EV/EVO Chronicles: The Mercenaries -- By SkullLeada

This galaxy has it's dark places and shadows. Many mysteries still lurk.
Since the twenty third century, the galaxy has seen the rise of space
travel and the many falls of great civilizations and governments. Only
two existing major powers exist today, the confederation and the
rebellion. Both fought out each other. Countless battles and millions of
lives have been fed to the terrible game of war. Warships the size of a
small football field were sent out into space to do battle with the
other foe. Fighting continued for quite a long time, until the day of

Now there were other small governments that were stuck in the middle of
this galactic civil war. Most of them were on the fringe of the galaxy.
They all have their own stories to tell, and each one is filled with
lore and magic. One of these worlds was called Helios, orbiting the star
Nexau. Three planets and two spaceports join the system. It was here
were the confederation based it's border patrol. The patrol was filled
with young pilots, most of them former merchants and strategists in the
confederation. Many smart people were on the border patrol because it
was much safer to stay out here than be in the core worlds were all the
fighting was. Not for long...

It was on the fifth day of patrol when the team picked up a strange
disturbance. Near the Serpens Nebula, anything can happen. Pilot Wenhart
Jenkins was the first to speak. "Patrol leader come in, I repeat, Patrol
leader, come in" The patrol leader, Terran Smith responded in urgency.
"Patrol 23, what seems to be the problem?" It took a moment for Jenkins
to respond, but he soon spoke. " Sir, it appears that my density scanner
is spinning wildly, perhaps a hyperspace defold reaction." Terran was
quick to respond. " Patrol 23, does your scanner read any ships?" The
answer came quickly. "No sir" said Wenhart in a deep and worried way.

Then What could happening? though Terran to himself. His moment of
silence was cut off when another pilot, Darvin Ferdsher reported the
same thing too. It seemed to be quite common now to hear that a pilot
was sensing strange defolding reactions. Certainly there were no
warships out here, and the rebels were concerned with capturing Sol, so
what could it be?

Then, all the pilots of the fifth patrol turned their eyes toward the
nebula. There seemed to be some sort of fire or some antimatter coming
from the heart of the nebula. They didn't name this place the Serpens
Nebula for nothing Terran though. He turned back to watch another patrol
ship as he sank into his pilot's chair. Suddenly, a blood curling scream
rang through the comm unit. Terran, sensing danger, ordered pilots for

"All pilots, stand by! Yellow alert! Prepare all weapons!"

Instantly, all the patrol ships of the fifth patrol lined up in flight
formation. After a few minutes, nothing seemed to happen. Some damned
trick i suppose Then, it came. Terran pushed his face to the window and
watched in horror as one, no two, three strange warships of some kind
defolded from hyperspace. The attack began immediately. The fighters
began to roll out. Terran shot six, while a few others turned into space
dust. They looked something like Mantas used a hell of a long time ago
but lacked the speed. Over the screams and the gasps over the comm net,
you could hear the pilots talking about some sort of torpedo, felt like
starship fuel, but not ordinary. Soon they were vaporized. The enemy
star-fighters kept on shooting their strange torpedoes while the patrol
was outnumbered. Out of his viewport, terran could see three of his men
go for one of the three ships, letting loose a stream of missiles and
bolts. Still, fire from the cruiser incinerated them.

Two of the strange warships fired some sort of weapon, something like a
laser but much stronger. Instantly three patrol ships were vaporized.
Terran and Wenhart fired back and disabled a weapon of some sort. "Good
shot, 23." terran said over the com net. " Thanks. I really appreciate

Terran looked to his right. He saw the patrol ship get fried by a huge
beam and the rest of the team. Looking like a fool, Terran made his last
choice ever. I'll die out here and start a huge war though Terran. He
ordered his ship to collide with the thing that was emitting the beam.

Commander V'orkas of the Arwen Fleet looked pleased.

"Commander" a young lieutenant said " All enemy ships are vaporized. It
appears that none are left. We are safe to continue our present course."
V'orkas gave a good thought about this. Surely his fleet would be
prepared for any type of battle. But he was not sure if there were any
other opposing forces around.

" Lieutenant, get me a data report on this galaxy."

"Yes sir"

The report was done in a matter of minutes, and V'orkas studied it

It seemed that the governments here were now in some sort of war, a
thing that amused V'orkas because the Arwen race never rebelled or split
up. They were only one thing that was good for their race: war. For him,
the technology was primitive and he also noticed that their space travel
was a new thing to them, which put him in a advantage, but he was wrong.
the report also revealed some of the types of warships used. Very neat
in design he thought, watching as 3D models of ships spinning around.

Then, the report went into earlier wars. It wasn't something much to
lift V'orkas off his feet, but then it wrote about an earlier war,
before the government clash. It showed how other aliens had entered the
galaxy and had invaded it. Then, a sudden though came to him: these
aliens were their ancestors! That was the last thing he thought as
Terran's patrol ship crashed into the power core of his personal ship.
The flame consumed the whole ship and finally destroyed it, which in the
blast destroyed the whole fleet.

Woah. Good story.

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