My Agenda for the Next Few Months

I've been absent for the past few days and I have some catching up to do. I'm going to lay out my plan for the next couplea months for Ares, and boy, do I got my work cut out for me.

1. Weekly Tourneys Yes, they're going to continue as long as I can manage to host them. I apoligize for this past weekend; I must say I had quite a hectic one. The first thing I need to get in order is a website (Pax, if you would) which would refine this quite crude process I have of registration and improve the organization of the tourney. I might want to get some assistants on the tourney who can fill in for me when I can't make it (not often). I'm also putting up this week's registration post.

2. Research Guild and Species Catagory for the Axis I think I'm going to have some post for the Research Guild that will set a bi-weekly agenda for all the members instead of a meeting. I think I'll assign partners and give out assignments for what needs to be done. After I get the appropriate information I will get right to work on the Species section of the Axis. I need my evidence first. 😉

3. Ares- Aftermath Work on my plugin should begin soon, and I will announce a full rough draft of the layout of Aftermath, including plot, ships, mission designs, and multiplayer levels. I still need to reach some of the folks at Aeon Productions before I can proceed with them.

That's what you can expect from me in the next couplea months. Lets hope I can pull it off.

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I'd suggest using the Newswire for tournament announcements...

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