Freak of Nature in Ares

Every time one of these bugs comes along, I fear for my life... :eek:

OK, so I'm playing Sal vs. Sal with some nobody from GameRanger. He has a carrier on my half of the playing field (in Between a Rock and a Rock ), and all of my forces are on his side. And then...

ZAP! He fries me with that lightning thingy. Keep in mind we are way too far for this lightning thingy to be in range; he's close to my planet, and I'm close to his. I zoom to All Objects, and he fries me again. The lightning bolt flies across the screen and hits me several times! This, obviously, should not be.

I also hear rumors that people are gaining access to either beta versions of Hera, or levels modified with Hera. My opponent claims he does not have a hacked version. I certainly do not either.

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Will Oram

read T-bolt problem by Bannana64 i think your enemy is there

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