Rebellion part 1


Captain Komak is a rebel, that used to work for the federation. When he saw that the feds acted worse then pirates, he decided to make his way to Koria, to see if he could be accepted, to fight against the ones he worked with, his ex-federation partners. 2 weeks have passed since Komak had become a rebel, comanding his Rebel Starbridge, he fought a lot of pirate invanders and a lot of federal agents.

One day, the rebellion decided to make a major attack on the feds. They called all good and strong captains, including Komak, to Evlei, so they could set the attack in a strategic way. Komak was supposed to lead a few Rebel ships from the north, other rebel captain, should lead other rebel forces from south, from Auroran territory. So the attack began. Komak reached Sol sistem and the first thing he saw was a federation fleet, waiting for them. "Take'em down"- ordered Komak, while the rebels started shooting against the defence crafts. 4 patrol boats were coming right to Komak. He shooted douzens of raven rockets at them. The rockets hited the first patrol boat, disabling it. Other boat ,that was right behind him, didn't had a chance to turn so it hited the disabled ship. They both exploded. With a smile on his face, Komak flew to the other 2 patrol boats, that were alive. "Prepare to meet the angels, captain Komak"- said one of the patrol boats, trough the comunicator. Komak didn't respond. He just ordered to shoot against'em. The 3 installed 150mm railguns, turned to the enemy. They were locking'em on target. The patrol boats started shooting their blasters. They failled and the last thing they saw was the railguns shooting. Komak had destroyed 4 patrol boats. But then, he looked at the radar and saw that this was getting hard. Federation backup was allways appearing and the rebels, that were supposed to come from south, never come.

During the battle, Komak received a message:

"To Captain Komak

The Rebel task force didn't reached the Auroran sistems safelly. When they jumped into the first sistem, a big Moash Task Force was waiting for them. Nobody survived.

From Rebel control"

Oh no! What is going to hapen? Wait for part 2.

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If you want to tell your story in this style, maybe you could have an old man telling this story to small children. This might work then.

Getting better. 🙂