leval 15

how do u beat this leval!


2 words:insane attrition. Most building levels can be defeated by staying at your base building a huge armada until you have 4x as many ships. Yah, it can be thought cowardly, but I prefer winning any day.

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ok i figured it out

heres what u do

ignore the outpost in the middle... if u attack and the battleships and carriers come ur screwed..

next build up a fleet of only cruisers... and have them protect alpha

next build a transport have it follow u as u pilot it around ...far around no where near the outpost..

build cruisers and have them escort u on ur way there they will jump over to u as u go

also the attrition thing isnt so great cuz u run out of energy and ur ships become lifeless

ok now leval 17? any ideas


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I had trouble with this too. First, pilot a carrier and kill those tractor moors. Transfer control to the battleship 😄 and send the carrier home ( if it's still alive that is). Now build some cruisers to protect your base. After you have about five escort a transport to the outpost. Just before it gets there send 2 cruisers and yourself to distract the drone thingy. Good. Now every cruiser you build should go immediatly to their planet. THis is to weaken their defenses. Go on occasional raids by yourself but don't die! Once their defenses are weakened go in there and blockade the planet. Now you know what to do (the transport of course!) Good, you've won Captivating.

For captivting, here's what I do. Build a bunch of cruisers, decimate the Cantharans at their planet. Then i take one cruiser and destroy the tractor moors. Then I take the battleship and destroy that border drone, and take a transport to the Cantharan planet. That's all there to it. Of course there are other ways, but this is what I usually do.

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One point of intrest, keep pretty far away from the border drone, dont go right on top of it when your killing it. If the level you are talking about is the one Vs the sals, then you can kill the base and everything, just don't fly directly over it, don't touch it. You can even take it over without bringing the bigships into play. =o=

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I believe level 15 is "The Left Hand" whereas the level with a border drone is level 14.

For level 15, once you know the computer's weakness, this level can't be simpler. Just send all of your ships to the Salrilian planet immediately. Then build as many cruisers as you can and send them to secure the planet. Once you have 30 to 40 cruisers guarding their planet, then you can contemplate taking the station which should be easy because the bulk of their forces were already destroyed trying to defend their planet. You will see that since you've already secured their planet, no Salrilian or Audemedon carriers will come. Do not divert more than half of your forces guarding the planet to attacking the station. After taking the station, build a transport and take over their planet.

this one is a major pain, but i find something that works good. maybe its just me though 😉 first thing your do, assign the station as the target destination, make an assault transport, tell the carrier and the other ship (hey come on, havent played it for 5 minutes) to head there, go there as well, knock out the station, and hold it. this is a really good mission for learning to dodge fire, (btw, you know how easy it is to take out a gator carrier with a fighter? try it in lvl 3) anyway, the whole time, be making ships, ie, cruisers, and dont stop. this can take a few trys, but after a while you get it every time. i do. not that im bragging, but did anyone else find the game a little easy? i mean, i beat it the 2nd day i had it, and this after waiting 2 and 1/2 years to get it 😞

I beat the the drone without the batte ship.( Easy as pie if you have 200 cruisers) 😉