Rebellion part 4


The 3 rebel survivors, were taken into the prison ship, Idana, a big pirate manticore. It had a lot of prisoners such has rebels, pirates and aurorans. The 3 men were throwed into the main room, where everybody was. The oldest occupants ignored the new comers. "How we gon'na get out'ta here?" - asked Jackson
"I don't know..."- Komak said, while he was looking at the other prisioners.
After 4 days travelling, the 3 heros were at the lunch table. "I think i have a plan that will make us get out of here."- said Malakreth, with hope on his voice.
"Whats your plan then." - Jackson replyed.
"We need to make contact with Koria. Before becoming a rebel, i used to work on a prison ship as a medic. We can make contact on the bridge, it's the only place we can. We only need to reach it, i mean, one of us need to reach it." - said Malakreth. He stoped talking, looked and Jackson and then continued - "Me and Komak can distract the guards. We have connections with a lot of Rebels, inside this ship. We speak with them and start a fight with some pirates or something. Doing this, will clear the way to the bridge."
"Hmpf...what 'bout me?" - asked Jackson, hopping to hear him saying something, but it wasn't him who spoke, it was Komak. "You reach the bridge and establish a comunication chanel with Rebel 2" - Komak said, with a smile on his face. Jackson was nervous, he looked at Komak, then to Malakreth then to Komak again.

Komak ordered Jackson to stay near the gate, so when the guards entered the place, he could ran to the bridge and open the damn comunication with Rebel 2. The young man stayed in position. Komak aproched Malakreth and the rebel group he formed. "Listen, our boy is ready. We only need to cover his ass. What i mean is, we got'ta make a hell of a fight."- was saying the brave Komak -"We must hit feds, aurorans and pirates. If there are no more persons to hit, you hit yourselves." - the rebellion crowd laughed. The big group aproched the bloody pirates. The battle was almost bloowing up. "What are you looking at, bietch?" - said one pirate
"To your ugly face, that looks more like a pig."- replyed on of the rebels.
"Look, it's Komak. The big rebel hero was arrested...hahahaha!" - laughed one pirated, named Ychtius.
PUNCH! Komak punched the man right into his face. The battle began. A pirate kicked a rebel. A rebel evaded one pirate punch and then was hited by a marauder. Another rebel punched a pirate on the stomach. Malakreth throwed one dude through the air, making him beat a wall. Ychtius, the dirty pirate, had a little blade on his boot. He picked it up and started hitting rebels with it. Jackson was seeing everything. He was very nervous about this situation. The gate opened. Some guards entered the place and started hitting the convicts with their black sticks. Komak fall and looked and Jackson. There were 2 men on Komak, hitting him. While on the ground, he was able to turn at Jackson direction and make him a signal with his hand to wait.
Another guard patrol entered the combat zone. Komak was punching a guard now. He looked at Jackson again and said yes with his head. Jackson ran to the bridge. The corridors were empty. After a few minutes running he found it. There were 3 men inside, the captain and 2 officers. "Hey, convict! You can't be here!" - yelled the captain. Jackson ignored him and kicked his "private zone", making the man fall on the ground. He picked up the caps blaster and killed the 3 men. Jackson picked the comunicator and turned into a frequency he thought that was the rebellion frequency. "Rebel control, rebel control do you read me" - said Jackson. Nothing. He tried again. He only got some static. There was no ansewr. Finally he heard something - " We xxzzxxzxz read you but xzxzxzxzxzx we have a lot of xzxzxzxzx interference. It's better now. Identify you and tell us what you wish" - said the Rebel control. Jackson said his ID number and all identitys they asked. Finally, he said everything that hapenned. "Hold on there, Idana. We gon'na send a bug to check your position. A rebel unit will reach you in a few days. Good luck. Long live the rebellion." said Rebel control.
"Long live the rebellion." replyed Jackson.

part 5 soon

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What do ya think of it?

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Heh! I love the prison fight scene. Sounds like classic Komak. But how does the captain know Jackson's a convict?