EV/EVO Chronicles: A Hidden Legacy-Chapters 5-8

(Posted on 3-15-2000)

Chapter 5-Oops! He Looked

Quickly, I looked at my radar. One ship was in front of me, and as I looked out my window, the modified UE Fighter was headed for a planet.
Ahead of me and Jade's ship, I could see the space traffic near the planet up ahead. Tons of shuttles, being circled by UE ships were roaming like crazy. A few freighters and things were there too, but mostly shuttles.
I thought about hailing Jade, but the thought vanished from my mind almost immediatly after I thought of it. Jade was so mysterious to me, that I nearly lost track of the fact he was in front of me.
His ship's look was a boat at sea. The dark blue paint job, and the tented cockpit window, and, Oh God, the weapons made me mentally drool. I didn't even know what the weapons were, and they made me drool, just because of the mystery of it.

Suddenly, his ship stopped, and I didn't see it coming. I boosted down the accelerator, and turned around sharply, my thrusters nearly touching his back engine. I was hung up, in over my head, and now it was too late. He hailed my ship. Now it was time to face him, too bad. I was doing so good following him secretly. Now I had broken a UE law. Heck, what did it matter.

"Why in the name of Captian Kirk are you doing, following me?!?" Jade screamed over the commlink.

"Captain who?-I mean um, well you see I was just going to the Valos system to deliver some passengers," I said, my face turning red. Good thing this conversation wasn't on screen. I would have gotten killed for sure.

"Liar, my scanners don't even pick up one bit of cargo, much less extra lifeforms," Jade murmured loudly.

"I'm sorry!" I chirped, trying to stay calm. "You go ahead and go where ever you want to go, I will just go pick up some fuel. By then you will have out-ran me."

"This is not a game," he said normally, then to finish it, he said a bitter ending-"Doc!." The tone of his voice was a cruel and sarcastic one when he said my name. Now I was getting a little angry. Maybe he would like to see what a blaze can-who the hell am I kidding?!?!?

"Why were you following me, Doc?," Jade said finally calming down, showing a slight amount of sympathy.

"I was just wondering if you could show me where you got all your money, your ship. Just-" I paused for a moment, trying to think if I should tell him about the disc or not. "Have you been to Miranu space?" I finally spat some words out to make him reply, during that I could think. The words that I used were critical.

"I am not going to have some stupid chit-chat, Doc. Why were you following me?" Jade asked, getting impatient.

I panicked. I didn't know what to say, what to do. I couldn't think, I was too stunned with the situation. I was so filled with fear. He seemed friendly, even though I broke the law, and tried to spy on him. Besides, how could he pick me up in hyperspace? Since when did we have technology like that? Miranu technology? No. Crescent? No. I couldn't figure it out.

"Doc, answer me, or I will destroy-"
"I wanted to see who you were, Jade!" I finally felt my knotted shoulders relax, getting out the stress."A life of excitement is what you have, and you take it with the most advantage, I have ever seen. You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I know this may sound stupid but-" I paused again, a tear of shame dripped down my cheek.

"But what?" Jade asked, finally interested in the conversation.
"I am bored." I said, and I was know weeping like a pitied fool with no money, class or even a home. Come to think of it, that's what I was, practically.

"You're bored? That's your excuse? You're bored? You come all this way, spying on me, and following me, just because you need something to do?" Jade was now returning to the anger tone.

I opened my eyes, and the tears were stopping. I looked at the weapons console.
"You callin' me an idiot, Jade?"
"No, but you are kind of ridiculous," he said, but I knew that deep down, he expected me of a different issue. Maybe he thought I worked for the lab."Go to the bar, and we'll talk there."

My ship cruised in to the planet, his mystery UE Fighter close behind. I was thinking that if I could convince him that I needed either mental help, or was actually bored, then I would be able to pull off some tricks, and earn a friendship.

I walked into the bar, and he had his gun in his hand, not to my back, however. I guess he figured that would cause too much attention. I flipped open my news terminal, and sat down at a table. He sat down, too.

"Bored? You're bored?"

"Yes. I am wanting to see amazing wonders of the universe. Technology so great that it would be incredible. I am talking incredible enough to scan through nebulas. Or offensive weapon technology to blow the Voinians to bits." I said, admiring my little speech. I thought about his ship, and what the scanning statistics showed. I was amazed when I first saw them. What incredible bits of information they were!

"You have the same dreams that I used to have, Doc."

"Really?" My hopes suddenly brightened. I was like an innocent school boy, wanting to have cool super powers to beat up the bullies or something.

"Yeah, in fact, I wanted more than that. I was looking for an entire empire that I could command. I was thinking about becoming a Renegade for a long time, making my own fleet, but with cool weapons, and awesome scanners. I did have my own fleet for awhile. It was nice. I had a crescent warship, and a friend of mine commanded a custom warship, he was a rich guy. Forgot his name."

Now Jade not only interested me, but fasicnated as well. I was in my own world. Thinking about fantasies like a science fiction author would. I finally glanced back down at my news terminal.


-Strange Alien Craft is Spotted At Watch Post

-New System Discovered! UE Holds Back Traders!

"Hey, Jade, this says that a new system is discovered." I looked up at him, and his eyes for wide open. He grabbed the news device from me.

"No!" Jade yelled, and the entire bar was silent. Suddenly his face was turning red as well. He leaned over, and groaned. Under the table I heard him mumble something, but I couldn't quite tell what he was saying. What could he possibly be hiding?

Chapter 6-Let Me In
He slid the news mini-terminal across the table to me. He pulled out a device that seemed like you could plug it into something, but I didn't know what. He ran out of the bar, to his ship, and I followed, stumbling out of my seat wildly.
He jumped into the cockpit, and plugged it into a port of some kind. I was on the ground, so I couldn't quite tell. I was wondering if he maybe some part of some conspiracy for a minute. Or maybe he was working for the government and took a break, to go get some coffee or something! I had no idea.

"Jade," I said, waiting for him to reply.
"Yeah?" Jade said, working on a computer.
"What are doing?"
"Doc, listen, do you see this disc?" He held one up in his left hand for me to see.
"Yes, what about it?"
"I want you to put this into your ship. It will give you a warp point. Go to the warp point, I will see you there.

"But Jade, I-"
"Do it!"

He tossed the disc to me, and I caught it. I ran to my ship, which was in front of his. He was now taking off, more quickly than when I had followed him from the other bar. His bottom thrusters were at a higher power. I stepped into my cockpit, and sat down in one of the seats. I took the other disc out, and put this one in. It was here that I froze, and went into another thinking marathon.
A warp point? That's what the other disc gave me. I was sitting in my cockpit, trying to figure things out. The only way to know is to find out, I thought. I popped the disc into the slot, and turned on the computer again. I hit the red button, and the menu came up. All of this I did a lot more quickly than when I was in hyperspace.
A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as fast as they could. The screen showed a file. Without looking, or even thinking about the name of the file. I selected it, and it copied it into the computer. It was then that the words ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE THIS FILE? came up. My stomach began to lurch. I was in over my head. I saw that it was the same exact warp point as the one that was on the stolen disc.
I took his disc out, and said "Maybe. God only knows, my friend." Then I hit the button, my cockpit closed. I hit all the switches for all the systems. I began to take off.
Coming out of the atmosphere, I looked around space, Jade was no where to be found. Not even on radar. However, he was a stealthy kind of person. The confusing thing was, though he might have left, he would have taken off in the traffic. It was impossible to do that wasn't it? Your stardrive computer system won't let you. So how did he? Technology again was thought of in my mind.
I was going full throttle out of the traffic. In about 10 minutes I was going to warp out of the system. I set course for Molos. There I would buy fuel.
"Hey," I said inside my cockpit to myself,"this is exciting."
My ship was speeding up. More and more, faster and faster. Then my ship leapt into hyerspace at the touch of a console.

The journey would be a long one. It would indeed by a long and tiring one. This was a heavy situation. It was exciting. All too exhilarating. I liked it. I had craved it for so long. Now I was finally starting to get it. Hell, they always said, you want something done right, then do it your self. I liked that phrase. I leaned back in my chair, acting as if I was all smooth and cool. I was happy finally. No longer a low-life with no life. Now I was a low-life, with a life.
I was trying to always figure out things, but finally it was starting to become clear. I loved it! Well, guess they're is no point in just sitting here, I'm gonna get some pizza from the replicator!


"I'm sorry, sir, but you will have to go back. If you don't in 30 seconds, I'll take one of our fighters and make you," said the voice over the commlink.

"Tell your commander, that I am not a mere civilian, but I belong in that system, in there is my home." I had finally got here in a brand new Crescent Warship. I was livin' the life. Now, all I had to do was get into the system.

"I am sorry sir, but I have to follow orders," he said.
"Let me speak to your commander, now," I raised my voice.
"Commander Lickock speaking, how may I help you, sir?"
"I need to get into this system, please let me through," I said, not willing to brake the law, and blow his Destroyer to bits.

"Sir, the entry fee is two million credits. I am afraid you will have-"
"I am transferring it now," I said turning to the console."There you are. I am activating my hyperspace engine, please move out of the way."

"Thank you good lad, one moment." The fleet opened a gap for me, and my ship leapt into hyperspace.

I was sitting on the bridge. Now I was totally happy. I was making constant money off of a Voinian space station. That was the only way I was able to pay the 2mcr. I made 300, 000 every day off them. I was a happy commander of a brand new Crescent Warship. I had pilots for all my fighters, but not all of the jobs were filled up yet. I had a crew of 23 including me.
"Sir, news from the council, they say they want to give you this amount of credits for doing that mission for them a week ago," Kane said. Kane was my weapons chief and commander. He was pretty cool. He liked me as the leader.
"Thank you, Kane," I said, transferring 32, 000cr to my account. My life was set. Somehow I ended up like this. Here is how it happend:

1. I picked up fuel.
2. I did tons of trade missions.
3. Bought a Zachit Fighter and did mercenary missions.
4. Bought a Crescent Warship.

All this in only 8 months. I entered the system, screaming out of hyperspace.

"Yes?" I said, wondering who it was.
"Kikok bacca vec," a voice came on, but it was in language I didn't understand.
"Jake, activate the universal translator," I said.
"Language unknown, sir," Jake replied with a worried face. Jake was my communications expert.

Great! All this way to listen to gibberish!


"We have been trying to find their language for 3 months now. It's not working sir. They seem to be completely new, and I don't think we should take any chances with them, Mr. President."

"What do you mean, attack them? That's like commiting suicide. The Voinians is one thing, this is a whole other story. Their weapons are completely unknown. Our scanners can't identify it, and we have checked with every race we know about, even the Miranu who we found out about two weeks ago."

"Is anyone there who speaks English?" I said, and a moment of silence occured.
"Hello Doc, it's me Jade. Land at these waypoints." A blip came up on our scanners. I was stunned. Jade? Here? I found myself actually not surprised.
"You heard him, land at those waypoints!" I said, with a smile to my bridge crew.

Chapter 7-The Action Rises
At the landing near the waypoints, it was on a planet. The planet was identified as Karticel. Outside the planet, there was no traffic what so ever, and this confused me. A lot of this confused me, just when I thought I was starting to recognize everything clearly.
Now, outside the planet, there was nothing. Inside the planet, it was roaming with the ships that this new discovered race had. Warships were up in the clouds. Air taxi's in the lanes thousands of feet over my crew's heads. It was amazing. More amazing than anything I had ever seen. Even the Miranu were not as incredible as this. It was amazing. Amazing amazing,that's all I could say.
"Sir look,"Kane said point over to a approaching human, along with three other aliens. They were probably from the race. I squinted, trying to figure out who the human was. Then, as he got near, I could already see that is was Jade.
"What do you think, Doc? Welcome to Karticel," he said, now standing in front of me. His three alien friends were about ten feet behind him, and all of us.
"I'm going back into the ship, I'll get the mantience crew working on the right power conduit on deck 4." Jake said, stepping back, awaiting my permission.
"Go ahead," I said to him, then turned back to Jade."Jade, do you lead these people?"
"No, but I probably will soon. Did you know they have a 400 year life span?"
"Wow!" I said, awed.
"Jikano kala de vefi gi hol," Jade said to the rest of them, and they walked off. "So Doc, you want something better than that lousy warship? Something with better weapons, better technology, just like you wanted? Or have your dreams changed in the past what-seven, eight months?"
"Eight," I said, still kind of shocked from the planet's sites.
"A world of incredible sites, right?"
"Y-yeah. . ." I was still frozen.

Well, there I was, standing there on a planet, that no one, except me and Jade set foot on through space travel. I was surprised every corner I came around as he was touring me through one of the cities. I looked over to see stores, hotels, motels, resteraunts, but the thing that brought my most attention to present mind, was one of the shipyards. I saw the exact ship Jade had, only brand new never used. The paint job was more smooth, and no dirt or smudge marks were on it. The cannons were a shining silver in color. Jade's were kind of busted up with grey. It had the same tented cockpit.

"I see you like the ship that you are staring at," Jade said, smiling.
"Yes. What's it called?"
"The TF-22. TF stands for task force. It carries a better speed and manueuverability than the UE Fighter. It also has better shielding and weapons."

"What kind of weapons?"
"Two Karticel Cannons, a Flak Torpedo Launcher, and a max of 2 of those torpedos."

I made a whistle, although I had no idea what the cannons were, and how they could do, the flak torpedos were probably a force to reckoned with. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a flash of orange. I turned my head to see another one of the aliens running towards us.
"Jade, dukino la United Earth hi ki mos slav," the alien said.
"What he say?" I asked Jade.
"He says a UE fleet is entering the system," Jade replied, with a worried look on his face.

"Juki mino ke kala bacca vec the," a Karticel commander said to a soldier. It meant, fly up and ask what their name is.

"Mij he," replied the soldier, meaning yes sir. The soldier ran to his ship in the hanger bay, and took off.
The commander opened a commlink, translated he talked to Jade:

"We need you over here now, Jade,"
Jade brought his watch up his chin, and pressed a button, turning on the commlink.
"Jiu kil oh may cana le dic," Jade replied, meaning I'm on my way fast.
I was awed running along side Jade as he was walking faster than I could.

The TF-22 exited the atmosphere of Karticel, and he was heading for the leading ship of the fleet, a UE Cruiser. Were they having a fleet enter to make a friend or foe. No one, not even Jade, me or any of the Karticel race knew. United Earth could be very unpredictable at times. Even I knew that. I the high-life with a life. At least I was no low life any more.
The fighter stopped in front of the UE Cruiser, and hailed the ship. Using a translator built into the ship, the pilot was able to talk and start a understood conversation. However, meanwhile on Earth, the president was taking every percaution.

"Mr. President, the fleet has arrived out of hyperspace. Shall I put one of them through? Perhaps the leading ship?"

"Yes, go ahead, please," the president said. Only seconds passed before satellite after ship signal, was relayed to form a kind of long distance call. The UE Cruiser in front answered.

"Yes, sir? We are awaiting a message from the species' fighter in front of us."
"Listen, I want you to unload a fighter from your bay. Can you do that, Henkins?"
"Yes, Mr. President, one moment," he said, and then in the background of the commlink he gave the order to his bridge crew. Then he came back to the commlink. "Mr. President, I the fighter just said, I mean you know harm."

The president made a odd peculiar face, looking down at the commlink speaker. Everyone in the room with the president didn't even know what the president was thinking. No one, but he was thinking. Pondering his next move. The room, and the commlink was silent.

"Sir?" spoke a voice over the commlink. "The captain is awaiting your instructions, please reply."

"What does the fighter look like, Henkins?"
"It looks much like one of our fighters, sir. Only the guns are different, and it's blue. All of it's weapons are unknown, just like what our recon scoutship told us. When he entered there was tons of traffic. However, now we only see this fighter floating in front of us. Hold on, they're telling us something. . . .he says that he has a human you can speak to."

"How does he know I am talking to you?"
"I don't know, Mr. President, but I think we had better speak to the human. Shall I send the signal and tell him or her?"
"Yes, go ahead."

Jade was called up to the commlink speaker. The commander said something to him, but I didn't understand it as always. Jade replied with probably a okay, or yes in the language and went over to the speaker.

"Hi, this is Captain Henkins from the UE Navy, may I ask who you are?"
"Jade Reib. I found us, friend. However, we mean no harm, and have been hiding for a good reason."

"Is that so? What would that reason be, Mr. Reib?"
"This race is one of great technology, and incredible weapons. All of them are new to you. You, and all of UE don't even know what they are. This race has been around longer than the Miranu, longer that humans. They have done so much research, and now they are wanting to go ahead and team up with United Earth Forces. We cloaked the jump points to us, using special technology, the best we have. We were going to reveal ourselves about 22 years from now, and show you how might we are."
"How might you are?" The voice of the captain was worried.
"No, not that way. He were going to kill the Voinians in a huge surprise attack. However, I guess since of the cloak detectors broke due to lack of mantience, we have to just try something else now."
Jade and I could hear the captain take sigh of relief over the commlink. The captain was glad that this wonderful race was on their side. The president probably was, too.

Two days passed, and so an alliance was formed. Trade routes were developed. Along with Karticel civilians wanting transports. Although UE still had not idea what to call their forces.

"Hi, this is the president of the Old United States, would you care to be called a name?"

Jade paused, Karticel? No. I was sitting on a Karticel chair. It was wierd looking, but then when I heard the commlink question, I turned my attention to Jade. He glanced back at me.

"You seem to be a real well protector. The Voinians haven't bothered us for some time, now. Only renegades, and we destroy their every attempt. Your like a mother to us."

Jade had an idea that sparked in his mind suddenly. Still looking at me, he finally looked back at the commlink speaker.

"How about Docmother, Mr. President?"

Chapter 8-Good News Turns to Bad

Flipping open my new news terminal, which was awesome! Not only did it give me news in UE space, but now, about 1 or 2 jumps away from it. So, now I could get better perception.
I was now on a brand new warship, again. The only reason I had this one was because it was free. Yeah, that's right you heard me, free!! Jade gave it to me. I was so happy at the fact that it was better than my Crescent Warship. My crew moved here. Getting everyone's belongings out of their quarters into the new warship was something of a frustration kind of matter.
The new warship I was in command of was called the"Defender A.K." This thing was so awesome. Everything from the Karticel cannons, to the flak torpedos, and the new fighters that my pilots had to learn to pilot. Everyone was so used to using Crescent technology, that sometimes my helm, Linda, would move the ship, or shake it a little on accident. Everyone was still getting used to things, and we were an addition to the um. . .Docmother fleet. I myself was still getting used to not so much the ship, but the name of the newly founded empire. The Docmother fleet was a big one. Rather than being a defense fleet, we were one of the 4 offense fleets for Docmother. I nearly laughed when I thought of the fact that the Karticel had 9 offense fleets, each about twice as big as ours. Oh, well, good thing they were on our side.
"Sir, someone is hailing us," Jake said, with a normal facial expression.
"Put them through."

He hit a button on the console, and on the viewscreen it came up. It was Captain Henkins. I had not ever seen him before, only heard him on the commlink before. The bridge was sleek, and all the console buttons were mostly a light blue. I turned my attention from the new ship, to him.
"This is Captain Henkins, you can see me on this thing right?"
"Good. I was wondering something, Captain Doc."
"What is that, Captain Henkins?"
"Are you interested in a 200, 000 cr paid mission?"
"Certainly," I said, grinning.
"Very well, seeing as how the Docmother, or Karticel technology is very advanced, you don't want anyone to get their hands on it do you?"
"Absolutly not."
"Well, how would you like to know that a group of Renegade Kraits captured a TF-22, and are trying to make a replica blueprint, based off of heavy analisys?"
"Thank you for bringing it to my attention. What system is the TF-22 in?"

It was here, that I got worried. Voinia, the capital of the Voinian race. The Voinian empire.
"The Voinians and Renegades have teamed up. We have been detroying the renegades more often that usual now, and the Voinians have been leaving us alone, fearing certain defeat of fleet after fleet."
I closed my eyes. In my head I saw Jade, at the bar, turning and shooting his pistol at me. It was so long ago. I opened my eyes, and knew what I had to do.
"Thank you, Henkins. Stay in the system, I will contact you later."

Now, it was much more time after Docmother was named, and founded, I was talking to the Karticel now. Their royal council to be exact.
"Ki mono mosto vec de," I said, meaning that's what he said the name is.
"Jah jino, kina kal he the go lek. inomai jah gag bi bacca heed." Meaning:
I understand, we knew this was going to happen. What is the help needed?
We would be facing their defense fleet, and probably the rest of the Voinian Navy. United Earth would be mass producting UE Cruisers, and Carriers, along with UE Fighters. TF-22's, Defender A.K. 's , and Karticel Kidon warships were going to be making up a very large portion of the attack.
On the other hand, UE said that their recon scouts discovered that the Voinians have started mass production on Dreadnaughts, and Cruisers. Interceptors, and heavy fighters as well.
And so the war began, this time more horrid that the previous battles. It was going to be the battle event of the century. A mere TF-22 may seem like a small loss, but if the blue prints are created, the secret technology, and extremly horrible weapons would be made available to the Voinians, and Renegades, it would put the universe in a whiplash. UE would most likely fall. A dark age would be entered. Docmother, and Karticel were to have this, and UE were to have this, and help of various mercenaries flying Azdaras would be swarming Voinia.
So many possibilities were available to this point. The Voinians would be able to set a trap. No one knew, as always, no one knew. . .

I sat there, on the bridge of my new warship. All of it was too overwhelming for me. I sat there, the urge was gone. In fact, it had been gone for so long, I actually, in a way missed it. This was too much excitement. I was starving for something, and my mind flooded with thoughts. I was now yurning for a urge of calm. The wanting that had been felt so often before was going all through me, again, and again. It was like this was my life cycle. Everything seems to be happening all too fast. Then I felt a ripping sensation in my chest. I felt a lump in my throat. Yet, I was expecting myself to cry, and gritted my teeth. Feeling a new unspoken bond with something of a better valor, I was trying to figure out everything.
It was like I would go through this in my life every time I wanted something more. I was so into it. Everything I wanted in life, I thought I knew what I wanted. Not anymore. It was like one of those old movies. The famous quote, "I just don't know what to think anymore."
Although this was more serious than a movie. I was finding myself going in circles. Over and over, left, to right, and up to down. I was so confused. I-I-I (grinning) didn't know what to think anymore.

"Jake, contact Captain Henkins, I need to talk to him," I said.
"Yes, sir, one moment."

The viewscreen came on, and I was now preparing to talk to him.

"Hello, Doc. Have you made a desision?"

I hesitated. I knew what I was going to say. It would be this way. At the end of this conversation, I would probably say what a lovely day.

"Captain Henkins, what do you know about space battle? What good is it? You know, just one year ago, I was searching for adventure, and I was so pitiful, and pathetic. I am basicly insulting myself by saying so, but I want to tell you something."
"What's that?"
"You may be older than me, but I happen to know something that you don't. Every single UE Navy fighter pilot wants to be someone. They want excitement. Now, I know that when I was offered to be a UE Fighter pilot I declined for a reason. I didn't want that kind of life. Not just another fighter pilot, dog-fights and things. I wanted something of my own. . . . .I have been searching for it for over 12 years. Haven't found it yet." I said, and bit my lip. "I have now been part of something that has turned into a galaxy wide war breakout. If the Voinians, if the-" I squinted at him. Suddenly I sensed something within him. I didn't know what is was. "If the Voinians can do something like this, than you can too. 12 years ago, before I started to search for my excitement, I always wanted to get involved. The answer is no, Captain Henkins."

I told Jake to end it, and sat back in my chair for a moment. I sighed, my breath shaky.

"I'll be in my quarters," I said, and left.

Crying, I dropped to my bed. I thought for a minute about Earth. I was so-I didn't know. I was under too much stress. Yet, I couldn't see how I had so much stress built up inside me. Suddenly I ignored the situation. I ignored Jade, and everything around me. I was so caught up in something.
I felt a spark in my mind. I was remembering the sense that I saw in Captain Henkins. I was then realizing that my old childhood name was John Henkins. Something told me that.

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-6 mass expansions (By buying cargo exp. in mas exp, then sell cargo exp.)
-3 neutron cann.
-3 shield enancers
-2 feul scopes
-1 layer of dospect armour
-1 afterburner
-1 exp. shield generator

-Zidagar ECM system
-nebula penetration device
-Mass scanner and IFF decoder

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