Ares Sprite Viewer Coming Soon

For those of you who remember my last post, I have taken things into my own hands. I am currently in the debugging stage of a short C++ script which allows you to view Ares SMIV Sprites. Expect the source code to be posted here within a week, and maybe I'll do a stand-alone application.


Wicked, sounds great. Good way for those who aren't on the Hera beta (self included) to see the other leftover sprites. I always wanted to see these wierd ships, particularily the one called "wierd gold ship" or something like that, but I don't know enough about res-edit to poke around in the data files or to change the sprites around. So thank you, Vlad. Should be a useful tool until Hera is readily availible.

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Will it be able edit and create sprites? Using Red-Edit, I came across an object called "Ugly Shrinking Yellow Sphere". Can anyone tell me what this is?


I'm making a plugin, so naturally this would be a useful tool.
Please email me when this is finished at:

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Banana64 wrote:
**Will it be able edit and create sprites?


Nope, just view them. You'll have to wait for Hera to do that, allthough I imagine a shrewd user could bend my code around to make it sent new picts to SMIV rescources.


You may want to clear this with Admiral G (a.k.a. Nathan Lamont) first.

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