EV/EVO Chronicles: New Beginnigs-An EVO tale


The year is 2195. It has been nearly 40 years since the Voinians had been all but pushed back to nearly the core of their territories by the combined forces of the United Earth, Emalghion, and Hinwar, yet the Voinians still give much fight. Millions have been freed from Voinian slavery, and many have sought asylum on UE and Miranu worlds, where they have begun new lives and rebuilt.

The Miranu and United Earth confederation have grown much closer in their alliance, benefiting mostly from trade. With the near defeat of the Voinians, the UE have turned towards the Renegade threat to the south. In their thirty-seven years of freedom, Huron has been able to turn back the tide of renegade threat and forge a bigger fleet that could perhaps rival that of the Lords of Freeport and the Nadirr’s.

The UE and Miranu have even gone to the point to help each other in the pursuit of exploring the nebulae and the North Tip Asteroid belt, to chart out systems and planets in hopes of new colonies. There has even been talk of designs for new starships and sensor systems.

The Strand War still rages on like it has for millennia, with neither strand gaining any lasting victory. Yet the Zidagar and Igazdra have benefited from Miranu trade, while the Adzgari are trying to gain the benefit of that same trade. All the while, the Council sits watching seemling uncaring about the whole of the thing. Yet something has been happening. There are ships in the Gadzair system. And not just the occasional trade ship; they are Crescent warships of many types and configuration.

It seems like a time of peace, like a new renaissance. Yet it won’t last. Like all good things, it is usually like a star. After a while it goes nova...


March 3rd 2179

The aged Zidara sailed silently through the Valos system, ready to begin its duty. Aboard the crew went about their duties until the procession began. It was a sad day aboard this ship. One that wouldn't pass for years to come. All knew of the moment.

Three hours passed, then one by one the crew went to the launch bay, where the Zidagar fighters were held. This was the part most waited for. Commander Kilan Oderus waited and watched as the bridge crew of the Nova left the bridge. He sat in the command chair thinking of times he had seen while serving aboard this Zidara. It was sad to see it was about to end. Getting over it, Oderus left stood up and walked out of the bridge.

The crew compliment of the Nova was just under sixty. Most were human, but a few were Miranu, Azdgari, Zidagar, and Emalghian, and even a traitor Voinian who served as chief of ship. Even more surprising was an Igazdra crewer, who despite his initial suspsion, made an excellent pilot in a Zidara fighter. The ship had served as home to three families and seven children. To them it was home.

Walking down the corridors, he saw that not one officer or crewer was there, knowing that they were by now in the docking bay. Reaching the turbolift, he walked into it and said, "Deck Eight, docking bay.” Instantly the lift hurtled down through the decks, until it reached the docking bay. As the doors opened, the docking bay came into full view, with many people filling the large bay. Not only were there humans, but there were also beings of different races, including a few Miranu, Emalghian, Hinwar, and even a single Voinian, along with Zidagar, Azdgari, Igazdra and other races seen in the Crescent.

As he walked out of the lift, something caught his eye. Near the entry point where the fighters launched, was a torpedo casing. It was the reason why he was here. Walking up to it, he touched the surface of the casing, its cool metal meeting his fingers. It would be the last time he would see it.

“It is a sad day in history, mon amie. He will be remembered with honour and as hero,” spoke a voice from Kilan's side. Looking over, the commander saw a man dressed in formal uniform of a United Earth Admiral. d'Erlon was, despite being sixty-three years old, still in his prime and probably still as devious and reckless as ever.

Kilan nodded. “I hope youíre right, my friend. Of course, if he knew we were doing this, he would kill me for allowing it on his ship. The Nova is a fine ship, but it now lacks the one thing that made her unique. It will be a shame to see her go.” d’Erlon nodded but kept quiet. Indeed the Nova was a good ship, one of the best.

Patting his friend’s shoulder, the commander went on, leaving behind the torpedo. Looking at all the people in the bay, he realized how many friends and allies the Nova had made. He caught sight of someone coming up to him, a beautiful Sarian woman, one of the lesser races of the Crescent, who looked strikling similar to humans, though they were long lived and had a keen intelligence, and were similar to the Celts of Earth. And to add to the fact that the females dressed more sensually then those of Earth every day, but most people didn't care about that much. She came up to him and after both of them acknowledged each other, embraced each other.

“It’s good to see you again, Lia. It has been ages since we last met. You’re still as beautiful as the day the Nova rescued you from that renegade Lazria.”

The Sarian blushed slightly. “It’s good to see you as well, Kilan. It’s nice to see that you still have that famous silver tongue that charmed most of the ladies on Saria ten years ago.” Looking out over the crowd, Lia said, "It is a sad day for the galaxy. It is amazing how many people the Nova has encountered. To think that one man was responsible for so much change. The captain accomplished so much during his life. Many other people would be envious, even humans.”

“Aye, he did much. Of course, the most reckless was taking on a dreadnaught alone in arada that was twenty years old. Well, itís much older now, if hasn’t been blown up by now. God, but I miss those days.”

Lia smiled. “Well, you were there with him for most of the trip. He did graduate from the academy with flying colors and he did blow up that renegade um...Turncoat and its fighters with just a single shuttle and blaze cannon. And I might be the one to point out that it was you and not him that tried to ram a Voinian cruiser with an escape pod during the war.” Taking another look, she continued, “It is amazing at how many people called him friend and how much they loved him and how he loved them in return.” Tears rolled down her cheeks, wetting her face.

“Aye, lass. But I think he loved you the most, considering how much you two got along. It broke his heart when you left the Nova for home. You realize how much I came to being a best man at a wedding. To put it mildly, it as close as ship is when it boards another.”

Lia stopped crying, but still wore a sad smile. “Tis a good thing that there are so many people around, Kilan Oderus or I would kick your ass from this side of the ship to Pareen.” She hugged the commander then left to meet with other people.

Kilan stood there for many more minutes before he heard a booming voice. Looking up to where a podium had been set up, he saw a man, a human dressed in formal wear of a president, standing ready to the give a speech. This is it, thought Kilan. Time to start the ceremony.

Everyone turned and gave the man their full attention. This was President Jasen McPhearson, leader of the United Earth confederation and commander of the UES Ervel, a UE Cruiser rumored to be the strongest, second only to the UES Earth. Despite his age, he still looked like he was in his early thirties when in fact he was much older. Hyperspace can do that to a person. And here he was ready to give a speech at one his closest friend's funereal.

Taking a deep breath, McPhearson spoke in a calm and booming voice, increased by the com unit on the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen of the galaxy, friends and allies all, we have come here from all over the galaxy for one thing. To wish a dear friend goodbye. In all our histories, we have had many legendary heroes; from Bhuda of Earth, who favored peace above war, to Ner’ati of Kirtak who protected his home world from a dozen renegade vessels with just his own Arada. Yet, in nearly four decades, this galaxy has seen one being accomplish so much that it take a century to accomplish. Today we mourn the loss of Captain Aesin Darius Karter of Pareen.

“He has seen much during his years as a captain, more then he would have had he accepted the offer of an ensign aboard the destroyer Palstine. He was many things during his life. Explorer, warrior, pilot, captain and friend. He was perhaps the most experienced person, human or otherwise who knew the most about this galaxy. He has explored most of this galaxy and journeyed through the Proxmian and Ji nebulae, bringing about a new era in exploration. Honoured citizen of the United Earth, proud member of the MTC, skilled warrior of the Zachit, freerer of Huron, and much more.

This man has taught us much in three decades then Borb had conquered in short years, centuries ago. He has stepped from his father’s shadows, who fought in the Battle of Sol when Voinian forces entered our system. Lt. Commander Jack Karter was an excellent pilot in that war, fighting with much gusto and skill that most Adzgari today would envy. He effienfly disable any fighter who tried blowing him up to pick clean its ammo supplies and fuel tanks and effiecntly executed the Nova Ring maneuver, in which he ejected his entire fuel supply, over five jumps worth of fuel in a ring around two cruisers and then lit it with his blaze cannons, putting the circle afire and causing the ships to explode.

In the forty years we have known Captain Karter, we have seen many positive effects. The Voinians, once a powerful empire, has been dwindled down to a mere few systems, releasing many slave races. Without Aesin's aid and that of the Nova, the renegade threat that was The Rock would have devoured much of North Miranu and Zidagar space. Huron would be either still under United Earth rule, plagued by renegade when we could not provide ample protection or it would be in the ownership of renegades, plagued by tyrants and striped of all value.

If it had not been for his aid in the Battle of Avaan in the final months of the war, many races, including the Hinwar, would have been still enslaved. If it not for Aesin's actions at the battle of Terrapin, the three Strands would have annihilated any hope of an understanding amongst themselves and eventually genocide of all three Strands. Had he not allied the UE and the Miranu, New Calcutta would still be quarantined and the Ji and Proxmian nebulae would still be unexplored. Many millions owe their lives to this man, as he has followed his heart beyond ignorance and hatred and fear.

We honour him today by saluting his achievements. He was one of my closest friends and I thank him deeply for his service to the United Earth government. May he rest well in the stars and may God grant him asylum in his glorious home.”

There was a burst of applause as the President finished. With that, President McPhearson stept down from the podium and motioned for Commander Oderus to take the floor. Kilan nodded and walked up to the stand and closed his eyes taking a moment.

“As most of you know, I was Captain Karter’s first officer and one of his closest friend, the one I trusted the most with my life, and he was one who he trusted his ship to the most. I served with him aboard the Sirilan, the Arada that he used to fight against the Dreadnaught at Vorik. When I first met him, it was on Zachit station three months after the trade deal went through and the UE and Miranu became allies.

He had just returned from a battle against the renegades in the Hidzar system when I met him. The ship I was on, a passenger freighter when it was hit by an undetected renegade Lazria. Although the freighter was equipped with dual blaze turrets, we were disabled by a combination of phase fire and pursuit missiles. We would've been boarded had it not been for a lone Zachit Arada jumping into realspace. It fired all its remaining pursuit missiles at the bloody renegade. When it turned around to fight, the Zachit was as bold as to try to ram the damn thing. Ten seconds later, the Lazria jumped out of the system.

When my ship was pulled in by a tug ship, I walked on the Promenade, there was a celebration as many Zacha were in the midst of saluting some of their greatest in their victory over the renegades. One of them was a human, the one who flew the Arada that had saved the freighter. Now I’m a graduate from both Knox Academy and the Academy of Earth and a fighter for six months, but this guy was a good pilot, better then most. There were many of the other passengers from the Iscus thanking him. Twas a sight to see, but at first I saw Aesin as a cocky pilot who followed only his own rules.

When I went to thank him, he just nodded and said it was part of his duty, nothing more. I, of course, was insulted, thinking that he cared nothing for anyoneís life but his own. I also saw him as know-it all pilot, cocky, ambitious, and a bragger. I was hotheaded back then and was set of by little things. I actually confronted him in the bar later on that night. I insulted him, and before I knew it, half a dozen Zacha stood up and surrounded me. I learned a lesson there; never insult a Zachit unless you want to take them all on. They defended Aesin like he was one of their best, even though he flown with them only a short while. I then did a stupid thing. I challenged him to a race through the Zachit system. From the station to the edge of the outer system and back. One of the Zachit made available his Arada and Aesin agreed.

The next day, the Zachit system was abuzz with excitement. A race was very rare in Miranu space so you can imagine that most of the people on station were watching from promenade, and from ships in space near the planet. When the flare that singled the beginning of the race flamed up, we went on. Damn was he good! Aesin was born with an innate gift. He could fly any ship with style, and was perhaps the only human who could pilot an Azdara to its maximum potential, and then some. In fact, with no slight their race, he made many Azdgari look like turtles, slow and awkward. He was in his element when in space. Anyway, he dodged past the asteroids in the system at max thrust without slowing down. To me it seemed as if his ship was faster. When I finally made it back to the station, he had been there as I reached the halfway mark on the return trip. I found out he had taped his ship’s engines into his fuel tanks, creating a faster thrust. Not to mention the fact that he directed all weapon power to engines as well. Legal of course, but I nearly socked him for that.

“In the years to come, when I became his first officer aboard first the Sirilan then the Miranu Gunship, Kiszon, a month after the destruction of the Rock, and finally the Nova, a gift from Zidagar High Council for saving one of their members from a renegade attack. This ship, then newly built and top of the line, is now an antique, nearly thirty years old and no longer top of the line, despite the weaponry on board. Her captain will be missed.”

Stepping down from the podium, Kilan motioned for another person to take the stand. Many people knew not to applause at his speeches when it was bad time. Twas a sad sight to see. So many of his friends here had come to see their friend, Captain Aesin Darius Karter of the Nova. He had hated to die in his sleep, once saying that he would rather go down in battle, taking as many ships as possible. The last battle the Nova was in was ten days ago on the southern border of human space when they had encountered a fleet of twelve Renegade Turncoats and six Helians. The launchers to the SAE modules went down in seconds and neutron turrets were put offline.

Aesin had ordered all hands evacuate and use the escape pods and fighters. No one did so. They would go down with their captain. In a stroke of genius inspiration, the captain had ordered three of the SAE modules be released like mines and detonate them by remote. When they floated to the center of the fleet without being detected, the weapons officer detonated them. The Nova was tossed to the edge of the system, disabled while the renegades suffered far worse. Not a trace remained. Aesin had died four days ago, and the word was immediately sent out to everyone the Nova had befriended. It was a day of mourning. He had taken down a great many ships a few days before that, being remembered as a great hero.

Next to speak was d’Erlon, who spoke of Aesin’s abilities as a tactician and intellect. Then it was Imir, the Miranu head of the MTC, on how he was one of the best merchants and at how he flawlessly delivered, as well as how he was essential to renewing relations with the Igazdra and being a good friend to her. Then Nathis, a scientist who was crucial in the NPD project, thanking his fellow explorer on taking the risk to explore the nebulae. Cho’ja, leader of the Zachit, complimented on how well Aesin proved in the defense of the Miranu worlds, protecting them with his life. Many race spoke. The Zidagar, Hinwar, Sarians, Emalghian, and even the Voinian scientist who had defected, among many other people and races.

When all were finished the senior officers aboard of the Nova gathered around the torpedo and each laid something, a token of friendship and loyalty into the casing through a small hole in the center. Then standing back, officials from the many governments and races present each laid a medal in the coffin. From McPhearson, the medal of a UE General, and the medal of dedicated service, the highest honour in the United Earth navy. From d’Erlon, a medal of heroism for facing superior numbers in battle. From Cho’ja, the symbol of a golden ship, the highest honour among the Zacha and awarded only to the best pilots in service to Mira. Then the Emalghion shield of heroic death, the Miranu pin of nobility, an aged Zidagar phased pistol, the wings of flight from the Azdgari, meant only for the best pilots and the highest honor one could get, the Huron medal of freedom, and from the Igazdra, citizenship into their government, among many other things. Then Lia, as acting representive of the Sarian race, place a small crystal, the Yrithim, a rare gem that was given only to the most heroic of people, as well as a small hand sized blue globe that pulse with white light. It was a Milin star, and a token of true love, perhaps one of the greatest gifts one could receive.

Then they stept back and Kilan nodded to a crewer holding an ancient Earth naval whistle, who nodded back and put the whistle to his lips, waiting for the appriate words. As senior ranking officer aboard the ship, Commander Kilan Oderus was the one who would give those words.

Taking a deep breath, he spoke. “It is an ancient naval tradition in many cultures to bury their dead at sea or in space, to float for eternity among the stars or water. Aesin was born to be a pilot. It was more then a calling; it was a dream. He shall be remembered as a hero to many races, as the driving force who drove the Voinians back, the one who brought about the destruction of the Rock and New Alcatraz. He will be remembered as a crusader to humanity and to the Hinwar and Emalghion, similar to a paladin as if he were guided by divine right, and to the Strands and Miranu, a hero who shook the stars and shook the heavens and defied the Council at the Battle of Terrapin. We set him free, to sail amongst the stars of heaven.”

“Arms salute!” Every member of the crew, from the lowest crewer to the commander himself, as well as every navy member, human or otherwise saluted in their tradition. The crewer blew the whistle and Kilan nodded to another crewer who stood near a launch console. With a few quick gestures, the crewer hit the last key and the torpedo went up and headed floated out of the bay, maneuvered by a small tractor beam, through the force field and into space, where it would be lost to space and hyperspace.

“Fair well my friend. May God guide you home...”

The end of one the greatest heroes in the galaxy had come to pass. All felt pain and grief and sorrow. It was the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. Five years later, Kilan Oderus and half the crew of the Nova died in an engagement with renegades in the Pariah system and the Nova was decommissioned.

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That was awsome! I must say, that's one of the bes I've ever read.

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I agree that was a really good story. look foward to seeing more of your stories. a great blend of fantasy and realism with the sea/space burial bit. And decent ending aswell.
Really good.



Will there be more?

My very first EVO Chronichle called "The UE's Dread" Followed by the "U.E.S. Inconvertrable" Then "What Happened to Huron" Man my ideas rock!


Originally posted by Overrider720:

Will there be more?


It's a stand alone, although I was hoping for some plug in genuis to expand on this idea.

Glad everyone liked it.

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Does bring a tear to your eye.

Very nice, good to see a long piece for a change.

Happy, lean and

Good story. It would make a good plug-in, too. Something like "New Horizons" but for EVO.

God bless,

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Originally posted by jbcwill:
**That was awsome! I must say, that's one of the bes I've ever read.


bloody good story brought a tear to my eye

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