is it 68k compatible? if so, im mailing in my $$, if not, im sticking with 1.0
one more thing, how do you get network games available with 68k machines?
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Questions about Hera really should be posted in the Engineering section, but I'm not too worried about that. I can't answer if Hera is 68k compatible, but:

Finding a good game on a 68k computer is very difficult. Since GameRanger doesn't work, you have to resort to more mundane methods.

I suggest getting in contact with Aithon, (url="http://"mailto:ashaylor@ductape.net")mailto:ashaylor@ductape.net(/url)ashaylor@ductape.net

Bad news 68k users: From what I understand, you WONT be able to use Hera.


no offense, but i hope you are mistaken :frown:

He's not mistaken. Maybe sometime in the not-too-near future a 68k compatible version will be released but right now it just barely works on a PPC.

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Last I checked, not only does Hera require a PPC machine, but it also needs OS 8.5 for various reasons. Nathan says he's going to fix that for the final, so it shouldn't be a problem in the end. It also requires a decent sized screen to handle all the windows, or so I hear. I still haven't been able to get it to unstuff on my machine. grumble

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Pax said: "but it also needs OS 8.5 for various reasons."

Do you mean 8.5 and above or just 8.5?