Sound question

Can I play with no sound/music?

Sometimes I just need the visual. It's not that I don't like the music or the sounds but sometimes I don't need 'em to play. And sometimes I want to listen to iTunes while I'm playing.

Is there any way to make Pop Pop silent without turning off the iMac's sound?



I only know one way to switch off sound and music without influencing the sound level of the mac. You can remove the files found in pop-pop-folder->data->songs, so that no music is played by pop-pop anymore. Then you can use the keys defined for balance settings (Ü and + on a german keyboard) to control the volume of the sound effects. So it is even possible to listen to itunes and still to have sound effects.

You can look up the keys for balance by choosing "controls..." from the pop-pop File menu.

Hope it helps.

cu on the tracker and have fun playing pop-pop!