EV/EVO Chronicles: Battle of Sol - Ch. 12-14

(Posted on 01-20-2001)

Chapter 12 - The God of War

The irony struck me as the chaos moved into Mars point. Ares. Mars. The god of war. The red mimicked the explosions of the Cruisers and Frigates. The blood of my comrades, all inside the giant red sphere. Mars. The god of war.

Earth was a pinpoint in nothingness. The small blue circle was shadowed again and again by the passing Fighters and Destroyers. We had severely limited the Voinian forces, but many of the hulking behemoths remained. That’s when I saw them.

I wasn’t sure at first. But I began to see quite a few Fighters explode instantly. My face lit up again seeing another explosion. I watched a Frigate and saw it. A small gray pentagon was launched. I watched in horror, as a squadron moving in for a kill, get obliterated by it. The explosion was gigantic. I gasped as more of the pentagons fluttered in the void.

“Hawk! Jacks! Watch out for those space mines!” I screamed, just in time as Jacks swerved to the right of one.

I switched my comms unit to universal, and warned the entire UE Fleet. But it was almost useless. They must have been launching them since they were in the Asteroid Belt. The explosions rocked around me, sending me this way and that. I almost ran into one myself.

But I could tell something went wrong. I saw several Cruisers and a couple of Frigates get completely wiped out by a swarm of them. I chuckled a bit, seeing the debris hit the surrounding ships. But it went on. I watched UE Fighters and Frigates, Cruisers and Destroyers, get completely wiped out by the tiny pentagons of death.

After several minutes of the fireworks, they stopped. Either they realized they were hurting themselves, or they were out of them. I’m sure both sides rejoiced at the small pause from the carnage however.

“This is Kugle. Jason, Squadron Killride has been reduced to 2 by the mines. They need a leader.” came from Independence.

“Sure.” I said in the straightest voice I could. The images of Dirk and Gildor flashed into my mind.

James and Pyro came in formation behind us and we began to stalk a large Frigate. I saw that a Destroyer squadron began to follow us as well. About six other fighter squadrons followed after that. We began to make another strike from behind. This was personal. I moved in stealthily, but as soon as I was in range, I jammed my finger on the trigger. Sweat and blood ran down my face. I breathed heavily, growling under my breath. It started to get hot. Very hot. The female voice had melted into oblivion, but I guessed that it had to be at least 180ş or so degrees. Sweat was now longer dripping, but pouring down my face. My stomach churned and my throat became dry as the water was drained from my body. I tried to speak but I was so parched that I could only rasp. I knew it was now around 230ş.

Suddenly the sweat stopped and I started to get light headed, partly because of the lack of blood, and partly because of the loss of sweat. I was just about to faint when a rocket jolted me awake.

I had not even realized that the target I was shooting at was already destroyed. Many of the Frigates had been destroyed as well. I released the trigger and immediately felt the cockpit get cooler. My head was pounding and I could barely hear Hawk’s voice over the comms unit.

“Seh, are ya a’right, monimee?”

“I’m... okay. Thank you.” I said half-heartily.

In all actuality, I was dying. Blood was dripping down my face and into my eye. I flinched, trying to get out the sting. I was physically exhausted. All water had drained from my body. I was starving. The last time I ate was dinner the night before. I was so weak that I could barely move the control stick. I cocked my head back. All notions of the Voinians and the human race escaped me. I fainted.

Chapter 13 - The Gate Keepers

It was pitch black. I couldn’t hear anything except a far off sound. It was barely audible so I ignored it. Where was I? There was nothing in the room but I felt a presence. It was warm and all around me. I felt cozy and revitalized at it’s touch. But I could not see it. I could only sense it. A small pin prick of light opened in the darkness. It was a beautiful light. It wasn’t colorful or artistic, it was just beautiful. It drew me near and I followed.

The presence vanished towards the light like a planet getting sucked up like a black hole. I immediately felt cold again and moved towards the light to be comforted again. But the noise begged me to stay. It was slightly louder, and though I had no idea what it was, I knew it was important. I questioned if it was more important than light. Towards the light awaited comfort, warmth, and revitalization. But the sound was strange and alien. Yet I knew it was urgent.

I crept away from the warm light back towards the sound. That’s when I finally made out something.


It was still far off however, and it strained me to make it out. But as I crept closer, It became easier to hear. I also realized how cold I suddenly was.

“sikes... si... wake up... mn you...”

It was muffled and I still could only make out bits and pieces of it. What was this sikes? As it became colder and colder I began to question what this really was. The light became ever more comforting. But I strove on.

“Sikes! Jason Sikes, an..sw.... m..”

I stopped crawling and began to run. I began to get colder and colder and I ached more and more, but like a machine I ran. I considered myself mad for doing what I was doing. Giving up everlasting comfort for an unknown cold sound. But I knew that it would be worth it... hopefully.


The voice became desperate with a sad tone in it’s voice. That’s when someone else began to speak.

“Hawk. He’s dead.”

I could tell he was also sad. Hawk. It seemed familiar. I knew him, sort of. He was new in... oh God...


I jolted up. I was breathing so hard I couldn’t stop myself. I tried to sputter out words but my breath was choking me.

“ugh......... de...” was all that came out. Luckily that was enough.


I was jolted again. But it was my ship that jolted. I hit a button and out popped a vomit bag. I quickly put it to good use.

“hawk... I’m okay...” I managed to spurt out.

“Whatever, monimee, just ghet outta the’!” Hawk screamed.

I sprang to life hitting a few switches. I looked at the illuminated map before me seeing a huge Cruiser behind me. My ship rocked once again and I hit a side thruster. I span around and hit the trigger while hitting the reverse thrusters. Fortunately, I was faster.

Hawk filled me in. I must have been drifting for a while. We had moved on to Luna point. This was the last ditch effort to get rid of the Voinians. We were the Gate Keepers. I ordered my squadron to help out Destroyer Squadrons Knight, Ares, Zeus, Omega, Devils, Angelfire, and Gigantos. They had been preoccupied with a group of Voinians halfway across Sol. They had to sprint back only to find they had penetrated Mars point.

The titans clashed, hitting each other with everything they had. They rammed ships, swarmed them with fire, sacrificing everything they had so that one of the races could live. Explosions had danced around me the entire time. Everything from the tiny UE Fighters to the gigantic Cruisers were being brought down by each other. I watched on as James became cornered by two Cruisers. But I also saw his valiant effort, getting a few shots off before getting obliterated. Another death over my head.

“James...” whispered Pyro in an exhausted and sorrowful voice.

The small dot of Earth was eclipsed again. But it was not from the Voinains this time.

“Ha HA! Reinforcements!”

The magnificent Destroyers gleamed in the sun’s light. The red mosquito’s danced before me, racing to come and help. Small gray and yellow missiles appeared, careening into the side of the Voinian ships. The Voinians had decimated all that was left of the Mars point Destroyer squadrons. All that was left was Squadron Firelight, Squadron Independence, and the remains of my squadron. There were still at least 50 Voinian ships left. There were about 20 UE ships for reinforcements.

I decided to take quick action. I ordered Pyro and Jacks to create a block with Squadron Independence. We may be able to buy some time. Hawk and I were going to join Squadron Firelight to wear down the ships. We made our first sweep through the forces as quick as possible. The seven of us launched as many rockets and jammed on our Blaze Cannons. We were able to dodge most of the neutrons the first sweep, but the second time through, we were bombarded.

We split up, trying to inflict as much damage as we could before our escape. The blockade wasn’t going well at all. It was dispersed almost immediately, Pyro taking the fall.

Finally they arrived. The Destroyers began firing their Blaze Turrets while launching their Hunters. I was amazed at how fast 35 of the Voinain ships went down so easily. But the ones remaining had a almost no scratches on them. And our reinforcements were already hit hard. But we fought on.

The remaining Destroyers teamed up with one Fighter Squadron each. Each squadron swarmed each Voinian ship until their corresponding Destroyer would come and destroy the remains of it. This worked for a while that is. Soon we were down to 4 Voinain Cruisers, 2 Destroyers, and 5 Fighter Squadrons.

“This is Vyker. We’re going in to take out the Cruiser closest to Earth. Independence will join us. Squadron Jinx and the Destroyer U.E.S. Beige are taking out the one next to Luna. Squadron Shark is taking out the other one and you and the U.E.S. Begemotike will take out the last one. Got it?”


“Hey, are you doing okay?”

“Yeah, I’m better.”


U.E.S. Begemotike met us as we dove in for the kill. The massive Destroyer launched all of it’s Hunters, depleting its armor to around 30%. This was going to be easy. At least that’s what I thought. Jacks fired his last rocket along with firing his Blaze Cannons. Hawk followed up, dodging each rocket with ease. However, my reflexes were slow and I was banged around quite a bit.

Fortunately Begemotike came in and gave me cover fire. It was like rocket volley-ball. First it was Begemotike’s at the Cruiser. Then the Cruiser’s at Begemotike. Back and forth until finally, the behemoth went down. But Begemotike was severely damaged. Unfortunately a few rockets escaped from a couple other Cruiser’s and disabled Begemotike. I prayed it wouldn’t get destroyed like everyone else I knew.

Independence was wiped out but only Firelight remained with Shade, Opal, and Dart disabled. We moved in to help Squadron Jinx. The U.E.S. Beige was destroyed however, and Jinx’s squadron was down to Jinx himself. He was soon disabled too however. Vyker and Vex charged in with Cannons blazing. We followed up behind dodging the blasts and rockets fired at us. I made a sharp turn and dove under the ship. I tore at it’s under belly and resurfaced to take some more shots at the top. Hawk circled it, shooting and disabling all of the weapons. Finally after swarming it for three minutes, we took it down. We all rejoiced as it exploded in flames.

But we couldn’t celebrate yet. Squadron Shark had been decimated easily. Vyker and Vex had been disabled and escaped in an escape pod. It was up to the three of us against a Voinian Cruiser only down to 50% shields.

“Stay cool guys. We are the Gate Keepers. We can’t let them get through. We can do this!”

“Okay. This one’s for Dirk and Gildor, and everyone else who has sacrificed themselves in this war.”

“Ahm wit ya monimee. Let’s send thes devils back ta hell."

With that we broke up. Jacks and Hawk split off to the side and I went bull and charged it. I went into that mode again, and jammed the trigger. Dirk and Gildor flashed into my mind. Pyro and James, too. What will I tell their relatives? What will I tell their mothers and fathers, wives and children? That they died because I couldn’t find them in time? I couldn’t warn them soon enough? Or was it sheer stupidity? I sent them against unbelievable odds. But that was what came with the job. This whole war was against all odds. That’s when the one last rocket hit me. I was sent flying back, explosions all around me. I watched in horror at my exploding cannon and I saw the other one fly off as my wing exploded. I tried to stabilize the ship as much as possible, but it was no use. All my systems went off-line. I was stranded, floating in nothingness.

I saw Hawk and Jacks struggle as much as possible, but both were failing. I knew I had to get some systems back on line. I hit a few switches and tried to get the back up systems up. Nothing. I kept trying though. I opened a small box and hit the single button. It lit up and a charger switch appeared. I hit it down and it came back up. After about twelve times, the comms unit finally came on.

“Jacks! Hawk! How are you guys doing!”

I was answered when Jacks’s ship exploded. I grimaced in horror. Not someone else...

“Don’t worry, I’m okay. The escape pod launched. Okay, I DO like it now...” he said as I spotted him floating towards Earth.

All that was left was Hawk.

“Hawk, status.”

“Da Cruiser is down to 10% armor. I can...”

His ship was hit again. But it was bad this time. I heard the small female voice over the comms unit saying the cannons were jammed. He had no rockets left. He flew out of there making sure that he didn’t get killed too.

“Oh no.” I whispered.

There was nothing left. No weapons, and no active ships. The Earth was no more than 20 miles away from us. It’s blue light shined upon us in all it’s beauty. I couldn’t let it go. But there wasn’t anything I could do.

“Wait! Ah’ve got it!” screamed Hawk.


“If a fighter wer’ ta smash thro’ a Cruiser, it would take at least 20% armour, ay monimee?”

“No. I don’t want another death.”

“Ah gotta escape pod don’t ah?”

I was about to object but he screeched towards the Cruiser at top speed. He hit his afterburner and turned sharply. He was just about to hit the Cruiser when I heard the voice that would cost him his life.

“Alert. Escape pod malfun...”

He slammed hard into the Cruiser. He went straight through and into it. The Cruiser exploded into a million rays of light. We had won. But I would never forget what he said to me last.

“Ah guess this one is fo’ the team ay monimee?”

Chapter 14 - Afterward

The Battle of Sol was won by the humans to the surprise of everyone. The fight on Centauri and Saalia was also huge, but they were eventually driven back. In fact, so far back that the human's got Yandross, Bakka, and DSN-1810. This established the Voinian frontier. Outpost Theta, Gamma, and Alpha were created immediately.

Dogover was created soon after by the Voinians to retaliate, but it was seized by the Voinian renegades who opposed the war. It got protection from the UE as well. It ended up being the peace treaty for the war. Here Admiral McPhereson and Vlad, high admiral of the Voinian navy, signed a trade treaty on Pax. They also agreed to outlaw the space mines which caused the Voinians heavy casualties as well as some embarrassing losses of Generals and Admirals. It was also agreed that Sol Commander Jackson clean them up.

The treaty did end all out war but battles still raged on. The war was not over, even though that was the belief of everyone.

After the Carrier’s debut, Anna Balshanova announced her retirement to Thoso. She was given many awards for her famed UE Fighter, and the Carrier which would be especially useful. Some believe she still has something else but the thoughts were dashed as quickly as they came.

Jason Sikes was honored for his actions along with every other surviving member of the Battle of Sol. But Hawk was especially honored. A monument was set in the capital of Earth. The remains of his ship was put into a memorial museum as well, dedicated to the Battle of Sol. He would be remembered always.

So with faulty weaponry and untested ships, the Battle of Sol was won. The war still goes on today and some trouble has been stirring in the Proxima, but that is another story. The brave men and women sacrificed their lives to save the Earth. Pause, pray, and God bless their souls.

Is that the end of Jason Sikes? What about Jacks? Will Jinx, Vex and others be in another story? What will happen to the Voinian War? Where are the Renegades? Calm down! Watch for more stories as I tour before EVO, during, and after. I have been giving many hints about the upcoming chapters in this saga and now I will reveal them all.

Renegade Wars - The begining of the Renagades and their hold on the Proxima. The sequel to Battle of Sol with Jason Sikes returning.

Generation X - What happened to the Voinian war? As Jason Sikes goes on a LOA, watch June Bakka the first female squadron leader take care of this mess.

Generation X 2 - After the Voinian war? Will there be peace? Join Sean to find out.

GenX 3 may be possible too and maybe a 4. Watch out for them, read, and enjoy. btw, (I may be a little late on this as it is November when I'm posting this) but happy holidays! 😄

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Pretty great, but I'am sure the battle of Sol was meant to be huge victory for the U.E., not just a last ditch defense.


Originally posted by Warden Dios:
Pretty great, but I'am sure the battle of Sol was meant to be huge victory for the U.E., not just a last ditch defense.

It was a major victory but the Voinians attacked Earth, so it technicly was a defence even thought ehy did triumph 🙂

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Cool story, Jive. 🙂


Originally posted by Lonevoinian:
**Are you trying to convert me to UE? 'Cause you're doing a pretty good job of it.

I thought I would never hear something along the lines of that said...

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Originally posted by Lonevoinian:
**Are you trying to convert me to UE? 'Cause you're doing a pretty good job of it.


I never thought I'd see the day...

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Originally posted by Titan:
**Lone you never become a UE!


Maybe, Maybe not. You don't know.>:-D

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Great ending. Can't wait until Renegade Wars shows up!

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Jive that was a great story no one dis it

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