EV/EVO Chronicles: The Voinian Chronicles, Part One: The War

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Escape Velocity: Override - The Voinian Wars


Mankind was an adventurous race, and they jumped for the stars as readily as they had jumped for every other new frontier. They had only made it as far as Mars, though, when the Voinians came.
Huge, grey, armored warships appeared out of the skies of Mars and reduced the human colonies there to dust. Then they moved on to Earth.

The only warning Earth had was a short warning transmission from Mars, but it was enough. All differences and quarrels between countries and individuals were forgotten. A new government, the United Earth, was quickly and efficiently established. All the world joined together to take up arms against this inhuman foe. By the time the Voinians had gotten to Earth, Earth was ready. We would not go without a fight.

Chapter 1

Ryan Ballantyne, the assistant General Master of the United Earth Navy, was not a happy man (the term "president" had been scrapped long ago, although the General Master's duties and powers were exactly the same). The Senate had just passed a temporary bill restricting him from the full use of the UE Navy. According to the Senate, he was using more money than was necessary to pay for "limited missions that are little more than an annoyance to the Voinians." Bureaucracy be damned! His last "mission of annoyance" had struck a critical blow, delaying enemy battle plans long enough to get the first UE fighters into the air. His lean face suddenly broke into a fond smile. Those fighters were his babies, almost totally designed and tested by him. Not a bad legacy to leave to the world, he thought, with its sporty red body, thin wings, and long, deadly blaze cannons. The heavy rocket launcher had been a federal addition, but nonetheless, he grudgingly admitted, a useful one. Perhaps he could find a way to fit space mine detonators into rocket capsules. He grinned. THAT would give the Voinians a suprise! Maybe even persuade the Senate that he should get the full use of his Navy...

He let his thoughts wander a bit more before leaning over his console and calling his secretary.
"Hey, Jenny, anybody call about those Destroyer blueprints, yet?"

"No, sir, but you do have a call. Very strange character, won't give his name, and I can't track the call. He must have some kind of jammer. If he gives you any trouble, I'll call security."
"Thanks, Jen. Put him on the secure line, will you?"

Ryan tuned his console to his one secure line and picked up the small microphone. "Yeah, this is Ryan Ballantyne, whaddya want?"

"Ballantyne?" a deep, wheezing voice said at the other end. Ryan had never heard this type of voice itself, never mind the accent. His first impression was of a Russian Darth Vader that gargled two cups of gravel for breakfast. "I have a business proposition for you."

"Who is this?"

"My name is not important. However, since you humans have to have a term with which to refer to each other, you may call me Thursday."

Thursday continued: “As I said, I have a business proposition for you. Currently, my place of employment is the Voinian base in the Isled system.”

Chapter 2

Ryan nearly dropped the phone in shock.

“Before you hang up, I am not a Voinian. I am of the Hinwar, a people enslaved by the Voinians long ago. Most of my people are still slaves, but some of the most promising young slaves are trained by the Voinian Navy. I was one of these, and I eventually worked my way up into the Imperial Cabinet. Now, I am one of the Emperor’s most trusted advisors.”

“So, what of this business proposition?”

“The Voinians remove trainees from their culture at a very early age. It was not until a few days ago that I learned that my family and my race was enslaved by the people I worked for and looked up to. Mr Ballantyne, I dislike people using me. I would like to give you Voinian battle plans, blueprints, maps, any kind of information I can get.”

“In return for what?”

The voice grated harshly. “I want the Voinians to suffer. I don’t care what you do with the information as long as it hurts them.”

“How am I supposed to know you aren’t setting me up?”

“You don’t. Anything I could do to prove to you that I’m genuine would alert the Empire. If this happens, my information is useless, and my life forfeit. Mr. Ballantyne, this could be the turning point in the war against the Voinians.”

“Thursday, this is a very difficult decision to make. Let me think for twenty-four hours, then contact me.”

“Yes, sir. But before I go, one important bit of information: one person in the higher branches of your government is working for the Voinians.”

The line clicked dead as Ryan held the microphone in shock. Treachery? Unheard of! But if it was true...

Ryan took the disc out of the automatic recording device and dropped it into the molecular incinerator beside his desk, where it promptly evaporated into a puff of hydrogen and ozone. This information was to be carefully guarded, not written down anywhere or told to anyone. If what Thursday had said was true, the fate of mankind lay in Ryan’s hands.

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'Bout time you joined the party, Crow. 😃


I have to assume this has to do with the uEVO-RPG. General Master=GM? It seems pretty obvious.

"His Strangelove All-Purpose Do-It-Yourself Defensive First Second or Third Strike Indestructible Fantastic State-of-the-Art B-Ware Offensive Attack Bomber can't compare with our M & M E & A Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber."
- from Closing Time , by Joseph Heller.

Nice! Lots of suspense, which I like. I wonder what's going to happen next! Keep writing! 🙂


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I love the story line...keep up writing 🙂


Heh, way to go Crow! Going to post all of the story you've written, right? Maybe you'll even finish it....right? 🙂 🙂

Hehe, yeah, its a good story, parts of it are really quite funny.....


I like the Russian Darth Vader 😄

It's good to see this story again 🙂 Maybe you'll finish it... 😛


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Well, this certainly isn't the original story line of Override
1. UE was formed before the voinians came
2. They got way past Mars
3. The UE fighter was designed almost completely (Or completely) by Anna Balashova
4. Space mines are illegal in UE and voinian space
5. The destroyer existed before the fighter and the carrier

But still, I liked the story. Complete it 🙂
And I liked the russian Darth Vader too 🙂 🙂
But keep the EVO story in your mind

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Originally posted by Number One:
**UE was formed before the voinians came



They got way past Mars