EV/EVO Chronicles: Max's EVO Poems

(Posted on 05-29-2000)

EVO Poems
by macmaxbh

The best EVO government: a poem

Voinian ships, those slow,
freighter-like ships--
they need a bow
and some dips
probably some chips to go
with the dips.
United Earth,
A great one in the ring
with many allies,
Cha ching!
It doesn't hang out in alleys.
So the best?
Maybe the rest.

EV Override (an acrostic poem)

Escape from reality
Voinians are bad

Over EV
Voininans are not smart (no offence to Voininans and UE defectors)
Eat your enemies for breakfast! (with a good ship)
Ride along a Crescent Warship
Room for exploring
Is awesome
Delete your opponents from the universe!
Eat, play, eat, play (next day) eat, play etc is what you'll do when you start playing.

Even More EVO Poems (alliterations)

Fat Frigates feast on fruity fries
Kangeroo-like Kraits kick Kates.
Super Scoutships sic soup-like Turncoats
Terrible Turncoats terrorize transmitting turtles.

P.S. Yes, I know some of them are crazy -- Max.

🙂 Max B-H

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You're F***in crazy!

Good Job!

How's Arena Plug going?

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🙂 Max B-H
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