EV/EVO Chronicles: The End of The War-Part 1

(Posted on 12-26-2000)

Some people say the Confed-Rebel war will never end. I do not agree. I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Felix Carrington, but you should not call me this. Call me General Squeak. I am an important undercover operative (a.k.a. "spy") in the Rebel elite. I cannot give my current position exactly, for fear I will be discovered, but I can say I am on Earth at the moment. Recently, I managed to program a cipher to break down Confed code barriers and access information. I now have filled all my info-cards with Confed data, and when I was looking through it I found something most interesting. They are weakening! Our last attack broke Confed borders so much that they are weakening. Their ships are down to 80% and their prototype was destroyed. We should attack now. Earth out.

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Cool, it sets me up for something cool to happen. I hope the next part's a bit longer, though.


That was short, but it sounds like a good beginning for a story.

The Person who joins the Voinian Empire knows not true might and he knows not true wisdom.