ares level 19, with the gate ship

ok, i need some help on level 19, can anyone help???please???

In order to pass level 19, you need to build a large ammount of gunships. Send 3 of four of your first gunships to the power station to preserve its resources; there will be attacks on it almost contsantly. Then, continue to build up a large attack force of gunships. Don't attack until you have 20 or 30 of them in your fleet. Also, once you have commenced your attack, target the gateship so that all of the gunships you build will attack it directly.

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Yeah. The gateship isn't dangerous if you swarm it. Everytime a gunboat is blasted away, 3 more start pounding it. Cruisers are far too fragile though.

And the carriers are tough enough to withstand quite a beating. I actually got through this level several times without the power station. That is, I beat the level even though the power station was destroyed early in the game. What I do is wait for the Gateship to attack me once, then build my fleet up some more and destroy the enemy forces around one or two of their planets and blockade the planet. The gateship will come to you and you can badly damage it in the first few battles.

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I also managed to beat this level with out a power station. My tactics my seem weak, but i managed to beat this level with out much difficulty. I did not even pay attention to my powerstation, and instead, focused on continously attacking all three planets. Bear in mind i lost quit a few guys, but i really did a number on the enemy. after having took both outside planets, i then managed to finally defeat the gate ships with wave after wave of gunships

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Just about everyone of note has replied to answer this question at one point or another, and I think that I should toss in my 2 cents.


1. Build gunships. Only gunships. (Until you kill the GS that is....)
2. Send all ships to the power station. They can gaurd it pretty well without your help so...
3. In your gunship, fly over to one of the Cantharan Carriers. Strafe it with Magnopulses using your turret to keep its fighters off your back. By moving just ahead of its turret, you can kill it without taking much damage.
4. Repeat with other carrier.
5. Stick around the Cantharan planets, staying 1 step ahead of the gateship. Kill off all the Cantharan ships you can. Take out the gunships in particular, they can kill your power station quickly. Also get rid of the cruisers, they can swarm your gunships when you attack the gateship.
6. Once you have roughly 15 gunships, target the Gateship to all of them, and attack it. If you did this stuff above, you wont have much trouble because on its own the gateship doesn't hold up. Be sure to check Zoom to all to check if any transports are going to your planet (I lost my main planet this way once... doh!)
7. Once you get the gate ship, it's pretty simple.

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Stratagy lite -
Build all gunships.
Put half on your powerstation, and 1/4 on each planet.
Later put some on your ship.
Let the gateship come to you.
Put 15-20 gunships on you.
Once it goes (carriers will go same way, usualy) take gunships and transjport to center bad planet.
Once you have that you have it made.
I take waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too long but I never lose.

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