[TOURNAMENT] Life is no Pony Farm? True!

Results or something

Seven players were signed in to the tournament "Life is no Pony Farm pop-raceŠ" which we tried to play yesterday (Sunday, Jan, 16th). @19.30 GMT, the official starting time, four of them were already there. The tracker showed already some resistance to live up it's name. But with a few minutes delay six of the seven players were there including dopesauce who tried to play his first tournament.

A few minutes later we had managed to get all players in one chatroom in iChat/ AIM and some more minutes later we really started to play the first round of our bump-race. (APPLAUSE) I think it was 19:50 GMT. Five to ten minutes after start, most had played their first game already, Paulina came late. But we still had the chance to enqueue her to the end of the league. Nearly all games of the first round finished quite soon, but meanwhile not only the tracker made problems but suddenly popeye and dmx284 were not able to connect each other due to "incompatible networktypes" (APPLAUSE) - whatever that is in pop-pop!?

The trials to connect the two took some time. The new player dopesauce meanwhile lost his patience to wait and left the tournament without a word. This was the kiss of death for the bump-race-tournament. Now we had the option to restart or switch to classic mode and try an everybody plays everybody tournament. This of course was no easy task because not every player saw a sense in joining the chatroom but tried to get the information by looking at a never updating tracker (APPLAUSE). Finally we switched to classic mode (APPLAUSE).

Some games were played. Some managed to play all of their games (APPLAUSE). But then of course popeye and dmx284 could not connect and finally the tracker or whoever did not allow to connect to Paulina so that, Eno and dmx were not able to play her.

Finally we canceled the trial to play a tournament and declared Eccles who had won all his games as the winner of the most chaotic tournament we had up to now. (APPLAUSE)

Anyway thank all of you for playing.


@Ambrosia: If anybody of you is reading this and if there is anybody left who has an eye on your product pop-pop then it would be great to improve/ repair the tracker!

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Thanks to Hyko and Eno for hosting. If I knew what for, I'd apologize for the delays my connection problems caused, but I'd rather join Hyko's call for support, heading towards Ambrosia: You did a great job with Pop-Pop, but, please, help us bringing this game forward by putting your hands on the tracker! Times are changing, no-one new to Pop-Pop will ever register or have the patience to wait for a tracker self-repair when such inconveniences occur that frequently. There goes a lot of effort into hosting, announcing and programming these tourneys (that normally are big fun and keep this game alive). But we definitely DO need assistance from the developers as Pop-Pop is about to loose it's critical mass.

Enough complaint, the tourney was big fun for me, it also showed that there are people willing to spend time on it. And whereelse can you be among the 10 best players in the world even without using your hands 🙂

Almost forgot: Tara!!! Congrats to ecccles! 🙂