Level 18 question

I heard somewhere that Audemon (sp?) cruisers and support ships are supposed to jump in while you're playing the mission. I had never seen them before since I beat the mission quickly, in about 2-3 minutes. So I started again, defeated the Aud fleet in system easily, and then waited and waited and waited ... fast mode didn't seem to be doing anything until about 1-12 minutes into the mission ... then the Aud fleet jumped in, pretty big too. My question - how can it take you 12 minutes to beat that mission? Did the designers screw up?

Phew, long, but there we go!


Good question. I hadn't actually heard of this "support" fleet, so I had to check it out myself. The par for the level is something like 5 minutes (don't quote me on that), and, indeed, I timed it to be about 8 minutes with a hex driver propped up on the "f" key. I think it could be one of three possibilities:

• A discouragement from waiting too long to beat the mission and to build too many human ships.

• Nathan Lamont was going to add a support fleet to make the mission harder, set it's arrival time back aways with the intention of adjusting it later, and, in his busy schedule, simply forgot about it.

• An easter egg.

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Once the enforcements arrived in just 2.40 minutes, just as my transport had landed on beta. Strange usually they arrive in about 6-8 mins. Well, I usually wait deliberately for those carriers to come, so I could beat their butts off 😉

Strange just a moment ago I was flying through a dense asteroid field but now I feel quite cold And just what happened to my

Unfortunately it brings my score down below par, which for me, since I play Ares like I would a PGA tour, is unacceptable.