Funny true story

I was playing a good game of ARES multiplayer a few weeks ago on the rock-rock level. I was being the Salrilians (the slugs, of course) and my opponnent was playing Audemedons.

Well, I was losing the game badly :frown:
So I decided to play god woth him. I wen't over to the asteroid field and picked out a nice juicy green asteroid. I used my gunship to guide the asteroid towards his planet, then when it was pretty close, I spun around the other side of the asteroid to stop it's movement (I am an EV veteran, so I am a master pilot) right ABOVE the planet.

About 30 seconds later, a carrier popped out of the planet, plowed straight into the asteroid, and exploded. 🙂

I went on to lose that game, but it was pretty funny and I submit it to this forum for judgement 😄


"In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace. In denying it, one finds hope."
-Commodore Williams, shortly before the fall of Earth to the Cantharans.


And where was your oponnent while you were delecately and ever-so-painstakingly positioning an unstable asteroid over his one and only home planet?

Even with the modesty displayed in this thread, I find myself with only two options: Either this is a really poorly put together tall tale, or Slug's oponnent was reckless and/or stupid.

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