EV/EVO Chronicles: Jerion Helena's EVO ...Vol. 1

(posted on 06-14-2000)

Hi, I'm Jeriongi Helena. I am a captain of a Crescent Warship. However, that fact is really beside the point.

You know, I have figured out things about the galaxy. When I watch the Holo-vid, I laugh at things. I cry at things. Sometimes I just scream in rage over things, however, one of the most powerful things I think about the the latest version of Baywatch.

Watching people at a beach drinking Saalian brandy is not always what I like, but usually I can see a Miranu scaring the complete hell of out of all of the humans whom are swimming around in the ice cold water of the Antarctic. The show Baywatch has gone on much too long. Too long. In fact, you could now compare Baywatch with the show 90210. That old thing became a wreck after a while. Some people my age even think it was a wreck to begin with. Yet one thing I would like to point out to you is the future of the galaxy's holo-vids.

For example, holo-vids are getting so advanced that eventually we will be able to do what we used to be able to do with the Earth's internet. We will be able to shop, and see interesting products. Although rather than seeing commercials for websites, with the future of holo-vids we will be able to simply freeze the picture, and click on an item that a character is wearing. For example, we will be able to get Miranu floaters, fuzzy pets, gum, shoes, bras, jock straps, and whatever else we want. That's the great thing about holo-vids.

Another important issue on the galaxy's holo-vids I feel I must talk about is the way the entertainment industry goes about making shows and movies about heros. I saw a movie that was based on a true story. The main character's name was John Herl. He was thought to be one of the bravest men alive. However, what people like Warner Bros. do is they care only about what the public likes. People need to know about heros. They don't need to know about how John Herl clawed his eyes out screaming for mercy.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say. This has been Volume 1 of my insanity articles regarding the known galaxy. Until next time, be sure to bend down, touch your toes, and crack a smile.

NOTE: If you did not laugh at one of these things, you might want to consider that you're taking life too seriously. 😉

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Nice! Keep writing!


Thank you. And always remember, Captain, if you ever become a hero, make sure Warner Brothers shows the real you. 😃



Originally posted by Jake101:
**Thank you. And always remember, Captain, if you ever become a hero, make sure Warner Brothers shows the real you. 😃

Thanks! I can't wait to see your next story!


Oh, well, I'm going to tell you something. In the next few weeks just about all of these are going to be stories by me. However, after a while, this streak of mine will end, and there will be new well, kind of like teleivision seasons every few months. So right now, it's kind of on the "second season" because A Hidden Legacy chapters 1-8. However, in the next few months I am going to be writing like crazy. Jade's Return will have a long pause after the first five chapters are posted. Anyway, 'til the next story, I'll be writing, and writing. Peace out!