some little ares tidbits

did you know:
*ares has had at one point, a self-destruct command
for the ships?
*ares at one point didnt require a build up to light
speed? ie, just hit TAB and boom, your gone
*there was a real cool klaxxon that was replaced by the
current near death buzzer? (sorry, lack of proper words)
*there was a movie at startup (looked real sweet too)
that showed the standard ARES bar, look at the top of this
scree, getting lit up like a light passing overhead?

just some cool things, how do i know u ask? why my lovely
cannon fodder, i have a copy of the pre-release demo. the
age? well, it was setup to stop working october 1996, yes,
ares had been in the works for a long while. aside from
no campaign creator and pitifully few levels, it was WELL
worth the wait. Thank you Ambrosia for giving Mr. Lamonts
creation a proper place.

Foolish is he, who messes with the Bad Mr. G.....

thankyou for that useless information

Mess with the best die lik the rest