my first online game

I played my first online game of Pop-Pop today. Some of you might be interested in hearing how it went....

First I had to figure out the network game browser or whatever it's called. This was very frustrating at first. It's easily the most complicated and non-intuitive thing in the game, and yet the instructions don't have a word of explanation of how it works.

Most of the time when I try to join an existing game, it tells me I can't because that game is not "open" anymore. So... Why is it displaying them to me?

Anyhow, I hosted a game.... Now, I thought I was going to be at least semi-competent at this game. I mean, I had beaten all the computer pops straight through, twice. So, I figure I know more-or-less how the game is played.

I got stomped. I got stomped so hard and fast, I couldn't figure it out. I was playing against Bombastic, and about 20 seconds into the game I got hit with a ton of hollow bricks and at least two sets of bombs in quick succession. And I didn't think this was possible.... I mean, it takes time to build up energy, and it takes time to charge up a super power. Yet, this happened to me three times in a row.

When the game was over, my opponent opened chat with me. The conversation went something like this:

him: you a newbie?
me: Yah... Wow, how did you do that?
him: read the manual
him: and **** it

I've got to tell you.... That must be the worst possible introduction anybody could ever have to playing a game online. There are many people all over the country who don't play online games because they are afraid of having exactly that kind of experience.

Suddenly the whole idea of online gaming doesn't seem that wonderful.

Suddenly all the people clamoring for EV to be turned into an online game seem very misguided -- I can just imagine having my ship blown out from under me every 20 seconds while being cussed at by people who have no functioning shift-key. What fun. 😛

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What was the name of this ******* who said that to you? Next time I'll see him I'll make sure to stomp him for you. Also, if a game is shaded gray and occupied by two people on the tracker, it means it's already in progress. It's shown just to let people know that there are games going on on the tracker. Pink games are hosted by people who are behind a firewall, and the white games are those that are open. Games won't always work and you may disconnect, but that's just the universal bane of all online games.

But, for your efforts, I feel you deserve this.

Ready.... aim.... FIRE!!!

If the game titles are white, those are the open ones. But click fast cause everyone is doing the same thing, just waiting to strike.

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Originally posted by Pikeman:
Congratulations. You've just been fire-baptised by Pikeman. Welcome to the boards.


That is one sweet blazing battle ship guns!

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Originally posted by Pikeman:
**Congratulations. You've just been fire-baptised by Pikeman. Welcome to the boards.

Hey! You never game me a fire-baptism! You new kids get so much more than we did back in 1999.... bah kids these days.. don't have any respect ...............

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Originally posted by Admiral Dennis:
**You new kids get so much more than we did back in 1999....

Yeah, like me. 😄

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Originally posted by Zobeid:
**< snip>

Yeah. I know what you mean - however, it seems that you have enough of a sense to ignore these kind of comments. The one who wrote that had probably just lost badly to someone and felt he had to pay back.

I you want to have a nice clean match, let's play sometime. 🙂

By the way, I'm having difficulties beating the computer on the hardest level, but I can beat most on-line players. 😄 😄 😄 😄

The answer to the question is, obviously, 42!

Yeah, I have no idea how hard online gaming would be... I have played many many rounds against my little sister, and she seems really good to me - I can pretty well clean out all the computers, but our games have gone up to 35 minutes - using a joystick, that's tough on your wrists. I'll keep practicing against her, we should crank the game up to expert and fight that way as much as we can - we'd get good fast.

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