"Ahh... this specially imported Saalian Brandy is mighty fine after blowing up those Voinian Frigates earlier", I exclaimed to the Miranu sitting next to me.
"Really warms ya up, does not it?", replied the Miranu in a foreign tone.
CRASH! The ceiling came down on Fueling Post 12's bar. After the smoke cleared, I then saw what appeared to be a ship that interrupted my remark earlier. It was an Arada- and by its markings ;which were none- I could make out it was a renegade Arada. Still bewildered, I started off: "Shouldn't the alarm sound if a renegade Arada..."
"WaaWaaWaaWaa.." the very late alarm finally started up. "All Zacha to your vessels. Renegade fleet approaching."
It was nothing new to me. I had been through the Proxima Nebulae, Ji Nebulae, and the North Tip Asteroid Belt and just about every station had this type of siren go off now and then. I wondered at what drove me to go every time that siren of death rang. Then I glanced down and my eyes fell on my Zachit badge. It gleamed with an endless sparkle lit by whatever ion lights were left in the bar.
I turned to my side where the miranu was sitting and his seat was empty. I then turned to take a look around and noticed the entire bar was deserted. Maybe it was just my human nature to question my instincts. Maybe all of the other alien races had developed an extra sense to dull out these questions at times like this.
Then it hit me like a dull blow to the head with an impact hammer used by the Zidagar in their mines. Whatever it was, the only thing that mattered at that time was the safety of this system, of this fueling outpost, and most importantly, the exquisite shipment of Saalian brandy that this bar held. Screw my inner consciencness, "WE GOT RENEGADES TO FRY !!" I yelled out.
I ran down to the docking station where my phantom-like, black and blue Crecent Warship was docked. To it's right and left were my escorts I had captured a while back near southern UE space where renegades run amock. They were poorly equipt helians, and the only real reason I still kept them was to have some nostalgic memoribelia of human craftsmenship- as poor is it was.
I beckoned out to my co-captains of the helians. The lazy bums were playing spades! "We got us some bogeys to fry, men"- Ha ! -men-, I used that term loosely since half of the pilots were small time convicts looking for an earning from the Blaga system. None had a trace of human blood in 'em.
"What'da we gots?"queereed Korky. Korky led as second-in-command of my helian fleet.
I was surprised he asked me that, considering all of the hubbub that had happened in the last 15 minutes. But then again, convicts from Blaga had a very minimum amount of brain tissue removed when they were admitted into the prisons- to limit the reasoning capabilities of its inmates. Cruel yes, yet it did its job- to prevent "TO-BE" escape-ees.
"I'll get back to you on our ascendance to space,"I quickly replied.

All I saw were disoriented stars glimmering in the distance and the space station in the foreground. I checked my sensors- NOTHING. Not a single ship in sight. "Where had all the renegades and other ships gone?" I wondered to myself.
HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....... Korky's comm channel went out! "Korky! Come in! Korky!", I yelled out into the radio in despair.- NOTHING replied.
WHOOSH! Korky's helian's debris flew past me. All of my helians were also abandoning me! They skimmed away from my ship's sides.
"COME IN"!!! , H-2! H-3!, H-4!, H-5!, H-6!
"Sorry Captain", H-5 replied. Five light blue beams of light shot out from my ex-escorts' hyperspace engines as I covered my face from the aura of the intense light. They all left me, alone in the depths of the dark. It didn't trouble me much as to losing them, yet what it was that they knew that I didn't.
WAAAAAWAAAAAWAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN came my ships sirens. I was under attack! My sensors lit up as if they had just awaken from a long slumber. "I am Captain Zagdaire of the Crecent Raiders. You are under attack. Resistance will prove useless- as I have already taken out a much larger fleet just a few minutes ago."
"How did you block my sensors!?" I demanded.
"It's a new device we have been working on. Although you're escorts left you due to their advanced sensing instincts, you are of a primitive race with NO natural instincts -human! You're ship will prove to be a very interesting asset in my campaign. Unfortunately, you are not part of my plan!" Captain Zagdaire's voice was of a hoarse and tense tone, which could easily intimidate many a people.
"THE HELL WITH YOU! Outpost Zachit's gravity field won't go easy on whatever's gonna be left of you and you're fleet!", I cried out. I then punched the comm-link button to end communications with this newfound beast.
Two Aradas screamed past me with their dispersal rockets flaring. One direct hit got me and sent my shields only to the 95% mark. Stocking up on those shield generators down south really helped. I made short work of one of the Aradas as it came around on its second round. The other one retreated and hyperspaced out after I blew his friend to bits.
With all of the adrenaline pumping, I then noticed that a fleet of 4 Crecent fighters was heading my way. I ordered all of my guns on at full blast to my crew members. I had sold my Crecent fighter bay and fighters much earlier when I had gotten this ship- but those wouldn't have done much to help me now.
Two bogeys went down on the first round and the other two soon followed their fate on their second round. Right through the floating debris of the fighters came two specter-like Laziras, each packing a hell of a lot of heat. I remember that I was once myself pitted in my Lazira a very long while back- and truly knew of the damage that just ONE of these ships could do.
My shields' integrity had by now dropped down to 45% right after the first wave of SAD modules hit. Boy, those things looked beautiful to oggle at- but they would have you down begging for your life in a matter of seconds.
By now you should know that I'm a pretty big fan of guns. None of that SAD, or dispersal rocket crap, thank you. I had sold all of that when I first bought this beaute of a ship and then loaded up on guns from all over the galaxy. Ironically enough, the only guns I didn't have were blaze cannons from my home race.
Fortunately, I DID have many phase weopons- 2 cannons and 1 turret, the rest were all emalghan turrets and cannons ,(I really love whuppin those Voinians' cans, so I had to go the Emalgha way), anyways, phase weopons deal a lot of damage to shields, so with that in mind, I just blasted away like HELL!
By the time I had destroyed one of the Laziras, my ship's shields were gone and all that was holding me from the black void outside was my armor. I don't know what happened then, but Captain Zagdaire just stopped firing and turned around. He started to retreat! I guess he wasn't paying attention to his sensors, but my armor had fallen so low that he could have easily blown me away!
Well, I love to follow my dad's old advice of getting your man when hes DOWN! - AND I DID!! Captain Zagdaire was sent hurdling straight into the gravity field of Fueling Post 12 and I could have sworn that I could make out his ugly brownish green face screaming out of the captain's porthole.
We had done it. My brave crew hung in and dished it out to one of the worst scourges of the galaxy. And again, for some odd reason- I looked down at my sleek black vest and saw my Zachit Badge I had earned in my earlier years on the home station of the Zachit. A certain feeling of accomplishment,pride, and honor showered over me when I beset my eyes on that little piece of Tritanium metal.
I completely ignored the tremendously generous reward waiting for me down in the station. I just mapped out the safest hyper-route back home- Earth. My crew deserved some leave time.

Not too bad. Everything is a bit sudden, though, and transitions are a somewhat lacking.