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Last night I played a couple games with wildly divergent results, not so far as who won, but in terms of the human interaction involved.

In the first instance, I played (or tried to play a match against one 'DEMO HELLO!', who needs to have his caps lock adjusted. Before we even start playing he asks to chat, and after saying 'hi' like three or four times, he asks me 'how much games I have.' Witness my confusion in (url="http://"")this image(/url). I didn't know what to say! Then, he said he had five or six, which entirely failed to resolve my confusion. And then (url="http://"")this...(/url) So we finally started playing, but about thirty seconds into the game he wants to chat again, with (url="http://"")unhappy results(/url). Then he quits. Note the times in that last image. Amount of my life wasted: seven and a half minutes.

But to make up for it, the next game joined I met a very pleasant young lady, and after the game was over--which it was a good hard-fought match too--I chatted with her on AIM for some time. So all in all things balance out.

(I should also say that nearly all of the more experienced players who have destroyed me so far have been very pleasant and polite, and offered me tips on several occasions... if any of them are reading here: thanks a bunch!)

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Yeah, I've had some very pleasant experiences playing against people, and only a few negative ones.

I do try to offer suggestions to players that I absolutely slaughter, as they can obviously use it. Players that beat me I obviously don't have any advice for, and for players that are on my level (ie: round five, one of us barely beats the other) we usually just play several more times. 🙂

Find me on the tracker, Danny, and I'll make sure I'm not rude when I beat you. 😉

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Man, that was crazy - but hilarious. I would've just sat there... I dunno what was with that dude - he might've been high. I just hate (especially in other games) Newbs that you give advice to, don't listen, and then you beat them hard and their angry or spiteful... I try to be as kind as I can though.

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Let's remember you are playing over the Internet, so the person you may be playing may not use English as their first language.

I was up late a few nights ago and someone who speaks Spanish was on. Naturally I called my wife in so she could translate. We played a few games, they had a good time, and actually improved by the third match.

I'm not sure what the problem was DEMO HELLO though...

If you think I'm being mean, please tell me. I was actually going for NASTY!!


Originally posted by jinx:
Let's remember you are playing over the Internet, so the person you may be playing may not use English as their first language.

True, but this DEMO HELLO was (as I see by the pictures) yelling at Danny and was obviously being pissy.

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I find that there are a lot less whiners when you play on M or M+ because they know (or should know) that by playing on those levels you should expect a hard game. I can't recollect playing anyone who pissed me off when playing M or M+


I couldn't see the pictures... Mind posting them?

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Maybe he wanted you to give him serials/warez? Wierd.

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