armed with pickaxes. See y'a later." Komak said and then he kept doing his job. After a few minutes, Kotrackh spoke with the other prisioners and told them that the time was near. They started picking up their pickaxes. They were armed and ready to kill. This was happening on the lower mines. The truck will enter at the gate that is on the upper mines. So the plan was the control lower mines first. Kotrackh and his group aproched one of the guards. They killed him with their pickaxes in a second. They picked up his shotgun and headed to kill other 2 nearby guards. These were speaking and they didn't saw the convicts coming from behind. They assassinated them and pick their shotguns too. Finally, a patrol appeared and a battle began. All convicts on that section, the lower mines, started joining Kotrackh group, while he was shooting down the guards with a stolen shotgun. All the prisioners fall on the guards like a meteor storm, killing them cruely with their pickaxes. The lower mines were almost conquered. Luckely, the guards on the upper mines didn't checked the riot down there. Finally, the truck entered the gate. The small hovercraft crate pilots droped the ores inside the truck. Skinny entered Komak's cart. The rebel aproched the truck and dumped the stuff inside. Skinny was in the midle of the ores and diamonds. He picked one pointy diamond, to use as a weapon. He entered the truck's cockpit from the top of hit and killed the pilot with the blade he picked. The gate was still locked. The Auroran army was out. It was time to control the mines. "NOW!" - Komak screamed. The upper mines prisioners, including Ivanova, started killing the guards. They were throwing cristals and hiting them with their pickaxes. The lower mines convicts, came to help killing all the guards in the upper mines. Komak picked a pickaxe and stuck it on a guard's head. He picked his shotgun. One guard turned to Komak, shooted but failed. The rebel shooted back, making the guard flying trough the air. hitting a big amount of pointy cristals. Finally, the prisioners conquered the mines. It was like 60 convicts. 20 of them disguissed as guards. Komak, Skinny and Ivanova disguissed too. 2 men entered the cockpit and the other 18 entered on the truck's back part. The other 40, leaded by Kotrack, stayed on the mines, waiting for the others that left, to return and take'em out safely.

This is getting too big. Part 10 coming soon

Too big? Not at all. THis is your best one yet, but you really need to work on your spelling. I know you like to write in the text window, but you need work on spelling and grammar. As I can't really give English lessons on this board, I'd suggest using spellcheckers. Honest.


What do you suggest me to use?

Rebel Klaudyo, on Jun 12 2005, 09:38 PM, said:

What do you suggest me to use?
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Write your stuff in Word, or TextEdit. The stuff that's underlined in red is spelled wrong. Hit Command-L (I think) to find what the program suggests for correct spelling.


Where can i find those programs? Are they on the computer? I'm using a Mac

TextEdit comes with OS X. If you're on OS 9, you should have either Word or AppleWorks on it. Search your files.