organization of tournaments and other announcements

Has there been thought to an alternative way of posting information about tournaments and other time-sensitive material? I've really felt like playing a tournament lately, but having to scroll through all of the web board topics and root through each topic for relevant information is quite a drag, especially considering that some of the topics that say "tournament" aren't even announcing a tournament at all. Of course one way to get rid of this could be to have some sort of bulletin board inside pop-pop, but that's already been suggested. Another way could be to create a new board (doesn't even have to be ambrosia-hosted) solely for listing time-sensitive announcements like tournaments. Anyone (especially someone with authority) have any input on this? It would certainly help out our community.


I suspect such board creation would be done privately on another site. It might help the pop-pop community though.......

I might be a Giant.......

I was wondering a while back about how to set up tournements and a ladder sysem without having to alter Pop-Pop.

Would it be possible to create a third pary application (possibly run on a web site) that could keep automaticly keep track of a players wins and losses by working with the tracker at Ambrosia? Could a similar system be used to set up tournements?

Just an idea that I had while in that state if slipping into unconciousness as I fell asleep one night.

Note: I have no idea how something like this would work.

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i could set up a board for pop tourneys specificly, if you wanted. but i dont know how many people would actually go there and check. maybe some help from ASW in advertiseing my special tourney pop board? just a thought.

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When I toss up some forums on the Lair, I can create a pop-pop one if it's needed. All tournament reports could go there.

However, it would be just as easy to have a single "Tournament Reports" topic here, and keep it free of any posts that aren't "<X> beat <Y>!" and other information about the tournament.

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