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(Posted on 01-06-01)

The Crescent Station File

It is a well known fact that the Miranu are a peaceful race, famed for tolerance and fairness. They do, however, have an intelligence service and it is less than scrupulous in its methods of opperating.

The person responsible for the Miranu intelligence service was a human man called Zert Thamsted. He had risen through the multi-racial ranks of the Miranu intelligence service and was now one of the most powerful, but least known, humans in the galaxy.

Zert sat at his desk pondering a report that had arrived. Imar Irkson, a Miranu spy who a few months ago had succeeded in cracking the Adzgari intelligence service's secret code.

The report on Zert's desk stated that after 3 months on Veltes, disguised as a Miranu trade delegate, he had managed to gain access to a some extremely important information. An Adzgari warship carrying the plans for a new type of super-warship would soon be passing through the Leka system, which bordered on Zidagar space.

At first glance this didn't seem to be a piece of information that concerned the Miranu. Zert's quick mind, however, was already working on a way of turning the information to the Miranu's advantage.

Zert got up from his desk and descended the stairs to the Miranu Intelligence Service shipyard. A Miranu Courier, one of his many different ships, was waiting for him. He pressed the button to open the door and walked inside. Strolling over to the pilot's chair, he switched on the ship's computer, sent a message to the Intelligence service office saying he was leaving on confidential grounds, and piloted his ship out of the shipyard heading for Zidagar.

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A little short, but I'm guessing it's just a first chapter/prologue.

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My question is, where's the title header??


He didn't submit one, and that's one part I can't edit. He also did not record his e-mail address so I couldn't ask him to resubmit with a proper title in the subject heading. My only other choices would have been to resubmit it for him, which would have listed the story under my name, or not to post it.


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Cool story!

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Sorry I forgot to give the story a title, as you can tell from the title at the top of the page however the story is ment to be called 'The Crecsent Station File.' The reason I'm not registered is that I didn't no what some of the details meant on the form. By the way Titan it's great to see another Lord of the Rings fan out there, do you no when the films coming out (in Britain)