Sorry folks, this has only a little bit to do with Hera -- but I think it's fairly important. has been redone rather dramatically -- it's time to take a look at how it all works. On the right hand side, under "OPTIONS" there are a number of links; Ambrosia maintains everything that these links lead to:

Download -- download Ares from one of our ftp mirrors

Purchase -- purchase Ares through our secure server

Screenshots -- take a look at some cool Ares screenshots/movies. If you have any screenshots of your own you'd like to contribute to this page, we'd love to see 'em. Just eMail them to me.

Reviews -- excerpts from reviews of Ares in print/web publications, as well as links to the full reviews. If you've seen Ares reviewed somewhere that we haven't included, definitely let us know by sending us the url to the review.

Questions -- this will contain an Ares FAQ of sorts


Under "RESOURCES" are a number of links that you folks from the Ares community can help maintain:

Newswire -- Did you just generate a new scenario with Hera? Did you just make a web site devoted to Ares, and would like to announce its grand opening? If you have any Ares/Hera related news to post, here's where to post it. Admins will review your news and release it.

Web Board -- Here's where you can come talk about Ares with other fans of the game. This web board is moderated by folks from the Ares community.

Add-On Files -- This is where you will be able to upload and download various Ares Add-On Files. This will become especially important when Hera, the Ares mission editor, becomes available.

Web Links -- Post links to your Ares-related web pages. They can be anything from fan pages to Hera tutorial/tips pages to stupid Ares tricks. This way, people will be able to find your web site easily.

Chronicles -- This is a digital soap box -- submit your Ares-related fictional stories, or rants about the Ares community, or writeups of technical tactics/strategies for net play, and have them published for all of the Ares community to read and comment on.

All of this is ready to go NOW -- c'mon folks, let's start getting crankin'! 🙂

I need a few people who are interested in admining these various functions I mentioned above -- if Pax and Vegeta aren't able to help out here, we'll need a few more folks to help out. Pax, Vegeta, let me know ASAP and I can train you or find folks to help our in your stead.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Count me in, Mr. Welch. I would be happy to help out with anything that needs to be done. I have ample website-dev/HTML experience, and I am especially eager at the possibility of becomming a moderator. Give me a buzz and tell me what to do.

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I'm certain interested. I know a little bit of HTML, and I thoink I would make a good moderator.

Think Different.

-Admiral Dennis

I've had moderate HTML training, and I learn wery fast. I would also LOVE to be a moderator.

" Throught their history, these 'unenlightened' beings have continually organized to opposed the injustices and attrocities committed by their bretheran in power. We, as the prophets, would do well to learn from these humans."
-Final statement of Salrilian reformist Sirthis before his execution.

Um... I see the other resources are now online. Do you still need help, or is this post dead?