[TOURNAMENT] Life is no Pony Farm Pop-RaceŠ

Announcement! Jan, 16th @ 19.30 GMT

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are proud to announce the first pop-pop tournament of the new year. It will be hosted by Eno and me on Sunday, January, 16th @ 19.30 GMT.

It will be a bump-o-matic race. Rules and further information can be found on the board and in the system soon.

Now go directly to http://pop-pop.webhop.net and sign in to the tournament.

Looking forward to playing you in the tourney and seeing you on the tracker.


P.S. Happy New Year!

Best idea this year so far. Signed in. I'll be there. Hope there will be lots of new players.

Signed in too.

Scarab, on Jan 9 2005, 04:50 AM, said:

Signed in too.
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That's great!

I saw that you registered to the system but did not log in and sign in for the tournament yet. Please tell me if there are any problems with the generated password or any other technical problems.

Looking forward to playing you in the tournament.

We are 6 Players now, including you. That's good already, but it still could get better! Come on SHOES, Ryoko, Lumisa, Squibix and all others!

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Oh I only wanted to test my new Icon aka my prefered iChat picture.
And for sure I am in too, as the vice-host (a very responsible job ;).

Since there is no absentee rule implemented in the system now, I finished the overall-bump-o-matic-ranking-list by hand now. The current league looks like the following:

1. eccles
2. Eno
3. Hyko
4. Ryoko
5. Lumisa
6. Ducky
7. Paulina
8. Popeye
9. zap
10. nemo
11. blueztele
12. dmx284

Hope to see you on the tournament later!