EV/EVO Chronicles: Chronology of the Voinian Empire- Part One

Chronology of the Voinian Empire
By Ureul Twgek

(Chronologist Note: All units of measurement converted to Earth standard, for ease of reading)

Before 5,100 B.V.C.*- Great Wars, much destruction, Nuclear Weapons developed and used in large quantities. The Voinian Population, at one time, dipped below 500 Million. Finally, in B.V.C. 5,084, the great Peace was signed, and the Voinians started to unite their Governments, leading to the Voinian Federation.

5,068 B.V.C.- The first Voinian Space Flight by Eleng Mhtunk. Sadly, on the reentry, his Space Capsule vaporized, and he was killed.

4,952 B.V.C.- The Voinians first Space Station, Unification Alpha starts to be built. It is scheduled to cost 1 Billion Dollars, and take 73 Earth Years to complete.

4,936 B.V.C.- Liquid fuel, reusable rockets are developed. Unification Alpha will now take 20 Years, and 200 Million Dollars less to complete.

4,883 B.V.C.- Unification Alpha is completed. There is much celebration. A full time crew of 100 is placed on the station.

4,880-4,498 B.V.C.- Many rebellions occur, the Federation is highly taxed to keep from splitting. Unification Alpha is evacuated, due to the fact that not many supplies can be sent up.

4,498 B.V.C.- The Federation capital is attacked by members of the Rebellion, using one of the last Nuclear Weapons in existence. Done cunningly, it makes it look to each province like another one did it. More wars erupt, but Nuclear Weapons are still banned, under threat of every faction turning against the user of them.

4,000 B.V.C. Approximately- Three strong, neighboring Factions ally with each other, and start to make progress in taking over the other factions.

3,850 B.V.C.- All factions, except the Three allied factions, are conquered at last. One faction, the Bogrb, is nearly double the size of the other two combined. Plans begin to form to conquer the other two factions.

3,543 B.V.C.- The first Nuclear detonation in more then a century occurs at the main military site of the strongest of the two other factions, besides the Bogrb. It coincides with the Invasion of the other two.

3,526- The faction that the Nuclear device was used on is conquered.

3,500 B.V.C.- Almost exactly a millennia since war started, the Planet is reunited under Bogrb rule. Over a Billion Voinians died in the war.

3,500-2,000 B.V.C.- Voina goes into the Age of Darkness. Much learning was lost during the war. It takes 1,500 years to get it back.

2,862 B.V.C.- The first space flight since 4,896 B.V.C. is launched. Unification Alpha is deemed beyond repair, and scraped. A second, smaller station starts being constructed from Unification Alpha’s remains.

2,830 B.V.C.- The second station, Conquest Alpha, is finished.

2,561 B.V.C.- A large Asteroid slams into Conquest Alpha, and then Voina. Millions of lives were lost.

2,500 B.V.C.- The first scientific expedition is sent to the Impact site. A new element, dubbed Hypereum, is discovered.

2,465 B.V.C.- Hypereum is discovered to constantly be in a state of flux between dimensions. It also starts to be produced in controlled environments. However, it is very expensive to do this.

2,465 B.V.C.- Hypereum starts to have its fluxing becoming controlled.

2,463 B.V.C.- A non-manned Probe is hooked up with a Flux Control device, and is coated with Hypereum. It starts accelerating, and then the Hypereum is allowed to flux. The timer on the Probe stops the Hypereum after 10 Seconds. It went 5,580,000 Miles in that time. Three times faster then light. However, the Hypereum was striped off the probe during travel.

2,463-60 B.V.C.- More tests with Hypereum are done. It is found that be having a Tank filled with Liquid Hypereum that can be pumped out when wished, it is saved from being striped off.

*Before Voinian Campaigns

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Intresting piece of work. Not bad Ureul. This is one way to look at the Voinian past.


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Cool 😄

Can't wait to see the next chapter 🙂

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I always love reading "catalogues" of civilisations. Wonderful.


Confusion reigns. Please advice.

Thanks. I thought that someone would be mad for setting a definitive history of the Voinians, but I guees that didn't happen. The next part is now in the "to be posted" section.

4 stars very interesting

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