Level 20

ARGHHH...Im on level 20, I destroy the Gate Ship with the unstable asteroids, then a whole fleet of carriers comes and destroys me. I can't hit them with asteroids, because they either destroy the asteroid or get away from it, and I can't, obviously, beat them with my lone enhanced heavy cruiser. Help? please?


This is the point at which you use your cruiser's enhanced maneuverability to your advantage. Go into hyperspace and weave in and out among the asteroids. Skirt real close to on enow and then. Within a few minutes, if you did it right, the clunky carriers will have all flown into asteroids. With the onas pulse, the smaller ships are easily taken care of.

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And if you have a 68k machine like I do, your machine will stutter just a little every time one blows up. Damn it feels good to see that happen! You're maneuvering through the asteroids and all of the sudden everything gets... all... choppy... for a... second. And you do it again and again, up and down the asteroid field until every one of them is dead. If you're especially cruel, you let one live and kill it yourself.

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I like to beat their butts off by luring one or two carriers further away from the others and smush them into bits with the mighty onas-PG.
Or another nice way: just fly around them so they launch all their fighters and then fly through the stream of asteroids to blow the carriers up and after that, just shoot the fighters one by one (DOGFIGHT 😉 bit unfair though).

I once managed to shoot about 30 percent of the gateship´s shields with flyby tactics, though it took me about an hour and after that the GS destroyed my modified HC.

Strange just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field but now I feel quite cold And just what happened to my

I gotta agree with Cicion. I was never good at circling or luering the AI.
All my skilz I got in mp, and those never did any good.

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