EV/EVO Chronicles: The Beginning

2764 A.D.
The inky black star field burst into view as the Star Hopper dropped out of hyperspace into the Ankvil system out on the galactic rim. A passive scan of the system and its planets revealed no immediate danger. Powering up her sub-light drives; Jakutra Felmaris plotted a course towards Ankvil VII. She nervously looked around; searching for any sign that someone had followed her. If she was caught she knew that they would kill her without any hesitation.

1 week earlier
Jakutra walked under the blinking holo-sign in front of the Privateer's Palace and strolled inside.
She had gotten a message on her communicator about her efforts to contact the rebellion and join up. It said "REQUEST RECIVED PRIVATEER'S PALACE 1 HOUR." Not thinking she tried to call them back but got a message that the line had been disconnected and was no longer in service. She blinked and then realized that the call was a stupid idea, of course they would cover their tracks, if the Imperium knew they would come down on the rebels in a second. Wanting to be in the Palace when her contact arrived, Jakutra stuffed her few belongings in a backpack and headed of to the bar. Remembering why she was here she took a small booth near the back and waited. After what seemed like forever an alien that had skin like a dried apple, shuffled over and sat down.
<> it said. Only it did not make a sound but used telepathy to beam the message straight to her brain. Intrigued but not scared Jakutra motioned for it to continue. < _> It flipped a data card over to her. It was a simple cargo pickup and delivery mission, nothing too fancy. <> With her account dry she was all to willing to take the job.
"Maybe" she said, trying to sound tough. "How much you payin?"
<> With that the alien got up and walked away without so much as a backward glance. Jakutra stayed in the Palace and finished her drink. After she was sure she wanted the job she got up, filliped a couple of coins on the dented bar and walked out. She took in a deep breath of air and thought "this is the first day where I feel that I am actually doing something to change the galaxy."
Jakutra got to the docking bay and keyed open the door of the bay she was renting. They had just finished loading and fueling her ship. Stuck on the outside of her hatch was a small note. "Take to the Ankvil system deliver to dock 368 watch for pirates." Still no mention of payment, maybe the rebels worked for free. The pirates did not scare her, she had a tough little ship and she was a fair combat pilot. On board she started her engines then called for docking clearance.
"All clear Star Hopper, when ever your ready." said a mechanical voice. The overhead doors rolled open. Her repulsers levitated the ship out of the bay. Opening up her "modified" engines she blasted out of there and into the cold, infinite reaches of space. Suddenly a huge warship came from behind the planet and moved to intercept her. She ID it and its transponder signal came back Rebel.
"What?" she screamed. "Why are they attacking me?" Driving hard for her hyperspace point she race the warship for her life. With no time to spare she reached her point and jumped. Sagging back into her acceleration chair she breathe a sigh of relief. "They must have made a mistake, right?" "Maybe, they didn't know I was going to be there, I better check my cargo." She thought. Almost racing down to her hold she threw the door open and froze. It was filled with armorplaz crates, all stamped with the symbol of the Imperium. "It lied!" They set me up. Collapsing on the cold, grated floor she wept. As she cried she realized that she had been far too trusting. Her basic human faith had failed her. She now had to deal with what was going to be at the other end of the hyperspace tunnel.

Suddenly Hopper's alarm sounded. Three light cruisers of Imperium make jumped in system. They were so close the Jakutra that she did not even have a chance to accelerate away. Her last thought before the Ion beams engulfed the Hopper was one of peace because she had tried her hardest to make a difference and stop tyranny.
She faded in and out of conciseness the bright lights hurt her eyes the hum of the force field drove spikes through her brain. Hours later when she awoke, she sat up and rubbed her sore eyes. Looking around she saw that this was not heaven. She was in an Imperium prison. As the guards approached to give her the sedative they use to keep their prisoners complacent; she vowed the find the ugly alien who tricked her and take her revenge.