Strategy and Tips

All right, I think it'd be good if we put together some tips for playing pop-pop. Let's develop this game to an art! 🙂

I'll put a few out there.
()Remember that the magnet can be used not only to bring the ball to your paddle, but also simply towards it. You have the power to change the ball's direction mid-flight.
)Know your pop and how to use it best! For Bombastic, the most effective way is to be a 'bomb whore' (to use thrawn's term) and do a bunch of 'em in a row. For Ducky, you need huge amounts of ducks to be effective; for Ioni, it might be good to do two at once; Mini-T, keep him blowing (no joking now) through the whole game, not just occasionally (though a tester informed me that using Mini-T is considered a little cheap, and understandably so); For Tex, three at a time is deadly; etc.
()In addition, know how to counter certain pop's attacks - for Bombastic, for example, it's easiest to use the magnet and hold the ball while you catch the bombs, if necessary.
)Think of how you're going to play the game. The main idea is either: a) play offensively, trying to get the other player to lose, thinking of them more than of yourself, or 🆒 play defensively, just focus on surviving - attacks take second place. Either of these methods can be effective, since really to win all you have to do is not lose. Find out which is best for you.
()Keep the columns even! Remember, if you're focusing on the left side of the arena and the far-right column comes creeping down without your noticing, you're toast. Keep all of them short, don't stick to one area.
)If necessary, use the magnet while avoiding negative power-ups so that the ball doesn't hit the back wall.
()When you have the super-smash power-up (the green circle and dot), press the fire button before the ball hits your paddle - if you don't, the maximum you can destroy with it is two columns. If you use it right, you can get rid of almost all the blocks in the arena, and send them over to the opponent.
)Know not only how to use the magnet, but when to use it, too. You might not want to lose the bricks you've collected to send over to the opponent - play risky, as your reflexes and amount of time left allow - don't be too eager with the magnet.
(*)Be sure to make an effort to hit multiple blocks if you've got some hollow or flashing blocks on the arena that you can get - remember, they get sent back to your opponent as metal blocks. Don't miss your chance.

Any other tips you folks can think of? 🙂

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• Sometimes, it is a bad idea to send tons of bricks over, as they are easy for them to send back to you as hard bricks. If you are playing against an apparently skilled player, it is usually best to magnet after a super smash (thanks, jinx)... unless you want to send tons of bricks over than bomb whore to kill em off. 😛

• Another good strategy is to get your ball to a point where you can magnet it to a big group of bricks, then let go and watch them all easily disappear.

• My play strategy varies on who I'm playing. If I send a few bricks over, and I see them all come back at me, I know it's probably better to not do too much of that in the future. Of course, if I'm playing against DEMONewbie I like to intimidate them by beating them as quickly as possible by using strategies they don't know how to counteract. I'm evil. 😄

• Play when you are awake. I am much better during the day than at 4:10am. 😛

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• If you have sufficent time/space, use the magnet to get the ball bouncing off the top of threatening collums, thus allowing you to add them to your combo.

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  • Magnet dragging the ball into the middle of a threatening vertical column gets rid of many bricks quickly, even metal ones.

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A tactic I've been having some succes with, is clearing lots of brick in the beginning. Obvisouly, thesse come right back, but in the beginning of the game, that's not too dangerous - and with a lot of metal in the slow start, you can very quickly load up your power cells. This gives you the advantage when it comes to spamming special attacks quickly.

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