Help on 'Make Way'!

I am in severe need of help.
Please help.
How do I beat 'Make Way'????????????????
Please send any tips to:

Maybe you should try getting a life.


Sorry to do your job for you, Pax, but try the Axis walkthroughs at (url="http://"")


*** 8 Lightnings - Point at Confed Frigate and hit 'F' to destroy ***

I need help on that level also. and don't think it is at ares axis. I can get eh warship built. and maybe get one station. but i can't hold on to the station mostly and the enemy keeps on outproducing me. I try and protect my station but the enemy warps ahead and gets ships over my base when i go to take it back lose a bit less then half of my ships and then have to protect the station again asometimes evel lose it :frown:

OK. Write this down on a piece of paper:

'All Assault Transports Must Die!'

Then photocopy that piece of paper several hundred times, and post them where you can see them.

If the Cantharans ever own a SINGLE BUNKER STATION, start over!


the only way I won was by rushing out with a SWARM of cruisers and babysitting the planet. After I killed the Carrier, I killed anything that tried to move from the placde. then I built the engineering pods and ATRs. I think I was extremely lucky.

-Captain M. J. Pharris.


No offence to Pax, but it's true that is rather poorly structured and often has broken links (ahem, can we say "hidden levels"?). Thus, to simply give people like "Game Master" a URL and a brush-off isn't very helpful, polite, or friendly.

There are a variety of philosophies to take this level on, and each one requires skill, concetration, experience, and most of all, speed to implement with a victorious outcome.

The "cautious" method: Like Gen. Longstreet of the Civil War, you are cautious and shrewd. You are not willing to risk too much, and that has always been your key to winning a descisive victory.
Build two Assault Transports IMMEDIATELY! The few seconds lost by not taking this advice will lose the battle. Take only two bunkers, the central one and whichever secondary outpost the Audemons are NOT going after (if you observe carefully, you will notice they will send a carrier and some other ships to one of the outposts, and will send an Assault Transport over, too. Avoid any major entanglements witht these guys until you've captured the two bunkers). With a slight advantage, you have already won the battle. You're only problem is holding the two bunkers in the initial moments of your occupation there. Once you build up enough forces you can either move on to the last outpost or go directly to their home planet.

The "buckaroo" method: Like Gen. Patton of WWII, you always move forward, and never fall back. Your obsession is with war, and your goal is to kick a lot of ass in a short period of time.
Send all your ships to the home planet and start building a flury of cruisers (you get the most bang for your buck with a cruiser in single player). Make sure they are automatically sent to the battle scene as soon as they are built. Time is critical, and you must overrun them. Once their forces are destroyed and they have no hope of overcomming your blockade around their planet, build a transport. No need to escort it, as they have no ships to kill it with.

The "sabotage" method: Like Gen. Chang of Star Trek VI (yes, I'm a trekkie, get over it) you are shrewd and devilish. You delight in intrigue and enjoy destroying your enemy using unconventional methods.
Build three assault transports. Yes, you are going to take over ALL THREE of the bunkers. Everything looks normal, right? Okay, now switch your control over to an Elejeetian cruiser, they make good interceptors. Lead your fleet into a battle with the central bunker. Secure it. Now zoom out and watch for enemy assault transports, the big plus signs. You see one? Okay, this will take some finess: Warp in on it's tale. It's usually unescorted, but keep your eye out and avoid any guided missile weapons. Blow the assault transport up and warp out ASAP. Continue doing this until you have secured all three bunkers. Now just lean back, make sure they don't take any of the bunkers, and take out their home planet when you're ready.

BTW: If any of these plans go awry at any point, there is no hope for recovery. I know from experience that it is very important to gain the advantage in the BEGINNING of the level to win it, otherwise you're f*cked.

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There was a period where the entire misc. section was wasted, but I can blame that entirely on Cyberstudio, it wasn't my fault, I swear! Last I checked though, everything seemed to be working. Ahem.

Anyway, yes, a top-level link isn't very helpful, especially since there IS no appropriate walkthrough. Any submissions of a walkthrough would be appreciated, or something.

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Aithon, I think you're confused.

Chapter 12, titled Make Way, has two flak drones, two bunker stations, and a Cantharan opponent. You start as an Ishiman cruiser and have no support.

Chapter 17, titled And It Feels So Good, has one central bunker station, two outposts, and an Audemedon opponent. You start as an Ishiman HVD and are backed up by five cruisers - two Human, three Elejeetian.

Your plans are geared for 17. This topic is about 12.


Ah, yes, yes I know! Um, I was just, er, testing you! Yes. Just makin' sure everyone's in line... and everything...



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You need to captur the first flak drone, then the first bunker station as fast as you damn well can.
then hold thos to thing with several ships on the bunker, and a few on the drone. then target your self and build cruisers to escort you. then escort the cargo ships YOURSELF do not have any ships go to the cargo ships. just fly around them your self. when you have the battle ship, tell ALL your ships to go to the enemy planet.
you have 2 choices:
baby sit the planet and take the other flak drone and bunker station and send a transport to the planet.
build a transport. take control fo it. target it and build more cruisers to escort you (in the transport) then fly to the enemy planet by going AROUND the enemy flak drone and bunker station.
then, once your past them autopiolot the planet, and viola!
you've won!

I used the second option.

Melkor is all powerful.
Melkor is the leader.
Melkor...... is the pilot of a suicide drone.

Another strategy - build/target in this order:
Eng. pod/near flak drone
Assualt Transport/Bunker Station 1
Assualt Transport/Bunker Station 2
Eng. pod/far flak drone
Transfer control the AT going to Bunker 1 and have a crusier escort you.
As soon as your pod reaches the near flak drone, build a new cruiser to guard it.
If Bunker 1 is guarded, hold the AT going to Bunker 2 and the other flak drone until you've dealt with it. The flak drone you've alreay taken is a good spot.
Fly the AT through whatever battle is raging around Bunker 1. When you're directly on top of the station, release your men.
Send the other AT to Bunker 2. Send the other Eng. pod to the far flak drone. Destroy all enemies near Bunker 1.
Transfer to a cruiser and attack Bunker 2.
When your AT gets near, transfer control to the AT and fly right to the station. Take it..
Get back in a cruiser. Escort the pod and take the far flak drone if you can.

You may hold Bunker 2 and you may not - the point is that you've moved the battle away from the cargo ships. If you can keep the fighting there until the Battleship is ready, you've won already.

As for winning Level 17 after the Auds have taken a station - of course you can. Winning it after they've taken all 3 - now that's a challenge.