Level 13

This level is too hard. how do I kill carrier before my tug dies?

First - aim straight. Second circle. Third fire like nuts. Fourth have the HVDs escort you.
I forgot how I made the conversion from getting my butt whooped to whooping its butt, but I think mp experience was the critical factor. Afte mp, any mission is a breeze.

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I totally fail to see why everybody has such a problem with this level. You can completely kick its ass without using any strategy whatsoever. Just kill the pirates, grab the escape pods, assign the HVCs to follow your HVD as soon as they pop out of the Gate and go toe-to-toe with the Sal carrier with all three of your weapons blazing. (seven times out of eight, it goes for the jumpgate rather than the tug) Sure, it'll half kill you but you can pop that sucker before you get yourself fried too badly. The biggest mistake you can make in this level is keeping your distance from that thing. Once the big ship is gone, your HVCs will pretty much corral the Sal Cruisers which you can subsequently dispose of with some well-placed fullerene pulses, and then just hunt down the three or four fighters that the Carrier was able to get off before you toasted it. You only need to actually escort your tug when the carriers path towards the Gate intersects the tug itself.


Try this on beating Level 13. I lucked out and had an easy time. As soon as the Sal carrier appeared, I sent both HVDs chasing after it. The carrier never dropped out of FTL and the HVDs and the carrier spent the entire time the tug was retrieving the ship chasing each other around in little circles and figure-eights in FTL. No problem. The other ships were an easy knockoff - remember you can recharge fullerene pulses, so unload on whatever big ships you have to fight, with no worries. You'll get some of your ammo back (it is slow, but ome will come back). Worked for me.

Really need help with level 13. I tried to get the HVC to follow me by making me the target,But that didn't work the kept on escorting the Tug ship. I have the final version out 1.1.1 i belive it is called. The Carrier and it's ships always kill me before i can do serious damage please help

All you have to do is stay a short distance away from it, and as you approach it, fire C missiles. The missiles will distract the carrier from hitting you with the t-bolt, andthen open up with your lepton beams and fullerne gun.

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Yeah this level is a tough one. when the gatori bums come in the system go a bit away from the three station things so the carrier comes right in next to you. Blast it, its the only gaytori thing that actually hurts you. You most likely have more than enough sheilds to roast all the sallarlal whatevers.

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In this level, it is essential that you successfully distract the Salrilian Carrier with the Heavy Cruisers. You can do this in a couple of ways. You can have them escort you when the carrier comes in and then attack the carrier. Another way is to have them attack the carrier directly, follow them in and blast then blast the carrier to pieces. I've had the most success beating this level with the second strategy. Keep in mind that the position of the luxury liner relative to the Secorem Jump Gate is also an important factor in the scenario. Postitioning yourself between the liner and the jump gate seems to make the carrier go to the jump gate, which is a very good thing.

Those are all good strategies, but a much easier way (a loophole, not a cheat!) is to look very closely at which way the liner is drifting at the beginning of the mission. If it's drifting away from the jumpgate, don't even bother. Restart, and check again. If it's drifting straight toward the gate, destroy the Gaitori, then pick up all but one escape pod. Wait by it until the liner gets very close to the gate. Then pick it up. Your tug will come in and bring it into the gate before the carrier even gets to you! I know it's kind of a cheat, but you can go back and play the mission later and beat it the hard way.

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Hah! I just tried that! Works like a charm. I've always had trouble with that level. Every time I go back to it, I think better of it. It kind of reminds me of Chapter 15, "The Left Hand", where you can skip a confrontation with that Salrilian Carrier that comes out of hyperspace by simply skipping the station and going straight for the planet. Good work!

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