Anyone still playing?

I join the tracker from time to time, but rarely see anyone online. Though I don't join regurarly because I play when I have 5 min to spare while doing work 😉

I usually only play in tournaments. I suck anyway.


there are people still about - you just have to be lucky with the timing ^_^

Isbiten, I only played you one day up to now, but you can find me quite frequently on the tracker during european day and evening time 🙂
You normally should wait some time and look if the webtracker is reloaded by others frequently. If somebody sees you there he/she will need some time to start the game and join...

Furthermore I would suggest you to login to the tournament system once, so that you regestration there will be activated to receive mails for tournament announcement. Currently you are registered there but never logged on so that the mail-address ist not used to avoide abuse...

Looking forward to playing you!