Rebellion part 2


Things were really screwed up. A federation destroyer shot 6 hellhound missiles, that were coming right into Komak's Starbridge. "Incoming hellhound missiles from starboard!!!"- yelled the first pilot
"How many?" -Komak asked
"Six! Inpact in 5 seconds!" - said the first pilot, worried then befoe
"Not if i can avoid it." - said Komak, with a hopefull smile.
Komak grabed the ship comands. After a deep breath, he turned the afterburner on, and flew to the Federation defence leader. The missiles were programed to follow the target and that's what they did. They just kept following Komak. Was it bad? No, it was just what Komak wished. He was getting closer to the big carrier. The big and slow carrier, turned to the beautifull rebel starbridge. It shooted his big quad and medium blasters at our hero. 2 lasers hited the rebel, the rest failled, some hitting some asteroids behind. It was the right moment. Komak pulled the commands up, as much as he could. His ship passed over the carrier. The hellhound missiles were closer to the carrier, then to the target, so they changed course. All 6 hited the Fed carrier. BANG!!! It exploded in a moment. All crew inside Komak ship claped at their brave captain. The situation was making a big turning. The rebels were able to push back the Federation fleet. But then, a Vell-osian craft came from hyperspace. The beautifull Vell-os arrow, destroyed the remain crafts. He hited Komak's left engine, when he was flying over Earth. "We lost left engine!"- yelled the second officer.
"Tell me something i don't know!" - screamed the first pilot
While they were falling down, Komak saw the Vell-os arrow in the sky and a voice in his head saying:"I'm sorry" then the Vell-os dissapeard in the space.

What y'a think, guapo?

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Improving. But remember, stories reflect real life. Would your crew members stop working in the middle of a battle to clap their hands?

Remember, it's the future, but the future is still full of people.