EV/EVO Chronicles: Death Day- Chapters 5-6

(Author's note)To make things a little more clearer in Chapter 6 I would like to say that the Hinwar had captured Gualon and Gamur and the Emalgha had taken Romit. Both those races have their own fleets in those systems.

Chapter 5-Preparing

Tyler faced Commander Syris in a battle room. "Welcome to the Voinians, Commander Tyler. I'm sure you don't mind this."

"Not at all, I never liked the UE much anyway. I was biding my time until I drove my Destroyer right up their... Well, you get the idea."

"Ha ha! That's the spirit! Exactly what I need for the First Captain of the Night Falcon."

"What is the Night Falcon?"

"This is our new ship. Strong as a Dreadnought, maybe stronger. It has a cloaking device, and the greatest weapon to hit the galaxy, Rage Missiles. They send off a powerful explosion and than release a chemical which when caught on ships will cause small explosions until it is all used up."

"Very good," Tyler said as he knelt down. "I will serve you well. I will use this ship to murder the UE."

As McPhearson and Blake walked down a hallway deep in Luna they discussed the prison break of Tyler. "He was not guarded enough, a million things could have happened like this. He could have hijacked the shuttle, destroyed it, or held the pilots hostage but with no escort two pilots were murdered thanks to him."

"It wasn't anyone's fault, Blake. No one new the Voinians were going to do such a thing, as soon as I found the camera in my office I tried to warn as many people as I could. No one was going to be able to get an escort for the shuttle, we were not prepared."

"I know, but he doesn't deserve to get away with the crimes he has committed."

"Do not worry, we will catch him and he will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, the ship you investigated at the Voinian research station deep in their territory. I think they needed Tyler to give UE plans to it to make it invincible."

"Sir, I'm not sure that it would need any of our technology. It has a cloaking device, a very good one mind you, and the missile it fired at that station destroyed it easily. The quick scans I had managed to get along with a sample of what the chemical is in the missile were destroyed because of the chemical."

"Well no matter what, it seems like this ship is going to be a formidable opponent, even for our Cruisers. I'll give you a rough estimate right now: we might need about ten Cruisers to knock out half the shields."

Blake had to resort to a regular old UE Fighter until some shipbuilders could get another UE Gunship as he called it. Blake flew towards all the UE Frontier planets warning all the head commanders there to be on the alert for a Voinian Attack Fleet. No more missions were to be sent to Vorik to stop convoys. All Voinians were to be destroyed as quickly as possible.

Blake went on another mission after that. The Emalgha and Hinwar would never be prepared for an attack the Voinians were going to offer. Blake contacted both races to be warned. He also asked if they would join the UE in an attack on the Voinians. Both excepted eagerly, it was their turn to oppress the Voinians after what the the Voinians had done to them. No more would they sit and let the Voinians kill them. It was their turn. Admiral McPhearson was making battle plans as Blake was talking to the Emalgha. It was time for Tyler to go down.

Chapter 6- Waiting

Most of the elite ranking battle pilots expected a massive war fleet of UE, Emalgha, and Hinwar fleet to go out and conquer the Voinians. The plan was nothing like it. The only thing they were supposed to do was wait. The ships were to be split into battle groups throughout the 4 planets and stations they wanted protected. There were 4 huge battle groups of 30 ships. 5 Cruisers, 5 Carriers, 10 Destroyers, and 10 Fighters. These would be spread out through Dogover, Obron, Bakka, and Grentis.

As much as the the Elites refused, they gave in as long as they could command the group from one Cruiser. The U.E.S Retaliate would lead Dogover, the U.E.S Mantis would lead Grentis, the U.E.S Blade would lead Bakka, and the U.E.S Uranium would lead Yandros.

With all the fine tuned work out of the way the wait commenced. Carriers would launch special long distance prepared Fighters for scouting. Many Fighters were crushed by bordering Voinian ships outside of Gualon and Gamur especially. Blake was piloting his UE Gunship into Yandros when Commander D' Erlon stopped him.

"Blake, do not land. Follow me and my fleet we must head over to Gamur immediately."

"What's going on?" Blake inquired. When D' Erlon was this serious something grave had happened.

"I'll explain as soon as we get to Obron.

As the fleet jumped in everyone gasped. Debris of all sorts of UE ships floated through the system. Destroyers and Cruisers and fighters littered the system. D' Erlon's Destroyers flooded the system making sure there were no Voinians. "What on Earth.....?" Blake whispered over the comms. Obron station was decapitated. Completely destroyed. Only a small hunk of the top remained. "What could have caused this?" D' Erlon asked.

Blake and a squad of Marines boarded the flag ship in the system, the only one intact. Hanging wires and fires were all over the ship. In the bridge they found a message flashing across the screen.

Their ship is here, The Night Falcon. The attack force will move in in less than a week. Be prepared.

With that, the group quickly evacuated as the ship exploded.

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