Come here for level hints and strategy

This is a place if you are having trouble with levels, please post a message if you are having trouble with a mission. Also post if you are looking for a strategy to use on a level. 🙂


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OK - I am sooooo close to destroying the massive object in Hornets Nest but never quite get there.A hint, a strategy, even confirmation that its possible ! Please


This is the big acceptable use of hyperbombing.

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Not sure on the right board but are there any cheat codes for areas in single player mode if so please mail me at or

I need help with chapter 7. The one with the astrominer.




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**This is the big acceptable use of hyperbombing.

And that would be........... ? Please specify Admiral


I beat level 7 by taking control of the asro miner and having the Hcruiser defend me while I work on the astroid. If the Hcruiser is destoyed then I avoid the enamy while finishing my colection. Also go after each little piece of the medium rocks its faster than taking one and starting on another medium rock.