help: can´t startup pop-pop demo

The Pop-pop demo won´t startup on my system. I tried to download it again but it's the same. This is the message it sends: "The application "pop-pop" could not be opened because ">>pop-pop<<" could not startup." That really helps...
I use a G4 800mhz with 256 MB, running MacOS 9.2.2 (I also have MacOS X on the same drive).


hey - i had this problem too. It had to do with a missing extension. popWrangler posted this "make sure you have the following installed in your extensions folder:
InputSprocket Extension <- this is the most likely cause of your problems
Sound Manger" and it worked for me. Good luck. The game is sure worth the trouble. -jon


thanks, it worked.
and yes, it sure is a good and addictive multiplayer game!

thanks for the fast reply