Pop-Pop; With a Joystick?....

Well, have any of you tried it? I used my Extreme Wingman 3D snazzy joystick last night and recieved about 5 sound beatings from my little sister who practices all day while I'm at work with our Microsoft Intellipoint Optical mouse.

I actually like using the joystick, it's pretty strange. Selecting options ands pops is hard, but the controls seem to ease up when you start playing. And tossing a ducky onto the other side with your fire trigger is, in a way, so much more staifying than using a mouse button. Plus, I love my hat switch. 😄

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I need to get a joystick for this purpose. Nuff' said.

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I tried playing with my Wingman Action Pad and got comprehensively caned. Waaay too sensitive. I there was any way to lower the sensitivity (via InputSprockets, like with the mouse) I'd do it in a second.

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You can play pretty much any Ambrosia game with a joystick.

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Originally posted by Neo:
**You can play pretty much any Ambrosia game with a joystick.


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